Report #2825 – Agent Ivan’s Disappearance

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By Dennis Detwiller, ©1998

DATE: September 13, 1996
AGENTS: Marcus, Marion
SUMMARY: Investigation into the disappearance and death of agent Ivan.

Forwarded to us by I cell, this routine case uncovered some deeply disturbing evidence. Ivan, an agent of good repute with the organization, was reported missing by his cell leader on 6SEP96after attempts to telephone, page, and fax him failed. A call to his local office revealed no one had seen him in more than four days, and that he had not telephoned in sick.

I cell was currently in the middle of an investigation elsewhere, and could not account for Ivan’s behavior. The matter was given to M Cell due to our proximity to Ivan’s place of residence and it was hoped perhaps Ivan had simply needed a period of rest.

Contact to I Cell was shunted through A cell, and from what we could learn Ivan was a trusted, well-liked, competent agent. The last op he had been on involved the discovery of an odd site of standing stones on Clastenbury Mountain in Vermont. A lumber company had reported several odd deaths linked with logging around the site. The organization was brought in to investigate a fictitious survivalist colony of anti-government zealots; with that as cover, I cell spent four weeks on Clastenbury Mountain and the surrounding area with little success (see Report 2821 for a copy of the report from I Cell).

Two agents from M Cell, Marcus and Marion, were dispatched by A Cell to Ivan’s apartment on 13SEP96. The buzzer was not answered; IDs were used to get us in. The landlord had several complaints about odd smells and noises coming from Ivan’s apartment. We were led to the apartment door where the landlord knocked and shouted without reply.

The landlord opened the door with a key and withdrew rapidly at the smell. It was obvious that something was dead inside. The strong odor of feces and urine could also be smelled. The door to the hall had been jammed with wet towels, perhaps to prevent the smell from emanating into the hall. On every available surface of the room a repeated string of numbers had been scrawled in all manner of liquids, including what looked like mixed feces and urine.

The numbers read:

9 9 2 0 .2 2 9 9 8 9 2 1 2 .3 3 3

Ivan was found in the living room sprawled on the floor. The top of his skull had been removed with surgical precision. The brain was gone (see Addendum A for more details on this). On the wall across from Ivan, a large and very complex sigil was drawn in what seemed to be blood and feces. The sigil had a specific and quite complicated form. Written in blood in the lower corner of the sigil was the phrase “THEY’RE COMING NOW NOW” in Ivan’s handwriting.

A series of small rodents (white mice), two cats, and a small dog–all dead–were laid out before the sigil. Each had been killed very specifically, in a ritualistic manner. One of the cats and the dog had been reported missing in the building. The white mice were purchased at a local pet shop.

Agent Marion, after calming the landlord who had collapsed after following us into the living room, noticed several series of footprints, tracked in blood and feces, from the sigil in the wall to the body and back again.

The footprints were consistent in size and general shape with those of a child. Extensive photographs were taken of the site (enclosed).

Marcus’ contacts in the coroner’s office and some biographical leverage allowed the affair to be recorded as a suicide. The landlord has been committed to the Manhattan Psychiatric Center and is expected to recover.

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