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By Dennis Detwiller , (c) 1998

TO: Alphonse
FROM: Joshua
DATE: April 7, 1998

Alphonse, what follows is the document recovered from the op of 15APR97. Agents who raided the facility recovered the document (a copy, obviously several generations old) seconds before it was eaten up by the goddamn shredder. The document is incomplete, but is disturbing enough as is. The indications of a complex conspiracy other than DG in the government are rampant, and the markings on it indicate (as far as HENRY can discern) that the document is authentic, or at least authentically marked.

Do you know anything about any of this, Alphonse?

Text follows:


Prepared for MJ-1 by MSSG-1 at Wright Army Air Field
Copy 1 of 1

Overall impressions of prelimenary tests of the Alien Disk, codenamed THE BUCKET.

Overall, THE BUCKET resembles no known aircraft, has no visible control surfaces, and no means of propulsion which we understand. It hovers–by unknown means–three feet from the ground at all times. The craft moves easily when acted on by even a minor force. No measurable force is generated from the craft itself. We believe the propulsion system is not magnetic or forced-air in nature, since there is no measurable magnetic distortion, and no intake/outake of air which we can detect. It has been pointed out that this may be evidence of a “gravity motor” of some sort. If so, this indicates that the Others have a technology perhaps only hundreds of years ahead of us.

The surface of the craft is a frictionless metal, impervious to all known penetration techniques. We have collected about six thousand individual pieces of this metal which were presumably sheared off by the impact of the craft at the Corona site or splintered off by whatever incident brought the craft down. These sheets are about .061 microns in thickness, and weigh next to nothing. They also show material strength far beyond our capabilities–equivalent to 370,000 times the tensile strength of titanium/tungston alloy, with the penetration negation of diamond.

The rip in the rear of THE BUCKET has given us a clear, observable cross-section of the craft’s hull. This rip is a mouth-shaped gash in the rear of the craft measuring 10′ x 5’3/5″. The cross-section is as follows: a tiny layer of the metal (called “Substance A”) covering a secondary structure of beams of some sort of plant or resin (“Substance B”), which also exhibit great material strength. Each beam is between 2.76 inches and 8.79 inches thick and is covered in etchings of what is believed to be the Others’ language. These beams form a common triangular superstructure which is backed by a substance which at first glance appears to be packed clay (“Substance C”). This fluid design allows the craft structure great flexibility, probably required for the high-G maneuvers these craft have been seen preforming in the past.

A bubble dome on top has three windows set into it, a similar dome on the bottom apparently has some sort of ramp or exit (from the interior a doorway is obvious, although we cannot open it at this time; the surface on the outside has no seams or obvious controls to activate the portal).

In the center of the craft is a small control room with no obvious seats or crew positions. The three windows open onto it. A small square console of Substance C sits in the center, and etched into it is a complex arrangement of geometrics. Their purpose remains unclear, although it is commonly believed that they are controls of some type.

On the wall opposite the windows is a plaque apparently made of Substance B, which again has a complex series of geometrics on it, as well as some of the writing seen on the superstructure beams. It is unknown what this plaque is

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