Report #3305

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By Kenneth Scroggins, ©1999

DATE: 31 March 1999
AGENTS: Isaiah, Victor
SUMMARY: A report on Operation GLASS FOREST and the CLARION device.



In late 1998, Inspector Samantha Harris of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was overseeing the disposal of vitrified plutonium glass logs by PENTAX contractor British Nuclear Fuels. Several unusual anomalies were uncovered in her audit of BNF inventories. Apparently some of the logs had been erroneously shipped from the Warhead disassembly plant in New Mexico to a warehouse in New Jersey. Physical inspection of the warehouse turned up forensic traces of the logs, but the nuclear waste was missing.

The paper trail led to BNF Executive Vice-President of Waste Disposal Ms. Jessica Flyte, who came under investigation by the FBI. This led ADAM to assign Delta Green agent ISAIAH to the case as a contingency against possible Shan involvement. Ms. Flyte’s activities in the BDSM (an internet slang term for Bondage, Domination, and Sado-Masochism) community were uncovered, but no definite evidence of Shan activity was found. The NRC decided to call in the Nuclear Emergency Search Team to search for the missing logs. The NEST deployment was codenamed VIRIDIAN FORGE. NEST searchers quickly traced the logs to a cargo vessel owned by New World Industries, M/T Grande Mueno. The Grande Mueno was scheduled to deliver supplies and mechanical parts to the Ensemble de Lancement Ariane 1-3, previously known as “Centre Spatial Guyanais,” the European Space Agency’s facility in Kourou, French Guyana.

ISAIAH, the FBI agent assigned to the case by ADAM, received a curious microphone sized and shaped device by anonymous mail. The instructions included with the package were marked with TOP SECRET/MAJIC classification and referred to the sonic waveform emitter under the codename CLARION. An anonymous email delivered through Delta Green channels gave settings for the device that would, in the words of the anonymous source, “Lay the Smack Down on any Roo-Dee-Poo Shans within seven to ten yards of the device”.

Accompanied by three NEST officials, ISAIAH used the CLARION device in the presence of Ms. Flyte, who immediately collapsed as a Shan exited her skull. The sonically stunned Shan was easily dispatched by horrified US Navy CMDR John Kirk, a pilot and NEST Operational Emergency Management Team leader. The three NEST personnel were recruited as DG Friendlies by ISIAH. Ms. Flyte was put into federal custody and charged with nuclear smuggling. In the holding cell, she exhibited symptoms of physical withdrawal resulting from drug addiction. She was later dispatched by INSCOM operative 343-25 (VICTOR). Her death was made to look like a suicide by hanging.

NEST decided to task SEAL Team 7 with boarding the M/T Grande Mueno at sea and recovering the nuclear materials. The SEALs would drop onto the ship at night from two PAVE LOW helicopter gunships. During the raid, the SEALs experienced heavy resistance, and called for an airstrike on the Grande Mueno’s previously concealed machine gun nests. The PAVE LOW helicopter gunship answering their call was shot down by multiple stinger missile launches. It was at this point that a SEAL Master Chief opened fire on his teammates with an M-60.

The SEALS were on the verge of returning fire when a large black triangular craft emerged from the water in the wake of the Grande Mueno and began emitting an alternating high-pitched/low-pitched sonic vibration. This sound was so intense that several SEALs lost consciousness, their eardrums burst. The entire crew of the Grande Mueno suffered an even worse fate. Their heads swelled, their skulls cracked, and they began dripping what a Navy SEAL would later describe as “boiling motor oil.”

There were no survivors of the Grande Mueno’s crew to debrief. The Master Chief who opened fire on his squad also died as a result of the sonic resonation. After spending several minutes hovering above the cargo ship, the UFO flew directly up until it disappeared from view. It did not appear on radar, sonar or other sensing equipment.

The nuclear materials were discovered below decks, surrounding a large grey metallic tree-like structure which had been sliced to ribbons by unknown means. Rents in the walls suggested indiscriminate welding. Later, NEST searcher Dr. Yukio Nakamura would theorize at her Dept. of Energy laboratory that the structure was damaged by some sort of charged particle beam. She cited the ionization of the area, and certain altered atomic properties of the damaged portions of the central “tree.”

The glass logs were arranged in an astrological pattern reminiscent of neolithic standing stones (attached photo and diagram removed for security reasons). Several compartments of the vessel were opened to the main cargo hold to accommodate the pattern. This was in violation of international maritime safety regulations.

Examination of Launch Point Kourou was conducted by the FBI with Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst Gregory Rivers. Rivers hypothesized that British Nuclear Fuels was planning to launch the radioactive logs into outer space, toward a lagrange orbital position. It was concluded that one such launch of nuclear materials into orbit had already taken place, three months previously.

This secret disposal of nuclear waste was likely funded by BNF partner New World Industries. When shown evidence of extra-terrestrial involvement (the Shan recovered from Ms. Flyte, and photographs and testimony from the Grande Mueno boarding), Rivers agreed to cooperate fully with Delta Green.

A plan was rapidly formulated to use ground based laser targeting to paint the NWI space probe and destroy it with a laser guided ASAT missile launched by a USSPACECOM F-18E Super Hornet. This plan would entail recruiting NRO and NSA personnel at SPACOM in to Delta Green. In order to conduct the covert strike, a cover story was necessary.

In the meantime, Dr. Yukio Nakamura, one of the NEST searchers present when Ms. Flyte of British Nuclear Fuels was un-Shanned, had been behaving peculiarly. Specifically, she was suffering in her recent performance reports and had become active in the BDSM community near Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. INSCOM operative 343-25 (Agent VICTOR) was tasked with investigating her condition. VICTOR was given the CLARION Device in ISAIAH’s possession.

In front of her home, as she exited her POV, a Ford Windstar, Dr. Nakamura was freed from the Shan infesting her brain, but proceeded to retrieve the banished insect and flee the scene. VICTOR gave chase, hoping to capture her for interrogation. She crossed a nearby expressway and climbed over a chain-link fence which led into a large drainage canal. After dodging oncoming traffic, VICTOR witnessed Yukio kneeling in puddled algae; weeping and frantically trying to re-insert the Shan into her face.

VICTOR was then temporarily blinded by a brilliant flash of eerie colorless light from across the canal. When the bizarre radiance subsided, Dr. Nakamura appeared to have been decapitated by some sort of energy weapon. VICTOR could find no trace of her head, the Shan, or her hands.
He assumed that all had been disintegrated.

VICTOR made the death appear as an apparent suicide by dropping her body off a nearby pedestrian bridge in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer. No trace of Dr. Nakamura’s assassin could be found, assuming one ever existed.

Plans to destroy the ESA-launched satellite were abandoned when the mysterious object launched three months previously disappeared from USSPACECOM tracking systems and was never subsequently recovered. The cover story, that Russian scientists working for the ESA planned to use the satellite to gather IMINT and SIGINT for sale to rogue nations, was never implemented. Investigation of ESA facilities and personnel in French Guyana is ongoing. The connection to NWI remains tenuous and unproven.


This sonic waveform emitter is manufactured in limited quantities by March Technologies as a handheld tool for use in MJ-6 PLUTO sub-project GABRIEL. It can also (with the proper settings) serve as a weapon against entities vulnerable to harmonic resonance emissions. It appears to be a standard studio quality hand held wireless microphone, about the size of a large flashlight. The typical bulbous input is not extant, and a fine mesh grill neatly caps the “business end” of the slender cylinder.

The device was designed by the Crystal Matrix Artificial Intelligence named SYRINX, who was initially programmed to study and simulate the effects of harmonic resonance on Grey technology and biology. SYRINX has advanced the field of Majestic sonics considerably since she first went online in April of 1996.

When programmed to generate the sonic vibrations known to be effective against the Insects from Shaggai, or Shan, it operates identically to the Repel Shan spell. The harmonic resonance is fatiguing to earthly biology; it has the game effect of draining magic points. In essence, the device allows investigators to cast Repel Shan without learning the spell.

The experimental device is subject to failures due to local magnetic fields, unusual acoustics, and many other unknown factors. It is certain that overuse of this device will prompt the Shan into developing some sort of countermeasure. This countermeasure will presumably be effective not only against CLARION, but against the traditional chanting of the Repel Shan sorcery as well. Such a countermeasure may or may not be overcome by further developments from the CMAI SYRINX.


Be advised that further data concerning this investigation is forthcoming. New Agents have been assigned to Operation STRANGE RAIN (classified by NEST as STROBE CRYSTAL). Evidence of the true nature of ZIRCON as well as the CRRES satellite experiments performed by NASA (http://tide1.space.swri.edu/crres.html) is being brought to light. I am planning to have Agents contact an atmospheric researcher at Boston University named Michael Mendillo (http://www.latrobe.edu.au/www/crcss/eagle.html#holes) under the auspices of STROBE CRYSTAL.

Saucerwatch is also keeping tabs on these occurrences (http://www.forteantimes.com/artic/124/fbi.html). With their endowment, they may well decide to use this monetary resource to investigate and obstruct STRANGE RAIN. I trust that I will not be required to take drastic and regrettable measures towards our well-meaning allies.


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