Report #2421 – The Cult of the Crushed Iris and the Fate

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By Jeffrey Bryan Boles, ©2000.

DATE: November 21, 1995
AGENTS: Ophelia
SUMMARY: Disturbing developments in an investigation of The Network, the mythical New York City crime syndicate.

RE: Stephen Alzis, Society Of The Crushed Iris, The Fate/The Network

Tuesday November 21, 1995 2:30 AM

As this case I am currently working on still has some loose ends that need to taken care of I will keep this strictly to what I have discovered about the above mentioned groups or individuals.

Stephen Alzis

Contacted me after I arrived here in New York. He seemed to know where I was staying and was already waiting for me in my hotel room. He appeared as a smallish Arab man in his 30’s and was neatly dressed in an expensive suit. He seemed not to be a threat but nevertheless he made my skin crawl. He was aware of my membership in DG. He had information concerning The Cult of the Crushed Iris and the whereabouts of the individual I was pursuing in connection with the case I am working on. In trade for this information he wanted information concerning PROJECT TRUST (I discussed this case with ADAM over the phone) and a photo within the sanctuary of the Cult of the Crushed Iris. Alzis also knew about certain paranormal details about he case that I have been working on that has not been reported to anyone yet. He told me to contact him through a Robert Hubert at Club Apocalypse, if I agreed to trade information I would pick up the information I needed and a camera to take the picture of the wall.

I contacted an anonymous source who I thought may have some information concerning Alzis. According to my source Alzis appeared after WW II and hasn’t appeared to age since. He is at the top of the organization called THE NETWORK and he brokers in information and manipulates through truth. Club Apocalypse is where one can contact him but he is known to pop up anywhere. According to what ADAM told me he has criminal contacts in the Fate and he has died at least fifteen times since the 1930’s. He is sometimes known as The Walking Man and Narlytotep (I am not sure how to spell that one).

Club Apocalypse

The manager and proxy to the owner of this club is Robert Hubert, also known as Belial but one does not call him that unless asked by him. He has been there since the clubs opening and graduated from college in 1965 becoming a great influence on the music scene. The cab river on the way to the trendy club said he heard some talk of odd smells and noises coming from the lower levels. My anonymous source also mentioned not to go past the “Silken Cord”. In the club there are pictures of Robert Hubert shaking hands with deceased musicians. In these photos he is standing in the same position in every one of them wearing the same suit and seeming to not age through out the sequence of pictures. Even the night I met him he was wearing the exact same suit still dressed impeccably. After noticing his behavior with a bartender, he is extremely fastidious and neat. He can not stand any messes.

After asking if it were my first visit he took me down to the third sublevel of the club where there was a silken cord and a foul smell emanated from below. I told him I did not want to go any further and he took me to sublevel one where there was a conference room with my drink sitting on the table and a large envelope, containing information about the Cult of the Crushed Iris and the exact location of the perpetrator, and a camera.

When I returned with the camera I was led into Hubert’s upstairs office where there were older pictures of rock stars and the picture I took from the Cult of the Crushed Iris (see further in this report). The picture was exactly as I had taken it in the club, from the same angle and everything. He said, “Time can be an unpredictable thing eh?” He also asked me if I killed the Lord of Fate and showed a police photo of the torso of Garret Hilton.

As an added note there have been an excessive number of deaths at the subway terminal two blocks from the club, around 96th street there have been 13 deaths attributed to accidents.

The Cult of the Crushed Iris

The Cult of the Crushed Iris is run out of Tinkerton’s Gentleman’s club which was established in 1847. I do not know if the cult was around during that time or not. It is currently owned by a Mr. Herelton. According to the information obtained from Alzis “22 men belong to this group, and form a church that espouses pain, suffering and sexual power. The harness this energy for purposes arcane and mundane… they attempt to bend the boundaries of sexual perversion…They are sexual magicians, and their magical essence is brewed in blood, spunk and tears.”

Going through regular channels I had three FBI agents and two officers. Agent Noyles seemed very knowledgeable about the cults in the area of New York and handled himself well under pressure and dealing with the bizarre. Following the map Alzis gave me two agents, myself and one cop proceeded into the sewer. Our first casualty at the back entrance to the club. There was a man who appeared dead lying at the doorstep. He caught the cop unawares and ripped his throat out before any of us could react. His skin was grey and pulled taunt, he had slits where his eyes and nose should have been and sharp teeth lined his mouth. I pulled him off the cop, shooting him in the head. Noyles capped the GHOUL, what Noyles called the creature, three times.

Inside the club we quickly located the perpetrator, he was in a cell being tortured. The wall which Alzis wanted the picture of was covered of individuals in perverted sexual acts and words written describing the spells used. We went on to the second level where we heard voices at the end of the hall. Inside the room was a naked man chained to the ceiling covered in tattoos and ritual scarring with two men sexually pleasing him with two women on either side. The four were chained together, nude, and seemed to have lost all sense of themselves and were under a trance. They did not even notice when we came in. I shot into the air to get their attention and one woman looked up and tried to walk towards us and the man next to her pulled out a knife and tried to stab her because she was disobeying. I shot him in the leg. Only then did the figure chained to the ceiling acknowledge our presence. The other man took him down and took off the blindfold.

FBI Agent Noyles recognized him as Garret Hilton, a member of THE FATE. He introduced himself in a European accent as THE LORD OF THE RAPE. He raised his hands and our guns jammed. Unfortunately the other agent freaked out and began shouting at him. Hilton laughed and twisted the agent in half, fatally breaking his spine, with simply his mind. Noyles reacted quickly and threw a knife into Hilton’s throat. Hilton threw Noyles across the room breaking his ribs, I found I could shoot the gun while he was distracted and killed him. Even after he was dead the people in the room refused to leave and looked like lost sheep. They are going to need much therapy and even then I do not know if they will ever be able to live in society. These people have been physically and mentally raped and lost all will.

We moved up to the next floor and found Herolton, the owner. He says something about us destroying “its hunting ground” and said it was a Pathos Wraith . A shadow appeared to engulf Herolton and a there was a sharp pain at the back of my head. Noyles seemed to be suffering from the same thing. I saw a fear from my past. When I came to I realized that Noyles had killed the creature.

While the police were bringing people up and arresting members of the club I noticed a tall blond haired blue eyed man standing in the entrance and run into the club. I followed , he shot me and jumped out of a window in one fluid motion. He seemed almost inhuman in his movements. After questioning several officers it appears he took the security tapes from the club.

The half of the body of HILTON was found but his upper torso was missing. It was found in the sewers thirty minutes later. The body of the ghoul was also missing.

The Fate

I have not been able to get much definite information concerning this group. According to Noyles there are several LORDS OF FATE, as they call themselves. How Alzis works within their frame work I am not sure. I have received a warning that I was not to disrupt THE FATE, but they would not harm me because “it seems Hilton’s death was wanted. But there were those who liked him”. The warning was given while I was in an elevator which had lost power right before a disembodied voice warned me against offending the FATE. Obviously Alzis has some power over them since all they gave me was a warning for killing one of their own.

During this raid I have been reminded of the value of DG agents. I believe that if I had done this with them there would have been no casualties. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how one wants to look at it, this was not the case. The Cult of the Crushed Iris has been shut down at least. I hope this helps fill in some holes concerning Alzis and the Fate. I know it is not much. Thank you for relaying the information about the cult, The Fate and Alzis so quickly.

Agent Ophelia,

Cell Leader for O Cell

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