Agent Frank

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By Ken Marien and Gilbert MariÎn, (c) 1999

REAL NAME: Harry Vector

OCCUPATION: FBI Forensics Expert (civilian agent); Delta Green Agent.

EDUCATION: Ph.D., FBI Training, Forensics

SPECIALTIES: Alien autopsies

BACKGROUND: Harry Vector was a DG Friendly until he was sent on a mission and came out as the only survivor. He then ‘got promoted’ to DG Agent. He is quite naÔve and doesn’t really know what he’s doing in Delta Green. Therefore it is remarkable that he can perform very accurate autopsies on the aliens that he examines.

He pretends he knows the rules of DG but he doesn’t know them all. All he knows is he has to be careful and keep everything secret. He has no idea what he’s up against. He is a quite serious person that will do anything for DG. He is little experienced in any form of combat but has proven himself to be useful sometimes.

Conclusion: An agent better left in his lab unless really necessary.

CONTACT INFORMATIONgilbert.marien@pandora.be


Agent Harry Vector, age 36
Race: Caucasian
Education: Ph.D., FBI Training, Forensics
Occupation: FBI Forensics Expert

STR 14    CON 15    SIZ 10    DEX 4
APP 11    INT 14    POW 12    EDU 18
HP  14    MP  12    SAN 58
Idea 70%  Luck 60%  Know 90%

Skills: Accounting 20%, Biology 55%, Carpentry 15%, Cartography 5%, Chemistry 25%, Computer Use 35%, Cryptography 15%, Cthulhu Mythos 17%, Dodge 15%, Drive Auto 35%, Fast Talk 20%, First Aid 35%, Forensics 80%, Forgery 15%, Law 30%, Medicine 40%, Military Science 20%, Pharmacy 25%, Physics 35%, Psychology 10%, Spot Hidden 50%, Surgery 15%

Languages: English (own) 90%, Latin 20%

Attacks: 12-gauge shotgun 30%, Colt Python 30%

Armor: None

Appearance: Harry is a quite small man, about 5’6″ and 140lbs. He has quite long hair for an FBI forensics agent, dark-brown and dark-brown eyes as well. Most of the time he is unshaven. He always wears black shirts with a black tie and black pants under his white lab coat ( really tasteless ). He has a deep, low voice, something you wouldn’t expect from a man of his size.

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