Random Sexual Perversions Table

Categories: Section Eight

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 20:06:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: The Man in Black
Subject: DG: Random Sexual Perversions

The Following table is meant for use by only the most depraved and vile
keepers. An elite of sickoes among sickoes. I do not consider kinky or
fringe sexual behavior to be perversion (like Central Casting seems to do)
but instead have attempted to codify only the most ludicrous and aberrant
sexual deviation possible.

01-05 Squicking - the act of well, you know... NOTE: any sex that requires
mutilation (wood drills, meat sculpture etc. may fall under the definition
of Squicking)
06-10 Coprophagia - the eating of doody to attain sexual satisfaction. Me
go Plop plop! Munch, munch :)
11-15 Coprophilia - the utilization of doody (as lubricant, dildo, etc)
16-25 Incest/Inbreeding - Getting it on in a family way. Multiple
generations of Inbreeding may result in severe physical deformity. Watch
those recessive genes! "IT'S SO FREUDIAN!"
26-30 Suicidal Masochism - You need to die to get it on!
31-35 Necrophilia - They need to die for you to get it on! Roll forduration:
   1 - Still Warm   2 - Fresh from the morgue   3 - Cold and Stiff
   4 - Embalmed   5 - Bugs and Worms (It Squiggles!)   6 - Mummies and Skeletons
36-40 Cannibal Necrophilia - You need to feed!
41-60 Pedophilia - Want some candy, little girl? (NOTE: most Pedos care
little if they are related to thier victims) Roll on the Pedophiliasubtable:
   1 - Little Girls
   2 - Little Boys, pay for that NAMBLA membership, it's worth it.
   3 - Little Girls and Little Boys   4 - Infants only
61-65 Pyrophilia - related to Pyromania, but either you, your partner(s)
or all participants must be blazing away. I recommened lighter fluid,
candles and a fire extinguisher.
66-70 Rape Addiction - they're all askin' for it anyway.
71-75 Homicidal Sadism - Kill 'em all, then Fuck 'em. Or was it the other
way around? (See Sucidal Masochism above)
80-85 Scarification - Cut yourself up during sex. get a clean blade, and a
mop. Usually goes along with that Vampire fetish thing.
85-90 Skin fetishism - The favorite of Leatherface and Buffalo Bill. Make
clothes out of your skinned victims. Then compliment them on their well
defined musculature.
91-99 Zoophilia/Beastiality - A *true* animal lover. Roll for species:
   1 - Dogs   2 - Cats   3 - Dogs and Cats
   4 - Gerbils, Hamsters and small rodents/Marsupials. May need Duct Tape.
   5 - Sheep and other Cattle   6 - Birds of Prey and Barnyard Fowl
   7 - Exotic Wildlife (Alligators, Elephants, Lions Tigers and Bears,
GM's choice)   8 - All of the Above and more!
00 Roll 1d3 times and combine the results (this result can be rolled
again!) EXAMPLE: Lacto-Cannibal-Pyro-Necro-Zoophilia may involve having
sex with a cheesburger, or some such.

The Man in Black is : going to jail for this post, isn't he?
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