SWAT Team Name Generator

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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 18:03:49 -0500
From: Keith Potter 
Reply-To: Delta Green List 
To: "'deltagreen@nocturne.org'" 
Subject: DG: Random Tables: SWAT Team Name Generator

   QRT, ESU, GSS, HRT, ETC, etc etc--it seems like every police department
in the US wants their own special operations team, and in the
euphemistically-driven spirit of the times nobody wants to call it a SWAT
team anymore.  To that end, I offer the following to those Keepers who find
their PC's in a strange city and suddenly forced to call forth police
assistance in the face of some Mythos threat...  Why have the plain old SWAT
team show up when you can, with just a few rolls of the dice, bring out a
new and excitingly-named unit such as the Rapid Entry Group, the Emergency
Tasking Division, or the Situational Equipment Squad!

   Simply roll 1D10 on each of the following tables...  For easy variations,
simply juggle the word order, or roll more than once (or not at all) on any
of the tables:

   First Word:

  1. Special
  2. Emergency
  3. Crisis
  4. Quick
  5. Rapid
  6. Standby
  7. Incident(al)
  8. Department(al)
  9. Situation(al)
 10. Tactic(al)

  Second Word:

  1. Equipment
  2. Management
  3. Response
  4. Reaction
  5. Tasking
  6. Support
  7. Services
  8. Entry
  9. Duty
 10. Rescue

 Third Word:

  1. Team
  2. Unit
  3. Squad
  4. Troop
  5. Division
  6. Column
  7. Crew
  8. Force
  9. Group
 10. Posse 

   Gotta go now...  The Tactical Rescue Posse just took the front door off
its hinges...
Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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