Agent Logan

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By Matt Cowger, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Dean Hoffmeyer

OCCUPATIONFBI Special Agent; Delta Green agent

EDUCATION: Criminology M.A. Columbia University

SPECIALTIES: Field investigation and law enforcement

BACKGROUND: Dean came from a very normal, very conservative and religious middle-class family in upstate New York. He led a very normal childhood and his scholastic career was unremarkable. He quietly went through life, dating and wedding his high-school sweetheart after getting his bachelor’s degree. He pursued his master’s, getting decent grades, and was recruited by the FBI shortly after graduation. He and his wife relocated and he started his career in an unremarkable way.

This changed when he was asked to assist in the investigation of a series of strange murders plaguing a small rural community. Agent Dean had been nearby vactioning with his wife when he recieved the call. A cursory investigation showed that the victims had been horribly mutilated and left in the branches of trees in the thick woods to the north of the town. He tried to work closely with the local sheriff but found him uncooperative. He discovered the section of woods where the victims were discovered had an old and ill reputation.

Further research led him to believe a small cult was operating in the town. He received a few shadowy warnings to leave town and then one night the worst happened. He came back after a late night to find his cabin a riot of smashed furniture, dirt and leaves, and a pool of blood. He would never see his wife again. He rushed into town and then to the sheriff’s, where two deputies joined him on a trip into the woods. A trail of smashed foliage led them to a clearing deep inside.

A gun battle with several individuals ensued, killing one of the deputies. As Dean and the other deputy fell back, something came out of the woods towards the pair. Resembling a walking tree, it snatched up Dean’s compainion and destroyed him. The next day, Dean was found huddled in a park and was institutionalized for 3 months.

Once released, he tried to find out what happened after his departure from the town. He discovered that an unidentified group of government agents arrived and with no explanation arrested various members of the town and dynamited several sites in the woods. They then left, leaving no explanations. Hoffmeyer tried to find out more details about the event but ran into dead ends at every turn. Frustrated, he returned to normal duty (although still haunted by a fear of filth and his vanished wife). Finally, his quiet researches bore fruit in the form of several old files with tiny green triangles on them. Quiet inquiry brought him to the attention of Delta Green, and he was contacted and recruited.

Agent Hoffmeyer is almost obsessed with his pursuit of the Mythos. He is heavy-handed and violence-prone in his work, constantly bringing him into argument with his fellow Cell L member, Lynn. He has a bit of a depressive streak that he combats with obsessive attention to detail in his work.

CONTACT INFORMATIONTenebrae@Earthling.net


Dean Hoffmeyer, age 29
Race: Caucasian
Education: Criminology M.A. Columbia University
OccupationFBI Special Agent

STR 11    CON  9    SIZ 10    DEX 14
APP 11    INT 13    POW 15    EDU 16
HP   9    MP  15    SAN 58
Idea 65%  Luck 75%  Know 80%

Skills: Accounting 25%, Chemistry 15%, Computer Use 38%, Drive Auto 65%, Fast Talk 35%, Law 73%, Library Use 58%, Listen 42%, Preen 89%, Psychology 68%, Spot Hidden 72%

Languages: English (own) 80%

Attacks: Fist/Punch 68%, Handgun 73%

Appearance: Logan is a thin and reedy-looking man in his late twenties. His black hair is cut in a conservative, parted-on-the-right fashion and his narrow moustache is groomed to perfection. He has long, thin hands with perfectly trimmed nails and even though he is no longer married, he still wears a wedding band. He is somewhat farsighted and must wear glasses for reading; he is a bit vain about this and tries to hide this fact as much as possible.

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