Foreign Operations Manual – Document #411

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By Florian Hanke, ©1998

Document #411

TO: Alphonse
FROM: Edward
DATE: February 19, 1999

Alphonse, what follows is a document that was recently found amongst our archives. It is from the year 1942 and was addressed to William J. Donovan. Why this document wasn’t decoded and read seems unclear at the time. Probably the merging with the OSS caused some trouble. Our decryption specialist at D-Cell had no problem in decyphering the Document encrypted with the Hagelin code. It does shed a whole new light on the failure of E-Cell in infiltrating the Karotechia, in which Agents Ebenezer, Eugen and Ernesto went out of the game. I strongly suggest we update our Foreign Operations Manual (FOAM), as the latest German language information is still based on data from the year 1942.

Maybe friendly Dr. Müller, the newly acquired German information specialist, would be of help?

P.S: The latest intelligence report unusually high Karotechia activities in several locations (France, China, South Africa), the reliability of the sources, however, is unclear.

Text follows:



Copy 1 of 1


Errors in newly distributed Foreign Operations Manual discovered, mission success unclear.

I request immediate corrections of the Foreign Operations Manual. Please transfer the following text immediately to the Agent responsible for the FOAM.

Format: a (like in: a bishop), singular, plural FOAM Page Number / location
ein Bischof, der Bischof, die Bischöfe p.101 bottom right
ein Ritter, der Ritter, die Ritter p.101 bottom right
ein Bauer, der Bauer, die Bauern p.101 bottom right
Wrong names:
die Kriegsmarine p. 99 bottom left
ODESSA: Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen p.100 right
das dritte Triumvirat p.101 bottom right
die SS-Totenkopfverbände p.102 top left
die Fallschirmjäger p.102 top left

Initial infiltration of the Karotechia has been successful. Right now, I am disturbed because I am unable to reach Agents Eugen and Ernesto, they disappeared three days ago. I certainly do not hope it has something to do with the mistakes in the FOAM. The ability to perfectly read and write German (along with several other languages) is a must for every Karotechia member.

Agent Ebenezer

Text Ends


FROM: Dr. Müller

I have found several new mistakes in the latest version of the FOAM. The most important being:

Die Lebenstentoten p.102 left
(ein Lebendtoter/eine Lebendtote) (he/she)
der/die (he/she) Lebendtote, die Lebendtoten (preferred version)or
(ein lebender Toter/eine lebende Tote) (he/she)
der/die (he/she) lebende Tote, die lebenden Toten

A new update of the German section of the Foreign Operations Manual will be following shortly.

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