Report #3290

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By Eamon Honan, ©1998.

DATE: 31 October 1998
AGENTS: Chun-te Wu, Director of Computer Services, FinCEN, DG Friendly
SUMMARY: Information on the operations of New World Industries.

TO: Alphonse
FROM:Chun-te Wu
DATE: October 31, 1998


The enclosed letter was hand-delivered yesterday to my home. No one saw the messenger. I have already asked FBI contacts within FinCEN to have their specialists inspect it, and they came up with nothing: envelope and paper are clean, with no prints, fibers, or residue. The envelope is Belgian, from a stationary factory outside Bruges, and the paper is American. The letter was written by a right-handed male. It pertains to items of mutual interest, but I’m sure you don’t need me to recommend caution.


Dear Chun,

Your curiosity about the activities of NWI is laudable. It has come to our attention that you’ve been looking for some way of getting dirt on NWI, we know the man for you.

David Trent is the manager of Luxor Industries Pharmaceuticals plant in New Jersey. As I am sure you are aware Luxor is a subsidiary of NWI and its corporate “ladder” is a small part of the NWI management structure.

In September of 1998, due to a malfunction in the plants machinery, Luxor produced 300,000 units of defective Cloacine. Cloacine is an antibiotic used on children to prevent infection. Mr. Trent ever the entrepreneur sold the units to the Danish NGO Africa Aid through the (non-existent) Tyson Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The medicine was then used in Liberia following the recent unpleasantness there. 47 children died before the African Aid medics realized something was wrong. There are still 74 children on the critical list.

Cloacine costs 32.7 cents per unit to make, Luxor Industries sell it at $1.12 per unit. Trent sold it to Africa Aid at 53 cents per unit. Trent turned what would have been a $22,890 loss to the company into a $60,000 profit. His immediate superior in the NWI hierarchy has found out. Trent is due to be promoted at the end of the month, that’s in sixteen days time.

It has been arranged that a truck transporting the last ($900 worth) few units to a small time aid agency in Canada called World Christian Aid, will crash on the way, while passing through the town of Worton in New Jersey. This will take place in three days time, at approximately 1.30 pm. I trust you can figure out the rest for yourself? You always were a bright lad.


Your Uncle Joe

P.S. Please make it abundantly clear to Mr. Trent that while he is operating under your auspices within NWI, activity of the sort that attracted our attention is not to be countenanced. Never let your belief in the manifest destiny of the United States to come before your duty to humanity. It could be the death of you.

P.P.S. Give my regards to Alphonse.

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