A Lovecraft Christmas

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This is doubtless known to you, but worth posting in observance of the
season, nonetheless (besides, things are deathly quiet today...). Enjoy,
and Merry X-Mas.

Chris Womack
Keeper of the List

PS: MIB--No encouraging the Herald to go on another of his WWII lectures,
now. ;)

 A Lovecraft Christmas
 by Paul M. Lemieux
 Copyright 1989

 (With apologies to Clement Moore)

 Twas the night before Yuletide and all through the hole
 Not a creature was stirring, not even a Dhole
 Aldebaren hung at the right place at nine
 In the hopes that Great Cthulhu would come out this time

 The fungi from Yuggoth, all snug in their caves
 Were plotting to turn all the people to slaves
 The Deep Ones in Rlyeh, the Ghouls in their graves
 Were dancing and singing and acting depraved

 When what to my wondering eyes should appear
 But a mouldering sleigh and eight corpselike reindeer
 With a horrible driver so leprous and reeking
 I knew right away that my fear was unspeaking

 The reindeer were gross, as they flew up from hell
 And It hoarsely whispered and chanted a spell
 Ia Shub Niggurath! Cthulhu ftagn!
 Nyarlathotep! I summon you on!

 As decomposed flesh before the charnel stench rise
 And meet with the open air polluting the skies
 Up to the housetop the horror it rose
 And the gangrenous odors assailed my nose

 And then in a slopping noise heard on the roof
 The lumbering clomping of octopoid hoofs
 As I drew in my head and was turning around
 The horror lurched into my room with a bound

 Its eyes how they pulsate
 So bulbous and gory
 This blasphemous creature
 So noxious and hoary

 I was frozen by fear, my feet woudn't run
 I threw up my cookies, this wasn't much fun
 It whispered my name and said "You come with I"
 I tried to refuse and it said "Then you die"

 It came at my throat with its grim claws extended
 But a miracle saved its victim intended
 I had three Elder Signs in a slot in the floor
 It screamed with a fiendish sound and went out the door

 It sprang to its sleigh, and its team gave a surge
 And away they all flew to the sound of a dirge
 I heard it exclaim as it flew out of sight
 You're lucky this time, for the stars weren't right.
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