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By Christian Conkle, ©1998

Dr. Arthur Robert Varney, M.D.

Born: August 5, 1924, Chicago, Illinois

Married: Mary Elizabeth Gardner, April 15, 1950


   Jed Scott Varney (married, Patti Gomez, 1974)

    Lisa Beth Varney (married, David Beckwith, 1980, 1 child)
    Jody Kim Varney (married, Jeff Terell Spence, 1982, 3 children)

 Current Occupation: Retired


      143 W. Pleasant Hill Dr.
      Buffalo, New York
    (716) 565-4535



  • Cook County Elementary School #209, Chicago, Illinois
  • Millard Fillmore High School, Chicago, Illinois, 1941
  • B.S. Biology, Iowa State University, 1950
  • M.A. Microbiology, Harvard Medical School, 1952
  • M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1954


 Military Service:

  • U.S. Army, October 20, 1942- January 9, 1946
  • 4 Overseas Service Bars
  • Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Meritorious Unit Award Company 212 HQ AFWES, October 6, 1945
  • World War II Victory Medal
  • Phillipine Liberation Ribbon


Government Service:

  • 1955-1960, Researcher, Ft. Detrick Biological Weapons Research Center, Frederick, Maryland
  • 1960-1969, Chief Researcher, Ft. Detrick Biological Weapons Research Center, Frederick, Maryland
  • 1975-1989, Director, USAMRIID, Frederick, Maryland


 Private Sector:

1970-1975, Lead Researcher, R.J.R. Nabisco, New York, New York



Dr. Varney was born to Lester and Ruth Varney in Chicago, 1924. He had a normal and unremarkable childhood, graduated high school, and enlisted for service in World War II, for which he was decorated (see above). After the war, Varney earned his Doctorate, specializing in microbiology. He began work as a civilian researcher at the Army’s Ft. Detrick Biological Weapons Research Center in Frederick, Maryland, where most of the Army’s more dangerous and hazardous weapons were created and tested. Though biological weapons had been banned by the Geneva Convention in 1925, the Army continued research into developing new weapons until 1969. The research was justified as “defensive” research, but many of the more potent Germ Warfare Agents were developed at this time.

Dr. Varney was responsible for adapting the research of the Japanese Army Unit 731, captured after the War. He also developed and tested many new breakthroughs including new viral agents that could differentiate and attack specific chromosomal structures. Dr. Varney was also responsible for several biological weapons tests done on civilian populations within the U.S. during this time, though this was not revealed until 1985, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Army was not culpable for any damages for such tests.

In 1969, the U.S. Army ceased doing research into Biological Weapons, and the Biological Weapons Research Center was turned into the USAMRIID. Dr. Varney left the organization at this time and entered the private sector, working as a Lead Researcher at R.J.R. Nabisco, where he developed new strains of tobacco and food products. Much of his research started the Biotech boom of later decades.

In 1975, Dr. Varney was persuaded to return to government service, working as a researcher for the USAMRIID. Much of his work was in the stockpiling of unused Army biological weapons at several classified sites.

He retired in 1989 and lives with his wife, Mary, in Buffalo, New York.

The Truth:

Dr. Varney was asked to covertly perform research for Sub-Project JOSHUA by Majestic in 1975, necessitating his return to Government Service. At that time, Dr. Varney was made aware of the presence of the Greys and of the possible threat they would pose should they turn their goals towards conquering Earth. He was asked to develop a biological weapon capable of defeating the Greys while leaving humans unharmed. Dr. Varney acted as lead researcher for this project from 1975-1989, developing over 751 different biological (both bacteriological and viral) weapons, not all with the same success. His research bears unimaginative designations, Contagious Biological Agent eXperiment, 001-751, each weapon is more deadly than the last.

Many of his creations were tested on unwitting American and African civilian populations, several of these erupting into unintentional outbreaks. The AIDS virus (CBAX-454) was developed for the CIA and tested in Africa as was Ebola Zaire (CBAX-722). The Hantavirus (CBAX-678) outbreak was the result of an accident in the New Mexico test facility. The so-called Gulf War Syndrome (CBAX-702) was tested on American troops in 1991 and used as a tracking device after the war.

CBAX-209 was the most successful. It is a bacteriological agent capable of directly attacking the Grey chromosome. It causes spontaneous combustion in minutes! It is resilient to decontamination, can survive in most conditions and climates, and is easily handled. It is transmitted in a liquid medium, allowing transmission by saliva, sweat, blood, or semen. In humans, it causes flu-like symptoms that, if treated, will disappear after 2 weeks. In humans exhibiting the chromosomal marker evident of a Grey abduction or modification, it causes horrible lesions, burning sores, terrible illness, resulting in cardiac arrest and the build-up of flammable gasses in the body. It was to be introduced into the human population prior to Grey conquest. When the Greys experimented on human abductees, they would contract the disease quickly. The existence of such a weapon would spell death to the Accord, however, so it’s existence was kept secret and research continued on other projects (see above).

Most of Dr. Varney’s research was done in a secret USAMRIID Stockpile facility located on the White Sands Missile Test Range in New Mexico. 40 square miles were cordoned off in the middle of the range where the facility/bunker sits. Missile tests are not scheduled in its vicinity.

The bunker is guarded by 12 Army personnel on rotation out of White Sands, a 2-hour commute away. There are no permanent personnel stationed here, nor is there any facility for housing them. Two guards man a security checkpoint on the one road leading to the facility. Two other guards man a machine-gun tower atop the bunker. The rest perform perimeter patrols and spend time in the bunker watching TV or playing cards. The guards are aware of the stockpile, but are unaware of the lab.

The subterranean lab sits behind an armored steel bulkhead door equipped with a card-key, regular key, and keypad entry for a 5 digit security code. To gain access, the bunker commander, usually a USAMRIID researcher, must be present, for only his key may operate the elevator to the stockpile. The top of the elevator is guarded at all times. Only researchers for Sub-Project JOSHUA have access to the lab.

The lab itself contains files on Sub-Project JOSHUA and it’s research. The lab cooler contains samples and vivisected parts of a captured Extraterrestrial, along with human cadavers. There is also a map displaying known Grey activity in the U.S., including dates and locations.

The lab can go unused for years at a time. In fact, Dr. Varney has not returned to the lab since 1996.

In 1989, Dr. Varney retired from active research for the USAMRIID and Majestic. At that time, he was offered the position of MJ-8, which he readily accepted. He now oversees the research as a manager and coordinator, taking a more delegative role. He would like to see more research done, but without a living Grey test subject, new and effective avenues of study are drying up. He hopes Project MOON DUST will provide him with one soon.

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