Project Shadowground – Document #8260

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By Stabernide, ©1998


A contact of mine in the UK recently forwarded this to me. It concerns the group known as PISCES, as well as something a little more worrying. I have enough fucking problems on my plate, so send it on to someone who can do something with it.

To: Accquisitions



As you may have heard, the PISCES ESPer team ‘wolfPACK’ were utterly decimated at the NEXUS site by the Astrals. We were right in assuming that fielding psychics would allow us to engage them on their own field – except it was the metaphorical equivalent of going up against a Rhino with a .22. Agent SCORCH survived, it seems, but his mind has been destroyed. I recommend termination in case his powers are still operational.

The good news is the GS-19 team came through and managed to destroy the FOCUS monument. Whatever the Astrals were up to, that seemed to stop it.

The bad news is the entire NEXUS site is… unstable. Dimensionally speaking. We lost five accquisitions agents just combing the site. Local townsfolk are complaining about the same thing, although, worryingly, a census shows the population as growing. Maps of the area are useless. The landscape itself seems to shift when no one’s looking. Or is it only ever stable because someone looks at it?

I’m going to summarise what we know about the Astrals, and try to offer some recommendations.

1. They exist in dimensional space alien to ours. Cadmus iterates they are n-dimensional creatures. We call their plane the Continuum.

2. They communicate with life-forms on this plane via telepathy. Psychics appear more sensitive to them, and it’s through psychic assult that we seem able to do the most damage to them. The astrals themselves display a wide variety of psychic abilities; hence the name we coined.

3. Their purposes on our plane are unclear, but it seems to involve the siphoning of some kind of naturally occuring energy from human beings. They seem to view us as their cattle.

4. When threatened, the astrals are capable of manipulating that energy to form three-dimensional shapes allowing them to interact with this plain. These shapes seem to be influenced by witnesses to them, resembling primal nightmares of undersea or prehistoric monsters. Is this intentional on their part?

5. The astrals seem reluctant to siphon energy directly from humans. This may be because it requires power for them to manifest on this plane. They are more likely to manipulate human pawns and erect distinctive monuments to store that energy until they require it.

So, recommendations:

The astrals do not seem to pose any immediate threat to our objectives. the threat to individual communities in this region is high, but the astrals’ subtle movements make containment relatively simple. As long as they remain out of the Goatswood area, we need not engage them again.

If confrontation does occur, I advise against the use of further ESPer teams. Chances of success are minimal, and they represent a valuable resource to the plan. Rather, our best bet is to target their monuments – cripple their power sources and hope this forces them to withdraw to the Continuum. Hope being the operative word.

Transmission ends.

There was more, but my man didn’t get it. Frightening stuff, eh? Even if we take down these PISCES fucks, we’ve still got their mess to clean up.

Love to Nancy,

Stabernide out.

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