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By Keith Potter, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Brian Lundquist

OCCUPATION: Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Division of Justice Management

EDUCATIONJ.D., Northwestern University Law School

SPECIALTIES: Law, Psychology, Medicine

BACKGROUND: Lundquist is an attorney with the Department of Justice, Justice Management Division. After graduating from Ohio State University he served as an Army officer from 1988 to 1992. During the Gulf War he served with the 24th Mechanized Division in the KTO. Upon leaving the army, he entered Northwestern University Law School. He graduated in 1995 and soon found work with the Justice Department.

While attending law school Lundquist began suffering from a number of inexplicable ailments which he eventually identified as Gulf War Syndrome. He spent a great deal of time studying medical texts and journals; but to no avail–the illness remains a mystery to this day.

Shortly after moving to Washington Lundquist met a Delta Green agent who was investigating a case which involved victims of the Gulf War Syndrome. After unknowingly helping her counter a Mythos threat (which turned out to have nothing to do with the Syndrome), Lundquist became a Delta Green “friendly.” Several months later the cell was decimated in a disastrous investigation, and Lundquist was brought in as a full agent. Since then he has been involved in major Delta Green operations in the U.K., Montana, and New York City.

Lundquist’s spare time is spent in medical studies, reading mystery novels, and practicing Tae Kwon Do. He lives alone in a Kensington, Maryland.

CONTACT INFORMATIONmarkgreen1@hotmail.com


Brian Lundquist, age 33
Race: Caucasian
EducationJ.D., Northwestern University
Occupation: Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice

STR 12   CON  9   SIZ 13   DEX 13
APP 14   INT 16   POW 15   EDU 19
HP  11   MP  15   SAN 63
Idea 80% Luck 75% Know 95%

Skills: Accounting 20%, Bargain 35%, Computer Use 10%, Credit Rating 55%, Dodge 39%, Fast Talk 75%, Forensics 20%, Law 62%, Library Use 55%, Medicine 55%, Military Science 10%, Navigate 15%, Occult 15%, Persuade 70%, Pharmacy 15%, Psychology 60%, Spot Hidden 43%

Languages: English (own) 95%

Attacks: .45 H&K USP 37%, 1D10+2 damage. Grapple 65%, special damage.

Appearance: Lundquist is tall, lanky, and pale, a plain-featured man who seems perpetually fatigued. He wears his dark hair medium-length, and he dresses conservatively.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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