Oliver Keen

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By Cry.Sys, (c) 1999

REAL NAME: Oliver Keen

OCCUPATION: Electronic Security Specialist (civilian), National Security Agency

EDUCATIONB.S., Electronics, Sequoia Community College, Sequoia, NY

SPECIALTIES: Electronics, Infiltration.

BACKGROUND: A native of the underside of New York City with an early aptitude for electronics, Keen was recruited at a young age by theNSA, while serving time for an almost top-notch break-in of a television station. A quick study who leapt at the chance, he was educated and trained for clandestine service in programs with the NSA and CIA. After several years in the field, he survived an unexpected encounter with the occult, when a blazing coalescence of energy pursued and attacked him after a surveillance job on an occultist within the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, D.C. A Delta Green agent covered the incident and noted how Keen kept his cool, and he agreed to help in similar cases in the future.


Oliver Keen, age 27
Race: Caucasian
EducationB.S., Electronics, Sequoia Community College, Sequoia, NY
Occupation: Electronic Security Specialist (civilian), NSA

STR 17    CON 11    SIZ 12    DEX 13
APP 10    INT 17    POW 16    EDU 16
HP  12    MP  16    SAN 80
Idea 85%  Luck 80%  Know 80%

Skills: Climb 45%, Computer Use 16%, Dodge 41%, Electrical Repair 70%, Electronics 71%, Hide 50%, Locksmith 51%, Photography 25%, Sneak 35%, Spot Hidden 50%, Tradecraft 40%.

Languages: English (own) 80%, Arabic 26%, French 26%

Attacks: Handgun 60%, Fist/Punch 70%.

Armor: None

Appearance: Keen is nondescript in appearance, slightly shorter than average, with the muscular build of a dedicated boxer and weight-lifter. He typically wears a plain suit or dark infiltration fatigues, and carries a Glock-18 pistol, a small pocket knife, a Gerber multi-plier tool, and (when not on a clandestine assignment) NSA identification.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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