Agent Christopher

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By Shane Ivey, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Geoffery G. Hawthorne IV

OCCUPATION: FBI Special Agent (Behavioral Sciences Unit) and Mythos veteran; DG agent.

EDUCATION: Ph.D., Abnormal Psychology, Miskatonic University; Special Agent Training, FBI Academy.

SPECIALTIES: Psychology, occultism, cult activity, criminology.

BACKGROUND: Geoffery G. Hawthorne IV underwent a lifetime’s worth of horrors over a four-year period while he was in college. He keeps his experiences to himself, but some of the events were publicly known, and those caused no end of scandal and embarassment to his old-money family in Cape Cod.

He was the sole survivor of a disastrous search for Atlantis in 1987, spending several weeks in the hospital afterward. Unproven rumors circulated after a Florida trip in 1988 with a disreputable friend named Billy Baxter that Hawthorne was involved in drug trafficking, which very nearly cost him his education. In 1990 he was hospitalized again, with wounds including blunt trauma and what seemed to be an animal mauling, after deadly incidents around a dream-research facility in rural Colorado. After this last hospitalization he began meeting with a counselor regularly for post-traumatic stress disorder. The therapist in question was primarily a behavioralist, concerned more with teaching positive reinforcing behaviors than with delving into the specific traumas involved; she helped Hawthorne recover some from his stress while learning little to nothing of his strange experiences. Hawthorne drifted apart from Baxter and his life grew quiet.

He graduated, an honors student and a popular baseball player, and he went on to complete doctoral studies at Miskatonic, writing a well-received dissertation entitled “From Beyond: An Intercultural Study of Deviance.” In his studies he began, almost by habit, to skirt the edges of the dangerously obscure again, but before some new horror unveiled itself he was approached by recruiters from the FBI. Some in the Bureau were impressed with his studies, and in 1993 he sought a position as an agent. Perhaps the academic life before him proved too mundane in anticipation.

Presumably the FBI’s background investigations of Hawthorne would have turned up the allegations of drug activity and his unusual disappearances in the late 1980s, but these things were never brought to light. In retrospect, after his exposure to Delta Green, it would be easy to imagine that perhaps they learned more of the truth than he thought — far more dangerous than drugs — and that those experiences were the real reason that his career brought him to the FBI, and thence to Delta Green.

Hawthorne was exposed to Delta Green in 1992, though several years passed before he knew it as more than fellow Behavioral Sciences specialist Jean Qualls and a handful of well-connected colleagues conducting quiet investigations of things normally swept under the rug. He served as a Friendly for five years, mainly as a consultant in behavioral sciences and as a resource to distinguish the everyday occult from the true Mythos; unlike many Delta Green operatives, Hawthorne has truly glimpsed the depths of cosmic horror which underlie many of the groupís operations. He was taken on as a full agent, given the code name “Christopher,” in 1997, after he pieced together enough clues for other agents to realize the time had come to either bring him fully into the fold or distance him from the conspiracy. At this point he knows few other Delta Green agents as such; he does not know co-worker Jean Quall’s code-name (or her “condition”), nor does he know the identities of Adam or Alphonse, though he has corresponded with them.

Agent “Christopher” is most likely to be involved in a Delta Green operation when its occult or alien undertones far exceed the knowledge of the investigators. He has studied the Necronomicon and the Turner Codex, and he has studied occult theories and tall tales in the Miskatonic’s stacks and the recesses of the Internet, and he knows shit from Shinola more often than most.

He also knows when to stand and fight and when to run like hell. That talent alone might help a few other agents live longer.


Special Agent Geoffery Hawthorne, as of 1998 (age 31)
Race: Caucasian
Education: Ph.D., Abnormal Psychology, Miskatonic University; Special Agent Training, FBI Academy.
Occupation: FBI Special Agent (Behavioral Sciences Unit)

STR 13    CON 16    SIZ 12    DEX 16
APP 15    INT 15    POW 13    EDU 19
HP  14    MP  13    SAN 54
Idea 75%  Luck 65%  Know 95%

Skills: Anthropology 41%, Credit Rating 44%, Computer Use 30%, Cthulhu Mythos 25%, Dodge 68%, Drive 40%, History 37%, Law 25%, Library Use 43%, Listen 40%, Occult 47%, Persuade 51%, Pilot Mini-Sub 30%, SCUBA 30%, Psychoanalysis 41%, Psychology 65%, Sneak 30%, Spot Hidden 63%, Swim 40%, Throw 50%

Languages: English (own) 95%, Latin 40%, French 28%

Attacks: Handgun 41%, Fist/Punch 56%, Kick 41%, Grapple 41%, Baton or Baseball Bat 65%, Shotgun 40%, Knife 28%, Submachine Gun 25%

Armor: Light Kevlar Vest (5 AP)

Spells Known: Call/Dismiss Hastur, Brew Space Mead, Elder Sign, Contact Ghoul, Voorish Sign, Dread Curse of Azathoth, Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, Resurrection, Song of Hastur, Chime of Tezchaptl

Appearance: Special Agent Hawthorne is 5’9″ tall with a wiry, athletic build from constant running and sports. He has a tanned complexion, short brown hair and bright blue eyes, with a square jaw and a weary but easy smile. He bears a fairly distinct scar on his upper neck and lower jaw, on the left side. He says it is from an animal attack several years ago, but he never discusses it in depth. He usually wears a black business suit of high quality, accessorized by his pistol in a hip-holster, a collapsible baton in a belt sheath at his back alongside a pair of handcuffs, and a bulletproof vest under his shirt; all but the baton are standard field dress for an FBI agent. A veteran investigator of That Which Man Was Not Meant To Know, he usually keeps night-vision goggles, a shotgun, a riot baton, an old diving knife (a souvenir from 1987), emergency gear and plenty of ammunition in the trunk of his car. He has cold-sweat nightmares almost every time he sleeps.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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