Anton Shimmerman

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By Jacob Busby, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Anton Shimmerman


EDUCATION: High School

SPECIALTIES: Electronics and Construction

BACKGROUND: Anton Shimmerton was always good about patching things up. Whether it was electrical or mechanical, Anton had an uncanny knack with gadgets, picking up how they worked in a matter of minutes. Anton drifted into the building trade and for more than thirty years was happy wiring up houses, laying bricks and constructing joists.

Everything changed the day his firm went bankrupt. Experienced as he was, Anton found himself up against a wall of prejudice when applying for new work. He quickly discovered “We regret to inform you that we will not be calling you for an interview” was a euphamism for “you’re old”. Ultimately he set himself up as a freelance builder and handyman and was able to get some work to pay a few bills, but was still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

After a particularly bad month, facing a larger than normal gas bill and a demand from the IRS, Anton received a phone call from a mysterious Mr. Phelps, who proposed a small job for him which must be performed off-the- record but was for the security of the country. Anton simply had to pose as an electrician and get the floor-plans of a certain mansion on the outskirts of Massuchusetts. Against his better judgement Anton accepted the job.

Upon succesfully completion of his mission Anton went back to his daily life, but was surprised to find that the IRS had made a mistake in its accounts, had overcharged and sent him a tax rebate of $2,000. And so it continued, every now and then Phelps would call and some other job requiring the skills of a handyman was required.

Sometime later Anton was introduced to a number of other individuals who worked for “the Preservation of National Security” – mostly militaristic types, Anton was a little apprehensive of his new “buddies” but by this time he was in too deep and, when he contacted Phelps, he was informed that the IRS might be interested to learn of an electrician who seems to be defrauding the state…

Anton is an ordinary guy out of his depth. He could save the world, but he’s far more likely to panic. Like most people, he doesn’t want to get caught in combat situations, arrested by the police or on the hit list of powerful and unknown enemies – he’d prefer not to get involved. These characteristics make for good counterplay against more militaristic PC’s and can be used as a benchmark of humanity. How far must a group go? Maybe to fight monsters you must become monsters… but does this isolate you from the rest of the human race? Anton represents the average guy on the street; if he finds it difficult to relate to modern-day heroes then is their heroism in vain?

Anton doesn’t believe in the supernatural, the Mythos or aliens. He not bright enough to categorise his skepticism with rational responses, so he’ll just write off any such occurences as tricks of the light, lucky guesses or “Some shorta weird shcientific stuff”. He’s lived 54 years so far and he has yet to see anything to make him think otherwise.

Phelps’ background is not provided. It is for the Keeper to determine whether he is DG, The Fate, MJ-12 or some other unidentified group.



Anton Shimmerman, age 54
Race: Caucasian
Education: High School
Occupation: Handyman, DG-Friendly

STR 11    CON 11    SIZ 14    DEX 13
APP  8    INT 12    POW 10    EDU 12
HP  13    MP  10    SAN 50
Idea 60%  Luck 50%  Know 60%

Skills: Carpentry 40%, Climb 70%, Demolitions 10%, Dodge 46%, Electrical Repair 80%, Electronics 80%, First Aid 55%, Mechanical Repair 60%, Operate Crane 25%, Parachuting 11%, Spot Hidden 39%, Play Piano (Jazz) 35%

Attacks: Fist 55%, Pistol 29%

Spells: None

Appearance: Anton wears a lumberjack shirt and jeans. He sports straggly, and increasingly whitening, facial hair. His eyes are grey and his skin is grubby. He speaks with a strong Deep South accent and has the annoying habit of calling everyone “son,” “ma’am,” or “mizzy.”

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