Report #3321

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By Matt Ruane, ©1999

DATE: 27 November 1999
AGENTS: Davis, Daphne, Dempsey
SUMMARY: A report on Delta Green investigation into Project HELIOS.

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Date: 27 November 1999
Submission: Agent Davis, Delta Cell
Origin: <unknown>
Routing: All Priority One Routing Prefixes Enabled
Distribution: Active Delta Green Cell Leaders as of 1 November 1999

All Cell Leaders be advised that Delta Cell membership has been compromised while undergoing routine surveillance of KSC launch facilities prior to current scheduled shuttle mission. Current scheduled mission launch of Shuttle Discovery is now scheduled for 9 December 1999, 1:10 am EST. Previous mission launch schedules have been postponed for previous six months due to reported variety of maintenance and electrical systems repairs that are required before next scheduled lift off. Be advised that current mission parameters included repair and maintenance of Hubble Telescope, including replacement of all four synchronization gyros aboard module. Repeated attempts to delay scheduled liftoff of shuttle fleet, in particular Discovery, and subsequent repair of Hubble Telescope have been successful until this date. Active field operations have resulted in successful delay to NASA imposed shuttle timetable, resulting in lowest number of launches since 1988. Any further attempts to delay launch until after juncture date of 1/1/00 and passage of HELIOS celestial phenomena beyond our solar system are believed to be highly unlikely. Previous reports by field operatives have noticed increased “friendly” interference in launch operations by unidentified agents believed to be NSA personnel or freelance operatives of MJ-12. Such interference and sanctioned assistance have made current launch date possible despite best attempts to prevent launch date in current year. All information regarding passage of celestial phenomena and impact of operating Hubble Telescope on scientific community are to consult PROJECT HELIOS info distributed 9 September 1999 under secure cover as TERMINAL END TEST DATA.

Two members of Delta Cell currently remain operative, including posting agent. Agent Daphne remains in assigned position and is severing all ties until such time as overt and covert surveillance drops to minimum acceptable levels. All other members, including Team Leader Dempsey, have been neutralized by hostiles or in NSA tainted “accidents”. Will remain in liaison position as assigned and provide updates on continued MJ-12 participation in securing current launch date as scheduled. All further active delay procedures have been terminated due to high risk in discovery and resulting negative exposure.

Best forecast holds that weather will push launch date and subsequent repairs to time frame coinciding with end of celestial phenomena HELIOS. Worst outcome holds that launch occurs as scheduled and repairs to Hubble platform continue without mishap. Re-orientation of Hubble is scheduled for 1:31 PM EST 29 December 1999 and if successful, will result in detection of HELIOS phenomena on or around 1200 hours GMT 31 December 1999. Result of discovery of HELIOS phenomena has been discussed within PROJECT HELIOS reports. Recommend that PROJECT THREE MAGI be enabled should Hubble repairs and reorientation be completed as scheduled.

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