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WARNING! These documents form the complete transcript of the Delta Green operation, The New Age. They contain secrets dangerous not only the well-being and security of the United States, but also to the enjoyment of prospective players. If you are now a player in The New Age, or if there is a chance that some day in the future you may yet be a player in The New Age, you are hereby advised to transfer these documents unopened to an agent with the proper clearance.

Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of first session — March 20th, 1993


Delta Green is an unofficial group consisting of members of national law enforcement, intelligence, and the military. Delta Green itself has no funding, but those who run it channel funds, equipment, and personnel as needed from whatever agency or military branch they happen to work for. Delta Green specializes in situations where the members feel rivalries among different parts of government would make efficient problem-solving difficult, not to mention keeping things secret. For the most part, this has meant dealing with the paranormal and particularly the Cthulhu Mythos.

Delta Green, sadly, is not an intelligence-gathering body; its focus is problem resolution. Those who carry out Delta Green missions rarely learn anything about what they face: they simply go somewhere, do something, and come home. As a result, Delta Green’s organizers aren’t very informed about the Mythos. They fear what could happen if they had a well-developed central database, since this would make them targets. Delta Green walks a fine line between ignorance and knowledge.

Delta Green’s agents are not full-time; they work, in various capacities, for other groups such as the FBI, the NSA, the Army, the IRS, etc. They are “assigned” to a Delta Green mission by their DG-member supervisors, who camoflauge their activities as being part of their regular duties. There are no regular meetings, no headquarters, etc.; members simply contact each other when their respective agency stumbles on something that Delta Green is better capable of handling. Thus there is no Delta Green database, no files, no letterhead or reports. To gather a full profile of all their activities, one would have to comb the files of most national government bodies, finding evidence of operations sanctioned hastily and with little apparent result. Scattered thusly, Delta Green is hard to locate; only if such reports were assembled and considered in the aggregate would a clearer picture emerge.

In other words, Delta Green is little more than an ad hoc assembly of people “in the know,” an old-boys’-network if you will, with no central command. When one member happens upon something, he or she contacts a few others who might be of help and they deal with the situation. Any knowledge gained is effectively lost due to the lack of any real structure.

As a government agent of some sort, the characters are aware of the above information; in the past, they may have participated in one or perhaps two Delta Green Ops. They have therefore had some form of contact with the supernatural, though they know little about it.


  • Agent Clarence Starbird, FBI trainee (The Gamer, aka Scott Haring)
  • George Marshall, NASA (Xel, player unknown)
  • Agent Kyle Fenemore, FBI (Mr Shiny, aka Jeff Carey)
  • Gary Nedler, Occultist (Don Rice)
  • Agent Newcastle, FBI (player unknown)
  • Pagan Pub, Keeper (John Tynes)

Fenemore and Marshall worked together once before in the investigation of a NASA scientist who fell under the influence of a group called the Brotherhood of Christ. Starbird is a promising trainee whose master’s paper was on supernatural-oriented cults.

Agent Starbird was not present for the first part of the session, but experienced the same things retroactively.


3/20/93 12: 45: 58 PM Opening “DG Game 1” for recording.

Pagan Pub: It’s 2am, Saturday March 20th, 1993.
Pagan Pub: Where would each of you be? Asleep? Partying? Reading? What?
George Marshall: I’m working overtime in my office – alone-in the dark – on my computer.
Agent Fenemore: Getting some much-needed shu-teye after treating myself to a warm piece of pie and a cold glass of milk
Pagan Pub: Good pie I hope.
Agent Fenemore: Wonderful pie, although not quite as good as…
Pagan Pub: Same thing happens to both of you.
Pagan Pub: Phone rings.
Agent Fenemore: Hello?
George Marshall: I turn on After Dark(tm) and pick up the phone.
George Marshall: Hello?
Pagan Pub: This is Agent Garcon of the Secret Service.
Agent Fenemore: How can I assist you?
Pagan Pub: Tickets have been purchased in your name at the local airport.
Pagan Pub: You are to leave within the hour.
Pagan Pub: I will be awaiting you at Lambert Airport in St. Louis, Missouri.
Pagan Pub: This op is unofficially classified code: delta green.
George Marshall: yes, sir.
Agent Fenemore: How will I know you?
Pagan Pub: I’ll know you.
Pagan Pub: Bring clothes for several days. And whatever else you feel appropriate.
Pagan Pub: And wear a suit.
Pagan Pub:
Agent Fenemore: : : : hang up: : : – dress efficeiently and grab bag of essentials (always packed) – drive to airport
Agent Fenemore: on way, make tape for Denise. Driving at this time of night can be quite exhilarating.
George Marshall: : : turn off computer, grab coat, go home.
George Marshall: pack clothes, go to airport.
George Marshall: get $1500 from ATM at terminal, a couple of magazines, and lots of pencils.
Agent Fenemore: Pick up white courtesy telephone at airport to fimd flight number
Pagan Pub: anything I should know about that the airport would be concerned with? guns, drugs, whatever?
George Marshall: I have a 9mm in my coat. should check it.
Agent Fenemore: Standard issue FBI 45 automatic, two loaded clips on my person – one hundred rounds in luggage. I present my credentials to the apprpriate officials
Pagan Pub: You can put it in your luggage for cargo hold if you like. Fenemore, you have FBI identification and concealed weapon permit. Marshall, you have gun permit, but nothing more. Just put it in suitcase and it’ll be fine.
George Marshall: ok.
George Marshall: I get on the plane early and read my papers.
George Marshall: What kind of plane?
Pagan Pub: depends on where you live and how big the airport is…small commuter plane if you’re in the boonies.
Agent Fenemore: request seat in tail unit of plane. Chew doulbemint while humming softly to aid inner ear equalization
George Marshall: I’m at Logan, so probably big plane. get aisle seat.
Pagan Pub: No problem. Your flights are uneventful.
Pagan Pub: Each of you touches down within a half-hour of each other at Lambert Airport in St. Louis.
Agent Fenemore: Make mental note of the unaesthetic color scheme – orange and rust
Pagan Pub: Disembarking, a tall stocky man with slick black hair in a grey suit greets you.
Pagan Pub: He motions you to his side. When both of you have arrived, he says simply “come with me.”
Agent Fenemore: I do
George Marshall: i do.
George Marshall: : : glance at Shiny: :
Pagan Pub: As the three of you begin to walk through the concourse, he motions to two men lounging nearby.
Pagan Pub: They both wear suits with little earphone things.
Pagan Pub: They walk up and join your group, about ten feet behind.
George Marshall: polite yet silent greeting.
George Marshall: look for badges.
Agent Fenemore: Scan them – note appearance – approximate locations of weapons, probable handed-ness
Pagan Pub: (Shiny, the two guys are armed, shoulder holsters, standerd govt. issue)
Pagan Pub: Guy who greeted you walks in front, swiftly. He looks over his shoulder briefly and says, “I’m Special Agent Gaston. The two of you were recommended by a colleage of mine.”
Agent Fenemore: and that would be?
George Marshall: “George C. Marshall, sir.”
Pagan Pub: “I know, Mr. Marshall. Agent Fenemore, your superior said you were suited to this assignment.”
Pagan Pub: “And Mr. Marshall as well.
Agent Fenemore: “Because of our shared experience?”
Pagan Pub: “I don’t know the details, but they don’t concern me.”
Agent Fenemore: “I trust you will take us to someone for briefing?”
George Marshall: “This isnÕt about those stupid ‘monsters,’ is it?
Pagan Pub: “I’ll debrief you in the car. Another agent will join us there.”
Agent Fenemore: “Well, let’s go.”
George Marshall: : : stop for donut at airport concession stand: :
Pagan Pub: Okay, George and Kyle, you are led out to a large government limo waiting outside the airport.
Agent Fenemore: ok
George Marshall: ya.
Pagan Pub: The two guys behind you climb into the front seat.
Agent Fenemore: George, mind if I have a donut?
George Marshall: “jelly or cocconut?
Agent Fenemore: mmm – coconut
George Marshall: : : give donut: :
Pagan Pub: Gaston opens two of the back doors and the three of you climb in. There’s someone else inside already.
Agent Fenemore: check him out
George Marshall: check door locks & windows
Pagan Pub: Windows are tinted but not bulletproof. Doors are unlocked.
Agent Starbird: “Good morning”
Agent Starbird: “It *is* morning, isn’t it?”
Pagan Pub: About 5am.
George Marshall: : : handshake: : “George Marshall”
Agent Fenemore: “Hello, Kyle Fenemore, FBI.” extend hand
Agent Starbird: : : return handshake: : “Clarence Starbird”
Pagan Pub: The car starts and pulls out. There is glass separating the back compartment from the front seats.
Pagan Pub: Gaston fidgets while you introduce yourselves.
George Marshall: 1 or 2 people in front?
Pagan Pub: 3. Driver and two goons.
George Marshall: now thats not a nice word…]
Pagan Pub: Secret Service goons.
George Marshall: call them “protectionists”
Agent Starbird: keeping an eye on our two friends in front — are we being watched? Ignored?
Pagan Pub: They’re ignoring you. Can’t hear anything you say.
Pagan Pub: Gaston begins to speak. “You gentleman are here at my request. Officially, you are here ONLY as observers and consultants, assisting with an investigation.”
Agent Starbird: “Any idea what this is about? I got woke up by Derringer in Quantico, and next thing I know, here I am
Pagan Pub: “You are NOT in charge of the investigation. I am.”
Agent Starbird: : : nodding politely: :
George Marshall: it IS about these “monsters”, isnt it?
Pagan Pub: “I don’t belive in monsters, George. Except human ones.”
Pagan Pub: “Unofficially, as I said this op is classified Delta Green. You are here for that reason.
Pagan Pub: Unofficially, you can direct your own investigation alongside the official one.
Agent Fenemore: Clarence, are you with the Bureau?
Agent Starbird: “I’m still in the Academy at Quantico. But Mr. Derringer felt I had some background that would be helpful here.”
Agent Fenemore: “Clarence, I’m sure you’ll make an excellant agent. What’s your concentration?”
Agent Starbird: “Cult and paranormal activity.”
Agent Fenemore: “Is Armitage still teaching?”
Pagan Pub: “Officially, this is an investigation into a terrorist attack against a United States Senator and a chief executive of McDonnell-Douglas Corp.”
Pagan Pub: He hands out some files to each of you, pretty slim.
Agent Fenemore: Sounds like the Brotherhood of Christ – I thought we had put an end to them.
Pagan Pub: Gaston shakes his head. “I think the Brotherhood is a null entity these days.”
Pagan Pub: The files describe two individuals.
Agent Starbird: : : lost in thought, looking at the files: :
Pagan Pub: First: Senator Anthony DiTorrio, D-MO
Pagan Pub: In his early 50s. DiTorrio has been in the Senate for nearly two decades. He is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Pagan Pub: The other man is Major Larry Daniels, retired. member of the board of directors for McDonnell-Douglas Corporation (one of the largest suppliers of military aircraft)
Agent Fenemore: Di Torrio – suspected organized crime connections?
Agent Starbird: Hey, Kyle, just because his name ends in a vowel…
Pagan Pub: No, DiTorrio is as clean as any senator is.
Agent Fenemore: wouldn’t be the first time! 😉
Agent Starbird: Daniels is retired Air Force?
Pagan Pub: Correct.
Pagan Pub: The two grew up in St. Louis, have been lifelong friends and colleagues.
Pagan Pub: Daniels retired from the Air Force just a couple years ago, went to McDonnell-Douglas.
George Marshall: “I’ve worked with those guys at Lincoln Lab”
George Marshall: “for the Apollo project.”
Pagan Pub: Daniels is single–career Air Force. DiTorrio is divorced, some years ago. Chases women.
Pagan Pub: Neither has kids.
Pagan Pub: (the limo is driving through a rainy early morning. It’s just barely dawn.)
Agent Fenemore: : : : do I know this area?
Agent Starbird: BTW, where is the limo headed? Into town? Out of town?
Pagan Pub: towards suburbs. ritzy area. big houses.
Pagan Pub: questions about the files?
Agent Fenemore: “Are these two missing?”
Agent Starbird: “What can you tell us about this terrorist attack?”
Pagan Pub: Gaston frowns. “DiTorrio was in town for a short break. He and Daniels got together for one of their parties–booze, coke, women. The usual.”
Agent Fenemore: ..as clean as any senator!
Agent Starbird: “Glad to hear our military is in such good hands…”
George Marshall: do they have Kennedy blood?
Pagan Pub: “About one o’clock this morning an explosion killed Daniels and nine party guests.”
Pagan Pub: “The only survivors are the servants, who were in another part of the house, and DiTorrio. He was on the peripherary of the blast.”
Pagan Pub: (Limo is driving through dim streets of rich houses)
Agent Starbird: “Does the press know? What are they reporting?”
Pagan Pub: “Officially, this is being investigated as a terrorist act. Coming so soon after the World Trade Center blast, it’s natural. Press is on the scene, reporting just that. We’ve announced Daniels’ death but Senator DiTorrio’s presence has NOT been mentioned, nor has the nature of the ‘party’ “
Pagan Pub: (Limo turns a corner. Roadblock. About two dozen St. Louis PD cars in the street.)
George Marshall: what was the origin of the blast?”
Pagan Pub: “Origin is unknown. I believe it was supernatural in origin.”
Pagan Pub: (cops wave you through. crowds of peopls on the sidewalks, in homes, in yards. News vans from every local and national news organization.)
Agent Fenemore: “why?”
Agent Starbird: “I thought you said you didn’t believe in monsters.”
Pagan Pub: “Except human ones. Whatever did this, there was a purpose behind it.”
George Marshall: WHATever did this?
Pagan Pub: (closing in on the house. about a dozen nondescript government sedans. guys in lab coats running about the yard)
Agent Fenemore: “Why do you suspect the occult?”
Pagan Pub: “The nature of the blast is impossible. It couldn’t have occurred the way it did.”
George Marshall: “Thats why we’re here.”
Agent Starbird: “And what’s DiTorrio’s condition?”
Pagan Pub: “DiTorrio is alive, but in shock. He has been moved to a hospital already. We’ll visit him later.”
Pagan Pub: (limo pulls into the driveway. grounds are crawling with agents, cops, forensics, photographers. you can spot a corner of the house with a couple of blown-out windows, but no other exterior damage)
George Marshall: “how could a blast that weak kill so many people?”
Agent Starbird: “If the blast killed nine, but there was this little exterior damage, they were either bunched together, or it was a *very* weird blast.”
George Marshall: “could have been napalm…”
Pagan Pub: (limo stops.)
Pagan Pub: “Come on.” Gaston opens door and climbs out.
George Marshall: : : get out: :
Agent Starbird: : : scrambling out of limo: :
Pagan Pub: (Gaston has his ID out, flashes it about as he stalks towards the house.)
Agent Fenemore: : : following, breathing in the fine morning air
Agent Fenemore: “Did forensics establish a cause of death – perhaps the blast did not kill them”
George Marshall: “like napalm…”
Pagan Pub: “No, they were killed by the blast. Shrapnel, debris, and concussion. Most were within ten yards of the point of the blast.”
George Marshall: “like a ‘baseball’ grenade.”
George Marshall: we had those in the war. lots of shrapnel, small blast.”
Pagan Pub: “I don’t mean shrapnel from the bomb, though–just what was generated from objects nearby.”
Pagan Pub: “We haven’t found any indication of a bomb whatsoever.”
Pagan Pub: “I say ‘bomb’ for lack of any idea.”
George Marshall:
Agent Starbird: “No nitrate residue? No scorching?”
Pagan Pub: “Scorching from electrical fires that resulted. No chemical or mineral residue of any sort.”
Agent Fenemore: “Has explosive decompression been ruled out?”
George Marshall: “or natural gas”
Pagan Pub: Gaston stops. “Gentlemen, we ruled EVERYTHING out two hours ago. That’s why you’re here.”
Pagan Pub: He walks into the house.
Agent Starbird: : : follows: :
Pagan Pub: It’s a big four-story home on a spacious lawn. Brick fence, security gate. Houses nearby.
Agent Fenemore: : : scan for bookshelves – paintings – artwork: : :
Pagan Pub: (art on walls, fine stuff. very elegant, very rich)
Pagan Pub: Entering, you come into a large atrium with a sweeping staircase. Tables set up here, with forensics guys sorting debris into bags and trays.
George Marshall: look for alarm system. motion detectors.
Pagan Pub: (alarm keypad, yes to motion detectors also)
Pagan Pub: Gaston leads you up stairs. There are NO St. Louis PD cops here..just feds.
Agent Starbird: “Agent Gaston, any speculation on a motive yet? Industrial dirty tricks? Anti-military?”
George Marshall: “anti-senator?”
Pagan Pub: “That about sums up our guesses. No suspects, no leads. We’re still trying to figure out what happened.”
Agent Starbird: “True, DiTorrio had a colorful lifestyle, to say the least. It *could* be personal. What do we know about the other victims?”
Pagan Pub: “Nine victims. Six whores. Daniels. Two other men: one Daniels’ drug supplier, the other his pimp.”
Pagan Pub: “Friends from way back.”
Agent Fenemore: “A great example.”
George Marshall: hmmm. some party…
Agent Starbird: “Any of this extracurricular activity show up on the Major’s military record?”
Pagan Pub: “The Major had an exemplary record.”
Agent Fenemore: “Gaston, is there a skylight?
Pagan Pub: (no skylight, you’re on second of fourth floors)
Pagan Pub: At the top of the stairs, Gaston leads you into a hallway, a long one. There are smoke marks on the walls from the resulting electrical fires. It smells of smoke, ash, and charred flesh.
Pagan Pub: Walking down the hallway, you begin to step on debris scattered across the carpet. You pass numerous rooms on either side, doors open. Debris in those rooms also..yet their walls are *intact*.
George Marshall: windows busted?
Pagan Pub: Windows so far are okay.
George Marshall: … [right about here Marshall spotted a human hand protruding from a wall in one room; not thrown or busted through, just protruding]
Pagan Pub: In fact, you see NO structural damage…no damaged walls, no doors down, no furniture toppled.
Pagan Pub: Except for what damage the fires did afterward.
Agent Starbird: Is the corner on the first floor (near the few busted windows) the point of origin?
Pagan Pub: Second floor, Starbird. Yes.
Pagan Pub: Debris grows. You’re nearing the end of the hall.
Pagan Pub: Gaston stops.
Pagan Pub: He’s standing before the last room prior to the one at the end of the hall.
George Marshall: “excuse me. how many victims were there?”
Pagan Pub: nine.
Agent Starbird: “He said nine, George.”
George Marshall: all accounted for? intact?
Pagan Pub: mostly.
Agent Starbird: “This makes no sense. It’s like some *force* came down the hall, trashing the interiors of rooms while bypassing the walls.”
Pagan Pub: (not the interiors: those are intact. They’re just covered in debris from…?)
Pagan Pub: There’s half a dozen people in the room, milling about. Floor is covered in crap.
Pagan Pub: But the walls here are intact.
Pagan Pub: This room has a bed, drawers, table, etc. none of which are damaged. There is debris and stuff scattered all over the furniture. A lamp still stands upright. Windows intact.
Pagan Pub: A woman’s body is here.
George Marshall: any missing…limbs?
George Marshall: have both hands?
Pagan Pub: (yes)
Pagan Pub: It protrudes from the wall shared with the next room.
Pagan Pub: The wall is undamaged. Not punched through.
Agent Starbird: the body protrudes?
Pagan Pub: She “begins” at about the gut level, sticking out of the wall.
Pagan Pub: She droops forward, the tips of her fingers touching the floor.
Agent Starbird: What’s she wearing?
Pagan Pub: She’s nude..lots of scratches, cuts. etc. from debris. Massive bruising.
George Marshall: must’ve been cought in the act.
Agent Starbird: Any tattoos? Odd face painting?
Pagan Pub: (no marks like that, no)
Pagan Pub: Gaston looks at you guys for a moment, then turns and walks into the last room.
Agent Fenemore: Was she pushed through or pulled back?
Pagan Pub: (can’t tell, shiny)
George Marshall: “guys, she’s not the only one…”
Pagan Pub: You enter a large room, like a den or something. The walls are blackened from smoke. shards of metal and plastic everywhere.
Agent Fenemore: What seems to be the source of these shards? furniture?
Pagan Pub: shiny: yeah, furniture, tv, vcr, all kinds of stuff.
Pagan Pub: Your attention already directed, you look and see the rest of the woman on this side of the wall.
Pagan Pub: To restate: the wall is INTACT. She was not thrown THROUGH the wall..she is simply IN the wall, prodtruding from either side.
George Marshall: does the wall “enter” her?
George Marshall: is there a hole in it?
Pagan Pub: (the two are one, it would seem)
Agent Fenemore: Has the missing section of wall (that her waist now occupies) been accounted for?
Pagan Pub: (Shiny: it isn’t missing, it’s still there)
George Marshall: seems as if they molecularly combined.
Agent Starbird: I understand (not that I *understand*, mind you, but I understand…)
Pagan Pub: Directly ahead of you is the center of the blast.
Pagan Pub: The blast’s center is a spherical depression in the floor and wall immediate adjacent to it…it occurred on the floor, against that wall.
Pagan Pub: The walls are not punched through, they are buckled SMOOTHLY, as if they were re-shaped to fit around a spherical object or force.
Agent Starbird: Were the other victims all found in this room? Any others like the woman in the wall?
Pagan Pub: (victims found in neighboring rooms on this floor, floor above, floor below. One found on roof.)
George Marshall: “there was a hand in the wall a couple of rooms back.”
Agent Starbird: There was, George?
George Marshall: yeah, I only got a quick look.
Pagan Pub: Gaston says, “The debris extends about 30 yards, 360 degrees from the center of the blast.”
Pagan Pub: “What you’ve seen here is repeated above and below us. Debris, bodies, etc.”
Agent Fenemore: Were was Daniels?
Pagan Pub: Gaston points at the spherical depression. “That’s where Daniels was. One other victim as well.”
George Marshall: “There must be some logical explanation.”
Agent Fenemore: Logic is the refuge of a limited mind, George. Any man-made markings on the floor? Chalk?
Agent Starbird: How are the other victims dressed?
Pagan Pub: “Mostly nude or semi-dressed. Panties, boxers, and the like.”
George Marshall: even the men?
Pagan Pub: “Boxers and t-shirts.”
George Marshall: so if all the victims were all over the house, how could DiTorrio be at the edge?
Pagan Pub: “The victims were, we’re fairly sure, within this room or the ones immediately adjacent. DiTorrio was at the end of the hall with a woman. She was killed by debris, we believe.”
George Marshall: and yet they’re all over the place now.
Agent Starbird: They were hurled away by the explosion, I suppose, and then trapped in various walls when things came back into phase.
Pagan Pub: (to explain: imagine an explosion occurred in an area with no walls. debris flies in every direction, and then after a moment walls and house appear. The debris is trapped in various rooms, but the rooms themselves aren’t damaged.)
Pagan Pub: “The explosion seems to have affected material objects within the immediate area–this room–and also people, but not objects, in neighboring rooms.”
Pagan Pub: “The debris resulted entirely from objects within *this* room.”
George Marshall: why would the victims “pass through”, as you say, some walls, and stick in others?
Pagan Pub: “If they were where a wall was when they ‘came back,’ they got stuck.”
Agent Fenemore: It must have been where they were caught at that moment…
Agent Starbird: It depends on where the hurled victims were when the house dropped back into reality. Or they did.
George Marshall: were victims farther away from origin lighter or heavier?
Pagan Pub: (don’t know yet.)
Agent Starbird: I know it sounds weird, but some sort of dimensional shift is the only explanation I can come up with.
Agent Fenemore: “Carence, any cases like this to your knowledge?”
Agent Starbird: “I’ve seen some weird things, but this is a … unique experience.”
Pagan Pub: Okay, we need to wrap up…time’s up for this session. One last round of Q&A…
Agent Fenemore: ” Any objects found suggesting a cult ceremony of some sort?”
Pagan Pub: Cult of Gratification, maybe. But no, nothing special.
Agent Fenemore: And What did the neighbors see?
George Marshall: or hear?
Pagan Pub: Neighbors and servants elsewhere in the house heard a muffled boom and saw a flash of light.
Agent Starbird: “Are there shards and debris that can’t be traced to household objects that were in the room?”
Pagan Pub: Starbird: don’t know yet. We don’t think so. Definitely have not found anything like bombworks.
Agent Starbird: “Who owns this house?”
Pagan Pub: Daniels owns the house, and lives here.
Pagan Pub: (lived)
Agent Starbird: “We might not be looking for traditional explosives. Anything you can’t trace to a normal object, let me know.”
Pagan Pub: One other thing was found and removed: a smallish crystal, apparently quartz. In the epicenter with Daniels.
Agent Fenemore: “Who has the crystal now?”
Pagan Pub: It’s been taken to a lab nearby for analysis, but they’re already quite sure it’s ordinary quartz.
Pagan Pub: You can inspect it later today.
George Marshall: was it mounted? jewlery?
Pagan Pub: No, just loose.
Agent Starbird: “I very much would like to inspect that crystal, thank you.”
Pagan Pub: Daniels’ body was also removed. It was apparently dehydrated..skin is like ash, bones are brittle.
Pagan Pub: We think he may have been holding the crystal.
Agent Fenemore: Any others like that or just Daniels?
Pagan Pub: No others like that.
Pagan Pub: Other quick questions? Otherwise, hang onto ’em for now.
Agent Fenemore: nope
George Marshall: no.
Agent Starbird: nope — I guess the local feds will find a place for us to stay.
Pagan Pub: Yup.
Agent Starbird: We’ll pick it up at this point next time — we’re still in the house, investigating?
Pagan Pub: Exactly.
Pagan Pub: Feel free to send me notes in the interim with questions, if it’ll help you to remember stuff.
Pagan Pub: And I’ll be prepared to address them at the next game.


Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.
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