Report #3047 (Addendum) – Nordics

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By Sam Johnson, ©1997

DATE: 17 March 1997
AGENTS: Inapplicable; addendum by Kenneth (Cell K), to Alphonse (Cell A)
SUMMARY: Speculations regarding ID of unknown hostiles encountered.

Security: FIREWALL
Priority: High


After examining the final debriefing transcripts of Operation DINGO and reviewing the mission reports of Operations BIRDCAGE, LAZARUS, and APRICOT, I believe I’ve stumbled upon a pattern in these reports which plainly identifies a group or organization heretofore unknown to Delta Green, but definitely involved in paranormal activity. I’ve done some preliminary research, and hope you can come up with more concrete details.

In all of the above operations, agents reported interference or outright conflict with one or several unidentified persons. In all cases, the unknowns were described as white males, fair-haired, dressed in civilian clothing. In all four cases, the unknowns initiated surveillance of the mission team, and initiated direct contact in two (DINGO and BIRDCAGE). The DINGO and BIRDCAGE agents described the unknowns as eerily quiet, with oddly intense gazes. The DINGO unknowns had one common identifying characteristic – all were reported as wearing rings similar to class rings with yellow stones.

In the mission reports of Operations DINGO, BIRDCAGE, and APRICOT, at least half the agents debriefed voiced suspicions that the unknowns possessed telepathic abilities. The unknowns showed an uncanny ability to set (or avoid) ambush and detect and evade covert surveillance. The APRICOT and BIRDCAGE agents reported that the unknowns acted with precise coordination without any evidence of radios, shouted orders, or even hand signals. Three BIRDCAGE operatives who engaged in close combat with the unknowns were paralyzed by eye contact with their opponents. The reports from DINGO include a similar incident of paralysis, as well as reports that all six unknowns reacted in perfect unison, even when they could not see each other.

In both instances of conflict with these unknowns, the hostiles acted to immobilize agents without deadly force. In addition to the paralysis described above, the Operation DINGO agents reported the use of an unknown airborne chemical agent which, when released, rendered the entire team unconscious in a matter of seconds. The unknowns have never been reported as using or carrying firearms.

The details of these mission reports are too similar for coincidence. We are clearly dealing with an organized group that has been in business for some time – Operation BIRDCAGE was conducted in 1958. After some initial inquiries, I have two potential ID‘s for these unknowns.

The closest match I was able to find was in UFO lore. The following is lifted from “A Revised Extraterrestrial Taxonomy–will the real ET please stand up?” as printed in Semper Vigilus, the SaucerWatch newsletter, for August 1996.

(a.k.a. MUFON Type 2 aliens, Blondes, Pleiadeans, Sirians, Venusians)

APPEARANCE: Nordics are described as tall and athletic, with blonde or red hair. Almost 90% of Nordics encountered have been male. In most cases, Nordics are described as having intense presences or odd mannerisms which betray their origins.

MOTIVES: The salvation of humanity and of planet Earth, whether from the Grays, nuclear war, environmental disaster, or overpopulation.

ABILITIES: The Nordics are alleged to be telepathic. There are reports of Nordics sensing the approach of contactees telepathically, influencing emotional states via thought projection, transmitting thoughts directly to contactees, and inducing paralysis through eye contact when threatened. The Nordics are also allegedly capable of either invisibility or teleportation, according to many accounts in which they vanish into thin air.

CALLING CARDS: Nordics are often reported to be associated with odd weather disturbances, especially patches of fog or mist and drafts of cold air. Most contactees report a warm feeling of calm and inner peace when in a Nordic’s presence.

BEHAVIOR: Unlike most other ETs, Nordics are reported as being benevolent, and eager to engage contactees in conversation. A typical Nordic will begin by saying that he is there to help, and will then give a description of his home. Whether he comes from Venus, Sirius, the Pleiades, or Tsath, the descriptions are basically the same: the Nordic homeworld is allegedly a place of peace and harmony, where the people have at last rid themselves of all the ills of life through high technology and higher consciousness. Most claim to be immortal. The Nordic then affirms that he (and others of his kind) have come to help lead mankind back from the edge of the abyss and into a new golden age. Many Nordics are also often described as warning contactees about secret pacts between the U.S. government and the Grays, and warn them to avoid the men in black.

CONCLUSIONS: Reports of Encounters with alleged Nordics are as old as the UFO phenomenon itself. However, few cases involving Nordics stand up to hard investigation, and most are entirely unsubstantiated. Nordics leave little evidence of their passing, and often aren’t even associated with a spacecraft of UFO. Alleged encounters with Nordics also bear striking resemblances to encounters with angelic figures in the Bible or Koran, as well as Celtic legends of Sidhe or Fey folk. Perhaps the Nordics are a modern reworking of these myths incorporating our contemporary conceptions of space and alien life. Another possibility: might the Nordics be part of a disinformation campaign designed to distract and discredit UFO investigators? The telepathic influence of the Nordics could also be the product of hypnosis, drugs, or other technological tricks. Are the Nordics part of the cover up, perhaps the Men in White?

The correlations between the above description and the mission reports is too striking to be dismissed. Like the “experts” at SaucerWatch, I doubt that these “Nordics” are of extraterrestrial origin. Unlike SaucerWatch, however, I do believe they exist – the testimony of over a dozen field agents stands as steady proof. If the Nordics are not aliens, who are they? I believe I may have come across an answer while collaborating with a DG-Friendly researcher of your acquaintance.

Von Junzt, in chapter twelve of his Nameless Cults, describes a particularly obscure and secretive cult called the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. According to Von Junzt, this small cabal of fanatics was devoted to ridding the earth of “space devils.” These space devils are described as evil beings from the stars who have been on the Earth far longer than man, and who have manipulated human history to suit their ends. Note the similarity to the Nordics’ hatred of the Grays, and the contention in UFO lore that the Grays seek to alter the course of human evolution and development. Most interesting of all (and absent from UFO lore), Von Junzt states that the Brothers can be identified by the yellow stones they wear in rings or pendants. The description of the unknowns that interfered with Operation DINGO are described as wearing just this sort of ring. We can therefore infer that these Brothers, the Nordics, and the unknown hostiles of Operations DINGO (et al.) are one in the same, and that they have been active since at least 1839.

Another interesting note regarding the “Tsath” in the Nordic excerpt above. Tsath, according to the work of Anthropologist {garbled in transmission}, was a great subterranean city within K’n-Yan, the “blue litten vault”  thought to lie somewhere beneath the continental U.S. Given the common linkages in UFO lore between aliens and “hollow earth” scenarios, might K’n-Yan be the Brothers/Nordics point of origin? Von Junzt dismisses tales of K’n-Yan as myths. Clearly more research is in order.

Whether the Nordics/Brothers are aliens, spooks pretending to be aliens, or a long standing secret society, we must decide Delta Green’s position toward them. On all of the above operations, the Nordics/Brothers interfered with the mission, but in no instance did they do any permanent harm to any DG operative, and in Operation DINGO foiled the mission by destroying its objective before the team could reach it. In light of these events and their alleged crusade against the “space devils,” I wonder if their goals don’t coincide with ours. Despite the Nordics’/Brothers’ hostility towards DG agents in the field, DINGO operatives also reported conflict between the unknowns and Majestic-12 black operators.

The data raise an interesting question: Is the enemy of our enemy our friend?

Be Seeing You,

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