A Conversation With Protomatter

Categories: Section Eight

By Kenneth Scroggins, (c) 1998

Subj: DG: A Conversation with Protomatter
Date: 98-04-29 20:09:43 EDT
From: mib@cyberspace.org (The Man in Black)
Sender: owner-deltagreen@nocturne.org
Reply-to: deltagreen@nocturne.org (Delta Green List)
To: deltagreen@nocturne.org (Delta Green List)


(mib) : The Man in Black
(goo) : The Protomatter
(Z) : Agent Zed


(mib) : “YOU! You disgusting BLOB! You worthless piece of SLIME!”

(goo) : (remains inert)

(Z) : “Are you sure this is working?”

(mib) : “Worked on ‘Ghostbusters.'”

(goo) : (sessile)

(Z) : “You’re gonna try to have sex with it aren’t you? You Animal!”

(mib) : “Uh, hrrm… well, let’s not take that train of thought.”

(Z) : “It’s always the quiet ones…”

(goo) : (no reply)

(mib) : “YOU! You repulsive mass of protoplasm! You steeupid eediot!”
(reaches for his gun)

(Z) : “WHOA! Back off there cowboy!”

(mib) : “No way man! This stuff is Nyarlathotep, I know it, I can *feel*
it.” (waves his hand cannon around wildly)

(Z) : “It doesn’t look like Stephan Alzis…”

(mib) : “You See! That just proves it! I mean, just *look* at it.”

(goo) : (silent)

(Z) : “You are not well. Not well at all.”

(mib) : “Watch, I’ll try and seduce it, only to reveal it’s true form!”

(goo) : (motionless)

(Z) : (motionless)

(mib) : “C’mon protomatter, who’s your daddy? Oh, yeah baby, gimme that
slippery stuff! I’ll make *sweeet* love to you!”

(goo) : (does nothing)

(Z) : (speechless)

(mib) : “Dammit! How can it withstand my awesome manly charm?

(Z) : “Gee, maybe it’s stunned by your irresistable studliness?”

(mib) : “That must be it.”

(goo) : (devoid of kinetic energy)

(mib) : “OK, protomatter, one last chance, reveal your twisted scheme or
we’ll sell your liquid ass to the Robotech Masters!”

(goo) : (no response)

(mib) : “What Iron will! Amazing! Oh well, call that purple haired punk
Zor, maybe he can use this stuff in his space fortress thingy.”


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