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By caiius@onemain.com, (c) 2000

REAL NAME: unknown

OCCUPATION: Agent of the Air Force Foreign Technologies Division, Special Sciences Division

EDUCATION: Colorado Springs Air Force Academy

SPECIALTIES: Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Infiltration, Espionage, Cryptography

BACKGROUND: Little is known about Caiius and his background by the majority of Delta Green’s agents (some agents however, know more – Cell A has determined that only a need to know situation warrants further disclosure on a case-by-case basis). It is known that he has, at one time or another, served under both ONI and the CIA, and it is thought that he may have taken part in several discreet cryptography teams. It is also known that at one time Caiius was known as agent “David” and operated within the “D” cell. He has since left “D” cell and has been replaced within its ranks.

Those agents who have had occasion to meet or work with Caiius all report very disparate appearances for him. He may appear as a middle aged career military man with a gruff exterior at one meeting, while seeming a shaggy haired California boy of no more than 18 at another. While this indicates an obvious talent for disguise (as well as theatrical skill), observers are quick to point out that there is something more to it. Those who have seen him in different appearances report that although both personas seemed by mannerisms, voice, and look to be two (or more) different individuals, when they met with Caiius in any alias, they “knew” somehow, without being told, that it was Caiius.

Caiius tends to work in more subtle ways than many DG agents, favouring undercover work for his own part. More often he tends to operate through other DG agents, giving them leads and information leading to cases which have piqued his own interests, and then keeping tabs on the agents he has tipped off.

Another thing that persists in other DG agents’ reports about Caiius is the way he seems to always be in the place he’s most needed at the time he’s most needed. Many report of some timely warning or information of his has saved them countless hours of fruitless groundwork, or has put them on the trail of an item or individual they thought lost, or has even saved their lives.

Caiius is an enigmatic figure in an organization known for being both cryptic and paranoid, but he is trusted by most everyone who has worked with him.

CONTACT INFORMATIONcaiius@onemain.com


Agent Caiius, age unknown
Race: Caucasian (?)
Education: Colorado Springs Air Force Academy 
: Agent of Special Sciences Division, USAF Foreign Tech Division, DG Agent

STR 12    CON 13    SIZ 12    DEX 17
APP 12    INT 16    POW 18    EDU 19
HP  13    MP  17    SAN 73
Idea 80%  Luck 90%  Know 95%

Skills: Chemistry 75%, Conceal 30%, Computer Use 65%, Credit Rating 30%, Cryptography 20%, Cthulhu Mythos 10%, Disguise 85%, Dodge 40%, Drive Auto 25%, Electrical Repair 18%, Fast Talk 35%, First Aid 30%, Forensics 20%, Forgery 10%, Hide 40%, History 25%, Jump 30%, Law 55%, Library Use 50%, Listen 45%, Martial Arts 35%, Military Science 65%, Operate Hvy Machine 10%, Parasychology 45%, Photography 15%, Physics 75%, Psychoanalysis 60%, Psychology 80%, Sneak 50%, Spot Hidden 60%

Languages: English (own) 95%, Han Chinese 35%, German 80%, Russian 75%

Attacks: Handgun (Colt M1911A1 favoured) 65%, Shotgun (Mossberg 500) 45%

Appearance: Varies, but almost always male.


REAL NAME: Simon Carter

OCCUPATION: Agent of the Air Forces Foreign Technologies Division, Special Sciences Division, currently assigned Area-51 Nellis Test Range

EDUCATION: Colorado Springs Air Force Academy

SPECIALTIES: Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Infiltration, Espionage, Cryptography, Psychic Phenomenon, Psychic Support

BACKGROUND: Simon was born an Army brat in the early 1960’s, dragged from town to town, never putting down real roots. His father worked for Military Intelligence, a quietly obsessive and withdrawn man. He gave what little of his time he could spare to his wife and Simon, but he was always melancholy and withdrawn. Simon’s mother died when he was twelve, a victim of a hit and run accident. This also marked the first manifestation of Simon’s psychic abilities. At precisely twelve-twenty-two on October 5th 1976, Simon jumped up from his cafeteria table and ran screaming from the lunch hall, collapsing as he reached the door at twelve- twenty-six. His mother died in that same four minutes.

Simon went from being an outgoing young man to a distant and detached automaton, even more distant from the world outside him than his father, who had taken a leave from his post to help Simon through his depression. Simon’s father tried his best to help his son deal with his feelings about the death, but Simon seemed determined to resist his overtures. Simon said nothing about the psychic connection he had formed with his mother at the time of the accident.

Simon’s father returned to active duty, and slowly Simon seemed to come out of his melancholia. Simon was described by his school counselors as relatively well adjusted, but he had problems relating to others. Simon’s father was contacted about this by the school counselors, but he was too busy to deal with it, instead entering Simon into an ongoing series of psychological fiascoes. Simon resisted a trusting relationship with any of the psychologists his fathers tried to get him to see in the various towns and on the bases he was stationed in. He often turned the psychologists’ probing back upon them, turning the tables and frustrating them with his inhumanly keen insights into their deepest emotional secrets and feelings of inadequacy. Finally, with a psychologist in Boston in 1974, it all changed.

The psychologist was a man by the name of Trent Jennings, and he was a 65 year old, leathery Veteran of both a World War and two “police actions” (he served in both the Korean Conflict and, briefly, in Veit Nam). His eyes belied his callused exterior however, sparkling with good humour. Simon was prepared to hate him like all the other shrinks, but this one was different. Simon could “sense” with his burgeoning psychic abilities that Jennings was open in a way that the other’s hadn’t been, hadn’t even been prepared (or willing) to be.

Jennings had joined Delta Green shortly after his unit had come under attack by “Resuscitated Casualties” while storming Berlin with Soviet forces. Half of his unit survived, and that only because their retreat was covered by the unfortunate Soviets. He was approached, and found himself in tune with the aims and ideals of the covert Delta Green. Jennings later returned to school, obtaining degrees in both psychology and abnormal psychology from the University of Illinois. He rejoined the military after a brief try at his own practice, as he preferred the military’s “discipline and honour”. Jennings remained in Delta Green through his time in the Korean War, in which he single handedly uncovered the unnatural magics of the “Jade Mandarin” and his cult, and lead the DG team which brought him down. He also took part in the ill-fated Cambodia operation of 1969, and survived along with Agent Charlie and Adolph Lepus. When he was contacted to rejoin when DG’s “covert” operations resumed, he rejoined readily.

All these elements combined to make Jennings the ideal person to help young Simon out of his shell. Jennings not only helped Simon to return to his true exuberant and vibrant nature, he helped Simon to deal with his growing psychic capabilities. Under his tutelage, Simon became adept at not only Precognition, but True Empathy (the ability to “read” a person’s emotions or mental state) and Projective Empathy (the ability to cause change in another’s emotional or mental state).

Simon joined the military on his 18th birthday, but chose the Air Force so as not to follow in his father’s footsteps too closely. He performed admirably, and rose quickly in the ranks, as he could “read” exactly what his superiors wanted from him, and had the ability to exceed their expectations. He excelled in command, tactics, and military theory, but also showed great aptitude for the sciences, especially physics and chemistry. When he reached the rank of Lieutenant, his old friend Jennings approached him and explained about Delta Green. He joined immediately, thrilled to be part of and organization designed towards protecting the country he had been brought up to believe in as the Greatest Nation on Earth. Shortly after that, he was approached for recruitment by another organization, one which also operated secretly within the American Government.

Jennings had told Simon about Majestic Twelve and their deceptions and endangerment of the American people. When they approached him, he contacted Jennings immediately. Jennings then contacted and sough the advice of A-Cell’s Adam and Alphonse. All four of them considered the offer of recruitment long and hard, and finally determined that, although dangerous to Simon should he be found out, it would be invaluable to Delta Green to have an agent within MJ-12.

Simon joined MJ-12 only two years after becoming DG active,at first only as a minor functionary, but the same abilities which had allowed Simon to advance in the normal military served him well again. Simon rose in the ranks again. This time he has become, in the space of five years, a personal aide to none other than MJ-6, Major General Kurtis Schenk.

Simon worked hand in hand with Major General Reginald Fairfield until Fairfield’s assassination in 1994, at which point he stopped anti-MJ-12 actions out of fear for his own life. Jennings died of a coronary failure in November of that same year, 25 years after Cambodia. Simon was deeply affected by both of the losses, but stepped in to replace his mentor as the third member of DG’s “C-cell” in March of 1995. He has since been gathering information more covertly about MJ-12 for DG.

Note: Caiius uses his Projective Empathy to “disguise” himself often, giving people the impression that they have seen what they “expect” to see. He can use very simple and incomplete disguises, regularly using only enough to give people an impression of what he wishes to appear as, then heightening the effect to complete credibility psychically. However, he also uses his projective empathy on those he wishes to know that it is him; he gives them the feeling that they know, despite his appearance, that it is definitely Caiius. He also uses this ability in a variety of other ways to “Calm” situations down, or to drive opponents nearly insane with intense feelings of fear or inadequacy. Keepers are encouraged to use this ability in creative new ways (in one operation, Caiius used this ability to “Tune out” an enemy with such a sense of detachment as to render him nearly catatonic).

Caiius’ True Empathy makes it all but impossible to lie to him, and any attempts to do so, or to use fast talk or persuasion on him are at half checks. This ability also makes him an excellent saboteur, as ferreting out secrets is child’s play.

Caiius’ precognitive abilities are the most unreliable of his psychic arsenal. He rarely receives anything but the most basic “feelings”, with the noticeable exception of those major events relating to those closest to him emotionally.

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