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By Cry.Sys, (c) 1998

Greetings. I suggest this as a short break in your campaigns, or as a campaign like I plan it to evolve into. I use the * to denote that the item is a small handout of info. This scenario needs a little work, but this is its basic outline. I’ll probably add stuff myself during play and rewrite it some. Have fun with it and feel free to email. If you want my PGP public key, check appendix 2. The other scenarios are forthcoming.

Investigators’ Info

During OPERATION SUMMER BREEZE (Delta Green WW2 operation [June 1, 1945]), Delta Green worked to smuggle Karotechia files out of Soviet Occupied Vienna. During this time, a Delta Green agent by the name of Jack Slims was working with the operation, but was a Karotechia convert. He secretly worked alongside Delta Green during the operation, but was really working against it. A number of files were intercepted by him, before his defection and disappearance, presumably into hiding.

The Investigators receive information from Cell A about the recently discovered location of Jack Slims, now in his mid 80’s. He lives in New York City, New York. Apparently he resurfaced to sell an old German manuscript. Cell A has called upon the Investigators’ cell to visit and interrogate Slims to discover if the stolen files may be recovered. They are then to eliminate the threat of Slims to Delta Green, namely through wetwork.

Keeper’s Info

The files in question are a group of three: The Gunther Documents, The Derdrick Report, and The Hemmerman Process. This scenario only deals with the Gunther Documents. The Gunther Documents are a series of complicated formulas written by Dr. Hans Gunther, a Karotechia researcher. The other files will be described in future scenarios.

During the December of 1942, Delta Green launched an operation against some Nazis trying to summon Deep Ones off the coast of Cornwall. However, this experiment was to be duplicated three miles from that area as well, at the same exact time. Delta Green did not know this, and missed out on stopping this meeting. One of the important scientists at the scene was Hans Gunther. He had studied a German translation of the Necronomicon for a short while, finding the Deep One contact spell. He bargained with the Deep Ones, convincing them to help him. His plan was to cross-breed Aryans with Deep Ones, helping make the so-called master race even more powerful. The Deep Ones knew that this meant more breeding stock to choose from, and a chance to repopulate in a safer environment then Massachusetts. They eagerly provided the information Gunther needed.

The Gunther Documents explain Gunther’s experiments in crossbreeding with the Deep Ones. He also hints at an idea of an organic U-Boat controlled by hybrids. The manuscript is in German, and is one of a kind. It has a Cthulhu Mythos rating of +4, SAN 1d3/1d6, and a study time of 2 days. It has a spell multiplier of x2, and the spells: Contact Deep Ones and Enchant Stone Tablet.

Slims surfaced to sell the Documents to a neo-Nazi group. The groups wanted to verify the authenticity of the papers, and so were allowed to take half of them. The neo-Nazi’s were given 24 hours for verification, and then were to go to Club Apocalypse to pay for the rest of the papers. The price for the papers is $500,000 American.

Already you’re thinking, this is a very well funded group. That’s because it is really a cult, who worship an Outer God known as VaroKaaPerSkaaPioita (speak Finnish?:)). This Outer God and Nyarlathotep hate each other very much, so Varo is going to try and get the documents before Nyarlthotep’s Karotechia can get their hands on it.

Unfortunately, this did not work. Nyarlathotep learned of this and contacted the Karotechia, who ordered Reinhard Galt to take care of this problem. He used his contacts with a loyal neo-Nazi group to have Slims killed. However, the Nazis did not find the papers in Slim’s apartment. Varo’s group is unaware of this action.
The plan is still on for Varo’s group to meet the night after the Investigators uncover Slims’ body.

Official Involvement

The Investigators will arrive at Slims’ apartment just after the killing, so the police will not be their yet. This is a Delta Green matter only. Eventually police will learn of the crime and lock up the crime scene, but it would not be hard for law enforcement Investigators to get into the scene a second time (depending on your Keeper I suppose).

Unofficial Involvement

Besides Delta Green, the Fate is keeping a close watch on the Club, hoping that mistakes might be made so they can get their hands on the Documents. If the Keeper wants, a section has been added entitled ‘The Fate’s Attempt’ which will be their only try to snatch the documents.

Supernatural Involvement
Two Outer Gods in a power struggle? Isn’t that enough?

Slims’ Apartment

Slims lives in a very small apartment, with basically two rooms. The first room is a living room/kitchen combination. The door into the apartment is on the south wall, and the kitchenette is on the west wall. To the east is a TV set, couch, bookshelf, and a door to the bedroom. The north wall consists of a huge window, and a desk flush against it. The desk has a typewriter on it, and several scattered papers. The bedroom has a small bed, with a nightstand. There is a public bathroom down the hall. The apartment looks lived in often, so it isn’t a temporary setup.

When the Investigators find no one answers their knock, they’ll probably enter the apartment by force. They have little to fear. Most apartments around Slims’ are abandoned, and in the few that aren’t they don’t want to get involved calling the police. On the stairs to the third floor (where Slims resides) there is a crack addict smoking from his pipe. This is the only person that will most likely see the Investigators entering or exiting, and he is of little importance.

Slims’ normally clean apartment is trashed out from Nyarlthotep’s neo-Nazi group search. The papers off his desk are scattered all over the room, the couch is torn up and stuffing sprinkled all over the room, the kitchen is trashed and most things broken and the book shelf has been ransacked.

Slims lies on the bed. His hands have been cuffed to the bedposts, and the keys lie on the nightstand. The lamp is knocked over and shines a little on the blood splattered walls, in which a bloody swastika has been smeared. Slims was sliced open from groin to neck, and that’s the obvious cause of death. Forensic experts will find he was in failing health anyway, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Allow your investigators three Spot Hidden roll to search for clues, but make them search 15 minutes for each chance to roll. The first spot hidden will be for Slims’ appointment book by the phone, a small matchbook has been left inside it. The matchbook is from Club Apocalypse, and it’s also on the same page inside the book that the matchbook was holding. The second spot hidden will uncover a photograph of Slims and his family, wedged behind the nightstand in the bedroom. It shows Slims, his wife, and a young girl. If the investigators break open or remove the photo, on the back is written: Jack, Martha, and Carrie. A search through the address book will show only a Carrie Slims, residing within the city along with address and phone number. The third spot hidden will uncover a slip of paper hidden among all the scattered stuff on the floor. It is a meeting plan stating:
*Meeting at 11:00 pm, NOAR neo-Nazi group. Should have 500,000 for purchase of second half of documents. Contact holder of documents before swinging by club.

Keeper’s Info: The appointment book should be obvious, pointing the investigators to the Club for the meeting. Even if they don’t find the slip of paper, they’ll know where to set up a watch. The picture points the way to Slims’ daughter, who is holding the second half of the Documents for him. The slip of paper should fill in the Investigators with more info.

Carrie Slims’ Apartment

Carrie Slims lives in a better home than her father, probably because of her work as a lawyer. She has a 2 story house, left over from a recent divorce. The bottom floor has a spacious living room, a bathroom, guest bedroom, dining room, library, kitchen, and a study. The upper floor has two bedrooms, a hobby room, and two bathrooms. Carrie Slims will only be at home from 4:00 pm to 5:30 am; those times are her getting back from her firm or courthouse, and leaving for it in the morning. When encountered, there are several routes of interrogation that can be done.

Carrie Slims will first be difficult, saying her father died in WW2. She will deny any knowledge of his whereabouts, life, the documents, or hiding out in general. Grant Psychology rolls for the investigators to notice her nervous twitches and constant playing with her blond hair, signs of tension and possibly lying.
If the Investigators decide to tell her that her father is dead, she will break down into tears. With some Fast Talk or Persuade, they can help get her to talk and calm down. Otherwise she will be uncooperative, until threatened to arrest her, and even then they will need some kind of roll. If they do arrest her, make them roll Law or something similar. Carrie will be looking out for them to mess up to get out of jail from improper arrest, forgetting to read her rights, having incorrect jurisdiction, etc.

When and if the Investigators get her to talk, they can get quite a bit of information from her, besides the second half of the documents that is hidden under her mattress upstairs. If the Investigators are extra gentle with her (offering her to sit down, getting a Kleenex for her, something to drink, mainly keeping stress level low), she will be much more open to the Investigators. I’d suggest giving the Investigators two tidbits of information for every successful Hypnosis, Persuade, or Fast Talk roll they make:

*Carrie knew her father was working for a special branch of the US government on the Allied side, but her father betrayed them by stealing secret documents for the Nazis.

Keeper’s Info: Pretty True.
*After the betrayal and hiding out, Slims’ family convinced Jack against working for the Nazis, but the damage was already done. They still had to hide, and Jack held onto the documents.

Keeper’s Info: This is true.
*Jack did not speak German, and had no idea what the Documents were about.

Keeper’s Info: The above is false. Jack told his family he had no idea what they were about so they wouldn’t know. It would be too dangerous to let others know what he had.
*About 2 weeks ago, Jack showed up on Carrie’s doorstep with the Documents, asking her to hide them for him.

Keeper’s Info: The above information will only be given if Carrie is not frightened of the Investigators. She will also give the second half of the Documents to the Investigators at this time.
*From talks with her father, Carrie knew that a neo-fascist group was going to buy the Documents from him, probably because they were authentic Nazi papers.

Keeper’s Info: The above is partly false. Varo’s Nazis know exactly what those papers contain.
*Carrie’s mother died in a skiing accident, but Jack was suspected of the crime. Under the time he was under a false name, so they had to run from the police.

Keeper’s Info: The above is a red herring.
*Carrie thinks her father has made the arrangement to buy the Documents with a Neo-Nazi group. The group is called ‘New Order of the Aryan Race’ or NOAR for short.
*Carrie believes the NOAR has a house inside an abandoned and high crime rate part of NYC called LowerTowne.

Keeper’s Info: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know there is no damn ‘LowerTowne’ in NYC, but as long as I’m Keeper, I’ll decide just how NYC is built, damn it! This statement Carrie gives is true.

After the Investigators are done with Carrie, it’s very likely that she will be mentioned in the report to A Cell. Should this happen, and the Investigators were gentle with her, there is a possibility she will become a Friendly for DG. Her stats are at the end of the scenario.

Keeper’s Option: The Fate Attempt

If your players are in the need of some action, or perhaps some difficulty, it’s time to pull out the Fate. The Fate has been keeping an eye on the situation, but Nyarlathotep has decided not to use the Fate against NOAR and the swap. It will serve mostly as an observation organization. He will use it on the Investigators however.

While the Investigators are at Carrie’s apartment, a two man team of Fate cronies will arrive at the Investigator’s apartment/hotel room/residency and seek access. They have lock picks and a crowbar, so that makes most places available to them. Keeper’s choice if they can get in, naturally. Once in, they ransack the place. Since by this time the Investigators are just getting the Documents or do not have them, the place will be messed up without cause. The two cronies will wait for the Investigator in his home, hoping to jump him/her and take the Documents.

There is a 30% chance that one of the cronies will be excusing himself in the bathroom when the Investigators arrive, due to drinking at the Club. He will enter on the third round in that case (tucking away his concealed weapon, zipping up, flushing and putting the seat down [these boys aren’t slobs], and running out after unlocking the door).

If guns start going off, both will flee. They aren’t stupid, since they only have melee weaponry. Their stats are at the end of the scenario.

Club Apocalypse
The Club is the Club; flip through your DG manual and read up on it.

Should the Investigators choose to have the Club watched, the NOAR’s approach will be noteworthy at 10:00 pm. They come roaring in on motorcycles and hogs, stopping at the back end of the Club parking lot and leaving two men behind to watch the vehicles. These two men will chat during the evening until the other part of the gang returns, on topics from post-modernism, Machiavelli’s The Prince, to the Black Plague and it’s affect on the Catholic church, and Albert Einstein’s wormhole theory.

The leader of the gang is Bubba “BrickDick” Shews, a huge man and one not to be trifled with. He enters the Club and hangs around near a table at the front, waiting for someone to approach him.

From here, it’s up to the Investigators. The gang will wait until 11:30 before leaving. If the investigators want to approach the Nazi biker gang, they will be asked what business they have with them. They will not be surprised if someone claims to work for Slims to make the switch, since Slims was so old. Unless the Investigators made it public knowledge to the police and the media, the gang will not know of Slims’ death.

If they harass the gang, the gang will back down, knowing that they don’t want to cause trouble inside the Club. They will invite the Investigators outside for a fight however. If the Investigators identify themselves as law enforcement types at any time, they will leave the bar, get on their bikes and roar off. They will not mess with police.

The Chase

Should the Investigators wait to follow them, you should begin a nice following scene. Require a few Drive Auto rolls to stay secretive. The biker gang will notice the followers, and just speed up to avoid them. If this happens, there will be a policeman on the spot to pull them over. If the Investigators pull over as well, the police will order them to continue on their way.

Should the Investigators have lost the bikers, the bikers should still get pulled over for speeding. That way, if your Investigators listen to police band radio they will know where to go to pick up the following again.
After getting pulled over, the gang will pull their bikes onto a faster lane. Require more Drive Auto rolls. If all are successful, then proceed to the NOAR house section. If they are unsuccessful and spotted, proceed.
The first thing the bikers will do is speed up a bit. Naturally the Investigators will to keep up as well. Bubba “DickBrick” Shews will then reach into the front of his pants, remove a large brick, and heave it at the Investigator’s front window. Call for Luck rolls and Drive Auto rolls. Investigator with worse luck in front seat gets the brick to the face. The Drive Auto roll is for controlling the car. Here are the rules for possible events from loss of control:
Roll 1d10
1 Vehicle Swerves, 1d3 other drivers ran off road.
2 Car swings out in front of bus, bus crashes, 1d10 dead and news rushes to scene.
3 Vehicle slams into car beside it. Car takes damage. From now on, -20% Drive Auto in car.
4 Vehicle’s breaks break. Investigators learn this when they try to use them.
5 Vehicles wobbles along road and loses some speed.
6 Spinout. 1d3 damage whiplash.
7 Flying Glass distraction, crash, inflicting 1d6 to each occupant
8 Fender Bender, 1d6 inflicted to each occupant
9 Tire pops from glass, light crash into pole or something similar, 1d3 damage to each occupant
10 Flying Glass Damage to Front Seat Passengers, 1d3-1

If the Investigators start firing at any time, they will stop fighting and roar their bikes ahead, trying to get back to their house. If not, the bikers will continue to fight will melee.

The next action is the bikers with chains to try and lash out at the side windows of the Investigator’s car. After doing this, they’ll speed ahead, and try to race home as if the investigators had shot at them.

While they race home after being shot at, there is a 30% chance with each shot that they will begin firing back. Fallen comrades on the biker’s side go down. See the stats at the end of the scenario.

The NOAR House

This final section can be broken down into several parts, depending on the Investigator’s actions. If the investigators arrived after a chase/fight then go to Standoff. If the Investigators got here by following quietly, go to Stealth.

The original plan was for a contact of NOAR to arrive at 4:00 am in the morning, with a specially made Mythos artifact. It’s a solid gold ring, in which one can push very small objects through and send them to the Court of Azathoth, where Varo will receive it. The bikers were going to roll up the papers one by one, and send them through the device to Varo for a reward; one Varo planned not to give. The contact is simply a member of the biker group, spending his time out and about making the device. When he sees what is going on in the distance at the house, he will not arrive, instead moving to Brazil to join a nice missionary movement.


The Investigators have angered the NOAR, and as they arrive at the house, they drive their bikes into the garage and shut it before the Investigators can enter. The house is locked up, and the bikers inside go for their gun collection. They will shoot out windows and so on, trying to pop one of the Investigators. Chances are the police will arrive, if they haven’t already to help the Investigators (assuming they identify themselves properly). Imagine a repeat of Waco. When firing at the garage, there is a 40% chance of hitting a gas drum and causing an explosion. There might be up to 1d3 bikers close enough to die by explosion, depending on the Keeper really. Once that happens, the house will steadily burn. Firemen trying to help will be fired upon, and there is enough ammo for a very sustained fire fight.

The number of Police that show up is up to the Keeper, and this is a very free and easy scene to run. I personally plan to wing it! 😛

Once the firefight is over, and if the papers haven’t been sent, burned, shot, or taken away, the investigators may retrieve them, pretty much completing their assignment.

So your Investigators decided to be sneaking and cautious, eh? Well, then from here they have a number of options. They arrive after the gang, who leisurely enter their garage and leave it wide open.
Investigators might be able to sneak through the house (plenty of Sneak and Hide rolls to be called for) and can get the papers while the biker gang watches WMW championship next door (yes, that’s Women’s Mud Wrestling championship). Once they have the papers, you can play dirty and choose that time for the contact to arrive and everyone head into the house. A gunfight inside the house might be more interesting, and it’s up to the Keeper if the Police arrive.

Naturally, the Investigators can come up with an array of plans. However, if they call the police themselves, or more backup, just moves straight to the Standoff.


Depending on what you did, there are naturally several possible conclusions. For example, if the NOAR get the papers to the Court and are not stopped, all of them will be dead by morning, torn to pieces. There will be a section on the news, but it is of little importance. As a reward, Varo sent Dimensional Shamblers and some other icky things to tear up the NOAR, keeping them silent.

As for Slims, unless the Investigators made a big deal of it he is eventually found, and a small obituary is made up in the paper.

As for the Fate, they don’t interfere in anything after the attempt on the investigators to get their papers.
As for Carrie, she could possibly become a DG Friendly.

Appendix One: Stats

Carrie Slims: A nice young woman, around 25 or 26. She is a highly requested lawyer, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She might become a DG Friendly if the Investigators play their cards right.
STR 10 CON 14 SIZ 11 INT 15
POW 12 DEX 9 APP 14 EDU 16
SAN 60 HP 12
Law 70%, Whimper, sniffle, and cry 45%, Whack Investigator with heavy briefcase full of legal documents 60% (1d6 damage).

Two Fate Cronies: Jacques and Fernandez both got assigned this job, and would rather be watching the Club. They are just simple underlings of no importance, and the Fate didn’t want to attract much attention. They drank heavily before leaving for the Investigators’ residency, so might need an untimely bathroom break. Use the stats for both, except where noted with slash marks. First is Jacques, second is Frenandez.
STR 15 CON 15 SIZ 13 INT 8/9
POW 10 DEX 10/13 APP 9/11 EDU 9
SAN 50 HP 14
Crowbar 60% (1d8 damage) , Blackjack 65% (1d8 damage) , Get away when shots are fired 80%.

Bubba “BrickDick” Shews + Gang: Bubba got his nickname from his concealed brick in his pants, used to chase off followers. Use the stats for all 10 gang members, except where noted with slashes. First number is gang member, second is Bubba. Only Bubba is the true worshipper of Varo, the rest just follow him out of fear.
STR 14 CON 12 SIZ 12/16 INT 10
POW 13 DEX 12/9 APP 12/9 EDU 8
SAN 20/0 HP 12/14
Throw Brick 85%, Handgun 70% (9mm revolvers and automatics, 1d10. .357 Magnum 1d8+1d4), Shotgun 60% (12 gauge pump, 4d6/2d6/1d6), and Machine Gun (Mac-10 1d8. Only Bubba has this.)

Your Everyday Police Man: Look on Delta Green, page 179, Second Edition.

Appendix Two: Cry.Sys’ PGP Public Key


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