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By Dennis Detwiller, ©1998

TO: Alphonse
FROM: Joshua
DATE: March 23, 1998

This vellum paper fragment was recovered from the estate of a Lewis Roger Mumphry. Analysis at the Smithsonian indicates the paper stock was most likely manufactured in Europe in the late 1700’s, and is of inferior quality. The writing style is cramped and our handwriting analysts have prepared several reports which will be forwarded to you.

Text follows:

On Ye Invitation and Leave-Taking of the Quiet One

To call a One from the Outside requires ye to be of strong will and little conscience, for it is conscience that hath doomed man in the future of which we cannot speak. A sigil, such as is found in the recesses of the Black Book, the second star, be it known as BELAPT must be incised upon the dirt before the sanctuary which has already felt much blood upon its soil. Then a rock, with three pinnacles must be placed before it. Upon it, a fresh token of fair blood.

The chant is such:

“Ana-Habrim, Ana-Al, Ana-Habrim”

Repeated until the moon sets and a great fatigue overcomes the operator. Then, from above the Great One will descend cloaked in a soft light, like the moon falling to the earth. It will feed upon the token, and grant the true disciple a boon. Knowledge of things to come, or secret things, brought to the mind of the believer in his dreams.

Movement between the far worlds and the stars they circle requires a sustenance found in the guts of a man, many times over. Once the place of the Token hath been set, and a time hath been set, it must not be missed, or the wrath of the One and that of his servants may doom thee. Being a time of torpor, the Others from Outside gain strength in their repose in this world, waiting for a time again where their kind shall cavort among the stars and lay waste to all who have come since their sleep.

Its will shall be plain to those as worship it, and it shall make its followers known to each other, through its link to the minds of men. Gaining their strength, they wait and wake only for the feeding, and must be placed back in their slumber lest they wake too early. The carcass of the token, once fed upon must be burned, for this shall send the Other back to his vivid dreaming.

Text Ends

Mumphry was the local favorite suspect for the Louisiana BI’s investigation into the “Devil’s Bayou” disappearances in the late 70’s. The case was dropped after a warrant was issued and his house turned up clean. The local police kept after him, though, and he led an unsuccessful lawsuit against the Pt. Palence Sheriff’s department for harassment. Mumprhy was found dead in his home on 7DEC97, the victim of an apparent animal attack. His body was identified through dental records and personal effects; much of what was left was burned nearly beyond recognition. This paper was included among a bundle found within a wall safe, along with a hand-drawn map marking the location in the bayou of Sadey Lake.

So far, dragging of the lake has yielded the fragments of over thirty-four individual victims.

I guess Mumphry missed a feeding.


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