Agent Marlowe (Formerly Kelley)

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By Shane Ivey, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Sam Dee, also known as David Kelley

OCCUPATION: Covert operative and security specialist; Delta Green agent

EDUCATIONU.S. Navy Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUD/S)

SPECIALTIES: Physical security, infiltration, extraction

BACKGROUND: Sam Dee joined the Navy out of high school and was tapped for SEAL duty almost immediately due to his superior performance, motivation, discipline, and intelligence. He was a SEAL corpsman (medic) from 1981 to 1986, with a team that regularly conducted black operations in Central America against drug lords and communist revolutionaries. In 1987 he was detached to the NSA, which in turn detached him out as needed for its own operations and in support of other agencies, particulary in the Middle East as tensions escalated to warfare with Iraq.

In 1991 Dee was detached to the CIA, and underwent training at Camp Perry in order to better supplement the case officers he would be working with. He has worked with the CIA on various assignments, usually in protective work or physical infiltration and extraction (typically in an infiltration team with an electronic security expert). His cover changes from operation to operation, but typically he is listed as an officer of the CIA or another agency, with his history within the federal government classified. He earned a nickname, “Baron,” as a corpsman, but rarely hears it anymore and doesn’t like discussing it.

Dee has worked sporadically in Delta Green operations since 1986, when his SEAL team was involved in a particularly gruesome encounter with paranormal elements during a series of raids on a Colombian drug cartel. (Interested parties can read a full account in the Case History, “Blacker than Black.”) His first mission as a fully briefed Delta Green agent occurred in 1991. In 1997 he was involved (behind the scenes) in an ill-fated investigation into the activities of Amalgamated Bio-Carb, Incorporated; that case file, like too many others for Delta Green, remains open.


Sam Dee, age 37
Race: Caucasian
EducationU.S. Navy Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUD/S)
Occupation: Clandestine operative, CIA Directorate of Operations

STR 14    CON 16    SIZ 13    DEX 12
APP  9    INT 18    POW 14    EDU 13
HP  15    MP  14    SAN 57
Idea 90%  Luck 70%  Know 65%

Skills: Boating 25%, Climb 50%, Drive 23%, Dodge 50%, Fast Talk 31%, First Aid 63%, Hide 50%, Listen 62%, Locksmith 51%, Martial Arts 62%, Military Science 35%, Navigate (Land) 50%, Parachuting 25%, Psychology 47%, SCUBA 40%, Sneak 70%, Spot Hidden 53%, Survival 45%, Swim 50%, Tradecraft 56%

Languages: English (own) 65%, Spanish 25%, Arabic 34%

Attacks: Handgun 65%, Rifle 40%, Submachine Gun 62%, Grapple 69%

Armor: Light Kevlar Vest (5 AP)

Appearance: Sam Dee is 5’10” tall at 175 lbs, broad-shouldered and strong-jawed with an athletic build. He is lean and tanned, but with a craggy face and broken nose that cannot quite be considered attractive. His short straight hair is dark brown, as are his deep-set eyes. His gaze is alert, constantly analyzing and appraising. He typically wears a forgettable grey Oxford business suit. He often carries a compact Sig-Sauer P-228 9mm handgun in a simple holster at his lower back, beneath his coat.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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