Report #3129 – Army of the Third Eye, PISCES

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By Andrew Gable, ©1997.

DATE: July 27, 1997
AGENTS: Lucas, Louise, Lawrence, Rebecca (agents), Dr. Jennifer Lewiston-Myrtle, Frances Jones (friendlies)
SUMMARY: A case involving Lee Coleman and the British government; may shed light on recent events

TO: Alphonse
FROM: Lucas


I have examined the reports on Nadja Fulani’s experiences investigating the case of Lee Coleman and the report summarizing Y Cell’s recent activities. After reading these reports, I have determined that a case involving The Army of the Third Eye investigated by L Cell may explain Ms. Fulani’s and Y Cell’s experiences, at least in part.

In the summer of 1997, L Cell was advised to flee the United States by their recruiter, FBI SAC Jeffrey Pressler (Agent Julius), who was forced to resign through machinations of Majestic-12, following a disastrous operation at Toppenish Ridge, Washington. Rebecca, also, was advised to leave due to her part in the incident. Pressler had secured for L Cell LEGAT status within the United Kingdom, where the agents were to rendezvous with Inspector Basil Swenson of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, who was an ally of PISCES.

Soon after our arrival, Inspector Swenson informed us that an apparent member of Coleman’s Army of the Third Eye had just been captured in Blakeney, Gloucestershire. The man, Larry Thatcher, claimed to be on a holy mission to destroy the demon Apollyon (Abaddon). Agent Lawrence quickly identified Apollyon as the “angel given charge of the abyss” mentioned in Revelations. This made his inclusion as a member of Coleman’s Army a bit suspect, but the tell-tale hole in his forehead concretely identified him as such.

L Cell was introduced to Dr. Jennifer Lewiston-Myrtle, a psychologist from Brichester who hypnotized Larry Thatcher and managed to extract the information that Apollyon is disguised as a human girl and has hidden itself in Leamington Spa. He claimed to have been ordered to kill Apollyon by David Wellcombe, who, we were informed by Inspector Swenson, was a suspected escapee of the Army.

We soon began investigation of The Army of the Third Eye, and ran into the same obstacles recently reported by Ms. Fulani. Wellcombe’s girlfriend, Kim Leigh, was tracked down in Coventry and interviewed. Although she replied she knew nothing about his whereabouts, Dr. Lewiston-Myrtle voiced suspicions otherwise. The agents informed Inspector Swenson, who suggested that Ms. Leigh’s phone lines be tapped.

Local occultist Frances Jones had on file several articles detailing gruesome suicides which brought up the Dunchurch Forest as an area of research. The agents investigated the Leamington Spa Children’s Home, an adoption center which took custody of a young girl found wandering in the forest in 1991. She was adopted by Mrs. Alice Sanderson the following year. Mrs. Sanderson described the girl, Angela, as exceptionally intelligent. Angela looked to the agents to be at least part Asian.

On exiting, we saw a van labelled Grenville Heating which attempted to follow our car. We rapidly eluded them, however.

We were informed by Colin Stamp, the PISCES agent in charge of surveilance, that the electronic bugging paid off, and that many outgoing calls were tracked from Ms. Leigh’s home to Llangorse, Wales. He said that Inspector Swenson or Frances Jones would meet the agents at Llangorse. When we arrived, though, other PISCES agents were nowhere to be seen; foolishly, we advanced to the home where Stamp suspected Wellcombe was hiding.

Our car was caught in an ambush by Wellcombe and other Army members. Wellcombe informed us that Angela was a hybrid human-Shaggai and that he was going to go kill Angela himself, and then he would go to Blakeney to assassinate Mr. Thatcher. We were rescued by Inspector Swenson, who told us that Agent Stamp had betrayed PISCES and had received payment from the Grenville Corporation, which we quickly recognized from earlier experience.

We then visited Mrs. Sanderson again, and found that doctors from the Grenville Psychological Institute in London had abducted Angela, and that she blamed us for the whole event. Dr. Lewiston-Myrtle informed us that the Grenville Institute is not yet open, but will be in London.

When we finally found the construction site in Sydenham. In the half-built Institute, we discovered Angela Sanderson, Kim Leigh, and Colin Stamp. Angela was metamorphosing into some sort of huge insect. Colin Stamp opened fire, and after a short time he was killed by Agent Rebecca. After Stamp was dead, we found that Ms. Leigh and Angela were missing. We eventually found Ms. Leigh standing near a window, staring at a winged form flying away, apparently Angela.

Clearly this can help shed light on the current state within the British government. Grenville Corporation is a quite large company with offices throughout the United Kingdom. Given the role of Grenville’s employees within this mission, we can conclude only that Grenville is allied with the Shaggai.

Shortly after L Cell’s return to the States, British Parliamentarian Nigel Deane (known to us as PISCES’ director) was assassinated by means of a car bomb. Thus, it seems quite likely that Grenville has infiltrated the government, and possibly taken control of PISCES, as well.

Be Seeing You,

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