Lt. Joe McCannon, NYPD

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By Patrick Kapera, (c) 1999

NAME: Lt. Joseph McCannon


OCCUPATION: Supervising Detective, New York City Police Department, Interborough Narcotics Task Force

EDUCATION: High School

SPECIALTIES: Criminal justice and criminal investigations

BACKGROUND: McCannon was born into a fourth-generation family of cops, and his recruitment after high school was almost a matter of course. His service on the force has been steady but unspectacular, marked by occasional achievements and vague dissatisfaction. After several years on the job he made detective, in narcotics rather than the homicide squad he had hoped for; several years after that he was promoted frm a precinct desk to his current position at Headquarters, where he regularly deals with the gamut of agencies and departments which are involved in narcotics investigations in New York.

McCannon was exposed to Delta Green three years ago, when he stumbled into operation SYNCHRONICITY, an investigation of a violent gang of Modernist ghouls in Manhattan. McCannon and his partner encountered a lone ghoul preying on children in a Harlem housing project by posing as murderously abusive parents. McCannon and his partner killed the monster, but they promptly saw the supernatural elements of the affair covered up. McCannon cooperated, but he remained alert for similar events. The next year he tracked down a similar case; he pursued the monster into a subway tunnel where he was confronted by a Delta Green squad assigned to capture it. The agents debriefed McCannon, and then they invited his assistance in pursuing and isolating the ghouls at their lair. Since then he has remained in occasional contact withDEA supervisor Andre Jones (agent Osborne) and CIA officer John Rogers (agent Michael), two of the federal agents from SYNCHRONICITY.

He lives in a small house in the suburbs of New York City with his wife and two children.



Lt. Joseph McCannon, age 34
Race: Caucasian
Education: High School
Occupation: Detective, NYPD

STR 10   CON 11   SIZ 14   DEX 10
APP  9   INT 12   POW 12   EDU 11
HP  13   MP  12   SAN 55
Idea 60% Luck 60% Know 55%

Skills: Bargain 25%, Computer Use 10%, Conceal 25%, Dodge 25%, Drive Auto 45%, Fast Talk 60%, Hide 25%, Law 45%, Listen 35%, Psychology 15%, Sneak 25%, Spot Hidden 60%, Track 13%.

Languages: English (own) 55%, Italian 5%

Attacks: 9mm automatic 60%, 1D10 damage. Mossberg 12-gauge tactical shotgun 40%, 4D6 damage. M-16 assault rifle 30%, 2D8 damage. Fist/Punch 60%, 1D3 damage. Grapple 35%, special damage.

Appearance: McCannon has a stocky build and ruddy complexion, with salt-and-pepper hair and hazel eyes. He typically wears an inexpensive suit and a long trenchcoat.

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