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By Scott Lavers, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Dennis Wyler

OCCUPATION: Captain, U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command; Delta Green agent

EDUCATION: West Point Military Academy

SPECIALTIES: Human Intelligence, Chemical & Physical Interrogation

BACKGROUND: An outstanding student, Dennis was top of his class at West Point, very focused and dedicated. He always had to be the best at what he did; not to prove he was superior, just that he never saw the point of not giving 100%. He went straight to Airborne training at Fort Benning and passed with flying colours, then he took Ranger training and again excelled. He took a post as a platoon commander with the 1/75th Ranger Battalion, and served with distinction. It wasn’t long before he was promoted to Captain and was given command of the Intelligence section at Battalion HQ. It was in this role where Dennis showed his full potential; he was a natural intelligence officer.

This was quickly noticed and he was invited to transfer to INSCOM, which he did as a field interrogation specialist. He was heavily involved before, during, and after the Panama invasion. It was in Panama that Dennis began to acquire a reputation as a ruthless operator: there wasn’t any method or form of interrogation that he wouldn’t use. People would have started to question his methods, had it not been for the fact that he always produced the goods.

After Panama, Dennis was involved in a number of Black Ops. It was during one of these that he first encountered the paranormal, and it was his subsequent report that attracted Delta Green’s attention. Dennis was working alongside the Colombian government in an anti-terrorist operation. During an interrogation he learnt that the lieutenant of a large cocaine baron was using “magic” to increase his power and influence, involving grave-robbing and human sacrifices. The cocaine baron was currently an ally of the government in their actions against M-19, so Dennis planned a raid that would eliminate a threat to the baron–then he would owe Dennis a considerable favor.

With a handful of ISA black operatives and a detachment of Colombian Special Forces, Dennis launched a raid on the mountain villa of the lieutenant. They attacked right in the middle of some sort of ritual. The guards put up little resistance against the highly trained commandos, but the things that appeared were another matter–hideous winged creatures that screeched and cried. The soldiers only just managed to fight them off, but at a severe cost.

After the battle there were only Dennis and three Colombian soldiers left. Dennis couldn’t explain the events that had occurred and he knew his superiors wouldn’t understand, so he set about covering up the whole affair. He was the only person to walk off the mountaintop; the villa and all its occupants burned in the fire that followed. In Dennis’s report, he took full responsibility for the loss of his team. Another member of the advisory team was a DG friendly; he reported the mysterious battle with a lone survivor. Delta Green contacted Dennis and he joined immediately.

Dennis currently works closely with agent Jonathan. They act mainly as “cleaners,” tidying loose ends on DG ops, making witnesses change their minds or disappear, destroying evidence, etc. Dennis goes about this with a fanatical zeal. He is ruthlessly dedicated to Delta Green. Time and again his involvement has turned around failing ops and made them successful.

CONTACT INFORMATIONetien@globalnet.co.uk


Dennis Wyler, age 37
Race: Caucasian
EducationB.S. Military Science, West Point
Occupation: Field Interrogation Specialist, U.S. Army INSCOM

STR 14    CON 15    SIZ 12    DEX 12
APP 10    INT 17    POW 18    EDU 18
HP  14    MP  18    SAN 90
Idea 85%  Luck 90%  Know 90%

Skills: Anthropology 40%, Bargain 65%, Botany 25%, Cartography 13%, Conceal 61%, Cthulu Mythos 04%, Drive Auto 46%, Fast Talk 72%, First Aid 53%, Listen 58%, Martial Arts 44%, Military Science 83%, Persuade 81%, Pharmacy 72%, Psychoanalysis 52%, Psychology 78%, Sneak 48%, Spot Hidden 71%, Torture 73%

Languages: English (own) 90%, Spanish 68%

Attacks: Handgun 60%, SMG 50%, Rifle 51%, Fist/Punch 76%, Kick/Knee 68%, Head Butt 56%, Grapple 60%

Appearance: Stand 5’11”, 186 lbs., lean muscular build, and broad shoulders. He wears his greying brown hair very short, with tanned skin, normal looks, piercing steel blue eyes. He has a quiet, soothing voice, and his face never shows any emotion. He gives off an air of intimidation, makes most people feel uncomfortable, and has no sense of humor.

Psychology: Dennis possesses very few emotions. He has sociapathic tendencies, lives for his work, and he will let nothing get in the way of completing a mission.

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