Agent Remiel

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By Matt Cowger, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Mike Brunner

OCCUPATIONDIA Field Agent, Rogue Delta Green Agent

EDUCATIONU.S. Army Special Forces Training

SPECIALTIES: Linguistics and Subversion

BACKGROUND: Brunner is average in every way that it is possible to be average. Appearance, I.Q., aptitudes, he seemed to be born with an innate talent for slipping through cracks, passing unnoticed and generally being ignored. His middle of the road, middle class Indiana family had no special asperations for their third son, and he tried his best not to disappoint them.

His one noticable talent, an affinity for languages, brought him to the attention of the army during his enlistment. They discovered Brunner’s true genius, an ability to blend. During training it was obvious, Mike Brunner had an almost uncanny ability to pass himself off as whatever it would take to get by in any social situation, not neccesarily get noticed, or excell, just…pass. The languages he learned he would gain a passing fluency within a short space of time, his knack for social customs was almost uncanny. With time he became a stellar field operative for the DIA.

What went unnoticed in all the testing and examination was Brunner’s almost complete lack of drive. His superiors saw this subsumation of will a good thing, not recognizing the extreme mental disorder that it actually represented. During a mission in Bosnia the DIA agent came to the attention of Delta Green. This proved to be disasterous to Mike Brunner and a source of potential ruin to Delta Green.

Agent Brunner was sent to the region to infiltrate a remote group slated for ‘clensing’ by the powers that be. His mission was to convice the group to relocate, but he soon had a change of heart. The reclusive citizens of the village proved to be something else indeed. Brunner witnessed human sacrifice and hideous rites during his brief time there. With a flawless mastery of local diction and a hacked connection to local military channels he called in a shelling that left the village in ruins.

DIA censure came down hard and fast but through string pulling, Delta Green, was able to protect the agent and put him to use elsewhere. They sent Brunner to a Wyoming safe house and put him to work translating some of the texts he brought back with him from the village. This proved to be the undoing of the agent. The writings, a sort of ‘hymnal’ to Nyarlathotep, opened Brunner’s mind to the influnce of the Outer God. He was driven mad, but his maddness, like the man, took on a quiet appearance. He turned over his work and did a few more projects for the organization, slowly collecting as much information about Delta Green as he could. When the time was ripe he made his move, taking down the other two members of his cell, three friendlies and a member of another cell in the process.

He has since gone to ground. It is rumoured that he has collected a few other operatives to help him and has formed a small force aimed specifically at stopping or hindering Delta Green operations.

CONTACT INFORMATIONtenebrae@earthling.net


Mike Brunner, age 33
Race: Caucasian
EducationU.S. Army Special Forces Training
OccupationDIA Field Agent, Rogue Delta Green Agent

STR  9    CON 13    SIZ 10    DEX 12
APP 10    INT 12    POW 16    EDU 16
HP  11    MP  16    SAN 0
Idea 60%  Luck 80%  Know 80%

Damage Bonus: none

Skills: Anthropology 75%, Bargain 35%, Conceal 55%, Credit Raiting 50%, Cthulhu Mythos 45%, Dodge 65%, Fast Talk 70%, Hide 60%, History 35%, Law 30%, Library Use 30%, Listen 40%, Occult 35%, Psychology 40%, Sneak 75%, Spot Hidden 65%, Swim 35%,

Languages: English (own) 99%, Spanish 99%, German 99%, Russian 99%, Croatian 99%, Arabic 99%, Basque 99%, Dutch 99%, Italian 70%, Finnish 70%

Attacks: Fist/Punch 65%, Kick 65%, Pistol 75%, Rifle 75%

Appearance: Brunner is average in all aspects, 5’11”, 185lbs. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. Unless in a role, he tends to dress in tan slacks and a black shirt.

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