Report #3269 – Army of the Third Eye

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By Adam Scott Glancy, ©1998.

DATE: 2 April 1998
AGENTS: Dr. Nadja Fulani, DG Friendly
SUMMARY: Information on the Army of the Third Eye and a possible British counterpart to Delta Green.

TO: Adam
FROM: Alphonse
DATE: April 2, 1998

This request for an investigation was forwarded to me from a highly reliable friendly of my acquaintance. If she wasn’t a civilian I’d have her made a cell leader by now. If what she says is true, it could indicate that there is an agency like ours operating in England. I’d heard rumors about a British version of our group during WWII, but from what I’d heard, they rarely operated in the far east. If they still exist, this could be the ally we’ve been looking for. Do you have anyone at with international connections who could check this situation out?

The text of her message follows:

Dear Joseph,

I’ve been doing some independent research for our group the last few years on the subject of Millennial cults. By “Millennial,” I mean cults that prophesize an apocalyptic end of humanity–or at least of human civilization–at the turn of the Millennium. There is some evidence, from texts written during the eleventh century, that in the year 999 A.D. a kind of Millennial fever swept through Christendom. There were mass conversions and mass baptisms, as well as mass suicides, murders, and riots. The land was awash in men and women claiming to be God’s messengers on Earth. Chaos. Anarchy. And there are those in our group who sense some of the same symptoms today, here in America.

I’m not trying to attach any cosmological significance to the year 2000 A.D. But there are plenty of people who do. And if the universe won’t provide them with miracles to earn their faith, they create their own.

For example, on October 5, 1994, fifty-three members of the Order of the Solar Temple in Switzerland and Canada simultaneously killed themselves in a ritual meant to allow their consciousness to leave our dimension. Most took poison, but some were assisted with bullets, or plastic bags tied around their heads. Survivors set the buildings on fire. Members of the Temple later staged two more mass suicides. On December 23, 1995, sixteen members died in the French Alps. On March 23rd of 1997, five more died by their own hand in a burning house in St. Casimir, Quebec. Then three days later, . . . well, we all know about the Heaven’s Gate incident in San Diego.

I took a trip to England recently to look into a group there that called itself “The Army of the Third Eye.” The group has been underground since 1989, and all known members were arrested and prosecuted in 1996 for crimes ranging from kidnapping and manslaughter to obstruction of justice and harboring fugitives. The group’s leader was an American named Lee Coleman. Lee went to England to backpack for a summer after graduating from Brigham Young University in 1988. He vanished about two weeks before he was supposed to return. His parents made several trips to England to try and find him, but eventually Mrs. Coleman’s health considerations kept them home in Montana. They hired a solicitor who in turn put several private investigators on the case. But no sign of Coleman could be found.

When Coleman reappeared in 1989, it was in a hospital in Birmingham. He had drilled a hole in the center of his forehead. Before his father could fly to England, Coleman escaped from the hospital and began his seven-year crime spree. Beginning in 1989 and until his capture in 1996, Coleman went on to kidnap ten other men and women and “trepanned” them as he had done to himself. Three died, but bizarrely, those who survived went on to join Coleman in his Army of the Third Eye, where they willingly participated in the kidnapping and mutilation of others.

Coleman’s victims remained steadfastly loyal to him and two served prison terms for refusing to assist the police in their inquiries. Even more bizarre, three family members of the victims served short jail terms themselves for hindering the police investigation–they, too, supported Coleman’s actions. Finally, Scotland Yard’s Special Branch caught up with Coleman in 1996 and captured him and the five members of the Army of the Third Eye. Coleman is serving four consecutive life sentences in Dartmoor Prison. His followers are confined in mental health facilities around England, Scotland and Wales.

Coleman is the most infamous criminal in England since Jack the Ripper. A kind of British Charles Manson.

This would be the end of the story except that when I began my investigation I found myself blocked over and over by government action. The court and police records of the investigation, the capture, and the trial of Coleman and his associates have been sealed under the Official Secrets Act. I could not get anyone to tell me anything about the Special Branch’s investigation. The most telling response I got was a Detective Sargeant whose only answer to why he couldn’t talk about the case was, “It’s more than my pension’s worth.”

Furthermore, I could not secure permission to interview any of the incarcerated former members of the Army of the Third Eye. All requests for an interview were refused by the prison and hospital staffs. When I asked for reasons why I couldn’t see the prisoners, “security considerations” was uniformly cited.

Trying to talk to the families of incarcerated Army members was even more difficult. I had a half-dozen doors slammed in my face. These people were scared, Joseph. Someone had really put the fear of God into them–and it wasn’t the Army of the Third Eye, either.

There are two former members of the Army not in custody. One is Julia Charlwood, a former Parliamentarian who can not be located. Her husband refused to speak with me, either. The other is Wade Collen. He’s an invalid, mostly paralyzed by Coleman’s trepanation and confined to a wheelchair. His mother refused to let me talk to him, too.

The only people who would talk about the case were a few disreputable journalists. They seemed to think that the security services and maybe even the SAS had been involved with tracking and capturing the Army of the Third Eye. And most astounding of all, they claimed there were rumors that not all the members of the Army had been identified, that there were still others whose trepanation had been hidden from family and friends, still out there continuing their twisted crusade.

And then I started getting the eerie feeling that I was being followed. I kept seeing this green Jaguar over and over again. Not everywhere I went, of course, but it just kept turning up. Then I noticed things in my hotel room had been moved and put back in place, my bags and belongings very carefully searched.

I know this all sounds paranoid, but it had me damn scared. I hopped the next flight out of Heathrow and was never so glad as when we touched down at JFK.

So, the point is, does this case have the right paranormal bouquet to warrant a second look by the group?

Dr. Nadja Fulani

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