Learn to ‘Think’ in 4D

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Monday, 01 November 1999

Hello all!

	Are you tired of being snubbed by your high-INT low-SAN
counterparts? Have you stared at Daoloth and wondered which Museum of
Modern Art lost an exhibit? In short, are you tired of having sand kicked
in your face by intellectual bullies?

	Well fear no more! With modern computer technology, your humble
screen saver has become the gateway to Sacred Geometry and Illumination!
Simply download HYPERCUBE.scr for Windoze, 4-Fold.sit for Crashintosh, or
the latest package of x-games for your favorite Whine-ux distribution.
Within you will find the absolute acme of astounding apparitions, the
shining splendor of the species "Hypercubus Horrilibus."

	Just follow the simple installation instructions and the next time
your computer has a free cycle or two it will work on presenting
Mathematical Mystery _to_you_!! As you watch the spinning
three-dimensional shadow of a tumbling four-dimensional object, as your
eyes follow lines that become planes, planes that become cubes, cubes that
follow one another in an endless non-toroidal path, you will eventually
come to understand the forbidden fascination of angles that look acute but
behave obtusely!

	Best of all, it's FREE! Satisfaction guranteed or triple your
money back! We'd provide testimonials from satisfied users, but all of
them have mysteriously disappeared!

Legal Disclaimer:
	Poster takes no, accepts no, and generally refuses all
responsibility for incidents arising from use of such products. Such
incidents may include, but are not limited to: space-time distortions such
as inversions, scaling, or skewing; apparitions, revelations, or visions;
appearance of non-human entities (but I do sell Hound-B-Gon repellent,
Pluto's Best Fungicide, and Insecticides Man Was Not Meant To Know). 

	Anyone wishing to un-install this product must contact me for
assistance in the exorcism process.
Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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