‘The Butcher Beneath’ Transcripts – Introduction

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By Doug Ianelli, (c) 1999

“The Butcher Beneath” is a scenario based on material in Delta Green: Countdown.

Attached are background files and game transcripts, as played by Doug Iannelli (the Keeper) and “Jaundiced Joe” (as Special Agent Q. Richard Piscapello).


The New York Division of the FBI is located in Manhattan, scant blocks from City Hall and One Police Plaza, headquarters of one of the largest metropolitan law enforcement entities in the United States: the New York Police Department (NYPD).

NYPD is made up of over 38,000 uniformed officers and 9,000 civilian staff serving an area of 320 square miles with a resident population of more than seven million plus a constant flow of visitors. The Detective Bureau is subdivided into four Detective Boroughs overseeing 73 Precinct Squads, each under the command of a Detective Lieutenant (the exception being Patrol Borough Staten Island which supervises its own Detective Operations). These 73 Precinct Squads are then spread out to work closely with the patrol officers in their Precincts to provide immediate investigative responses. There are just under 3,000 detectives in NYPD.

In this city it is the Precinct Squads in the Borough in which a body is found that take the call. Specialized Borough Homicide and Special Victims Squads bolster the efforts of the local squads, especially in the identification and investigation of pattern crimes. Together, they will investigate the case to its conclusion, as was happening in this case until the third bloodless body was fished from the New Jersey side of the Hudson.


SAC Howard C. Vaughn, FBI
Senior Agent, Boston Regional Field Office, age 54
Race: Caucasian
Description: Vaughn is a tall, chiseled man with a business-like demeanor and excellent reputation within the Bureau. He has a full head of thick gray hair that is parted to the side and seems never to be out of place and an equally well-manicured moustache. This, combined with his piercing blue eyes and an athletic build, gives him, to the uninitiated, a pretty-boy appearance. In fact, however, there is much more to the man. An excellent agent and administrator with 22 years of experience to back him up, Vaughn does not mince words and can be heavy-handed when he feels that his subordinates are failing to fulfill their obligations to the Bureau. Because of this, no Field Office or Resident Agency under his helm has ever received less than a sterling evaluation by the OPR. He is a Virginian and an accomplished former attorney who speaks impeccably with no discernable trace of an accent.
Your Impression: Vaughn is just who he presents himself to be: a straight shooter and hold out from the old school days when Hoover ran the Bureau. So long as you don’t earn his wrath (and to this point, you haven’t) he is a good SAC to work for. You are concerned, however, that he might take a dim view of your interest in organized crime activity outside of your duties in the CPU.

ASAC Patrick Hobbson, FBI
Boston Regional Field Office, age 48
Race: Caucasian
Description: Hobbson is a short, red-headed man of Irish descent who wear large glasses and speaks with a faint New England accent. He has a dry sense of humor and always seems to have an impish smile on his face. A native of Boston, he is planning on exercising his seniority to take his next and final Field Office in Phoenix, where he plans to retire. Contrary to most senior agents planning their imminent retirement, Hobbson is not a proverbial member of the “KMA Club” and actually continues to take a vested interest in the cases and agents under his supervision.
Your Impression: Patrick’s an agent’s wet dream when it comes to supervisors. He has gone above and beyond Bureau requirements to facilitate your special needs with regard to your ailing mother. In doing so, he has become somewhat of a surrogate father figure to you: always offering good advice, be it career or life oriented. You will miss him when he goes in about four months.

SA Larry Aranda, FBI
Political Corruption Unit, Boston Regional Field Office, age 36
Race: Hispanic
Description: Aranda, or “Fluffy” as he is sometimes called, is a former weight lifter who has let himself slide a little and is rapidly approaching violation of the Bureau’s weight requirements. A good agent, he is sometimes weak in the area of mathematics and calculations. Stocky man and of average height, he has thick black hair, dark brown eyes and a gentle smile.
Your Impression: Larry’s a good guy, but a bit of a partier who is ensconced in the Bureau tradition of “brotherhood among agents”. You’re sure that if you didn’t have the legitimate excuse of having to commute back and forth to Providence everyday, he would be a little more resentful of your failure to participate more often in “brotherhood” activities, i.e., drinking binges.

SA Kevin Matthison, FBI
Political Corruption Unit, Boston Regional Field Office, age 31
Race: Caucasian
Description: Matthison is a large, fit man with dark curly hair and a bushy moustache. Good natured and normally reserved, he has a quiet rivalry going with many of the other CID guys at the Office who make light of the PCU’s rather blasé field of investigations.
Your Impression: Kev’s the newest member of the PCU, having only received assignment to Boston eight months ago. He is a secretively aggressive agent bent on making a name for himself.

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