Report #1062

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By John Tynes, ©1997.

DATE: September 18, 1992
AGENTS: Harrier, Hampton, Helen, and Marmalute
SUMMARY: Unexplained deaths in Milwaukee crack house; illegal drug test by unknown agents disrupted by Delta Green.

Milwaukee PD responded to a complaint by a neighbor about a crack house in the Milwaukee slums. Local residents had smelled a peculiar odor and believed that someone had died within. Two officers entered the building and found that four neighborhood crack addicts were dead. Toxicology found an unknown living organism in their system that had multiplied millions of times and caused a shut-down of the lungs. Said organism, post-mortem, was now devouring the victims from the inside out.

Examination of the drugs found on the scene revealed an unknown compound containing what appeared to be microscopic, inert forms of the killer organism. No cocaine–crack or otherwise–was present in the drugs which nevertheless resembled crack cocaine rocks to the naked eye.

The organism was found to bear a resemblance to the worm-like parasites found within the melonia plant (q.v. Anomaly #0053) associated with followers of the “King in Yellow” myth-cycle (q.v. Intelligence Report #0052). MPD contact forwarded findings to DG agent, who passed them up to Cell A.

Agents Harrier, Hampton, Helen, and Marmalute investigated the matter. On day three of surveillance detail, spotted white panel van parked across the street from which two unidentified men were observing the agents. Confrontation ensued, followed by brief physical violence and a high-speed chase.

Van and occupants destroyed in wreck following chase and exchange of gunfire. Remnants of microlab found in van, including equipment and materials needed to synthesize the lethal drug. Van had U.S. government license plates, but numbers corresponded to no numbers in use by any agency. Small arms found aboard included handguns and a fully automatic rifle. Serial numbers on firearms registered as part of general allotment shipped to U.S. Army but specific weapons never shown as received. Dental records and fingerprints of van occupants not on file with any agency. No identification.

Agents are urged to watch for multiple alleged crack-related deaths in a close period of time and location. Evidence suggests unknown federal agency testing drug of unknown purpose but possibly fatal outcome on marginalized populace.

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