‘The New Age’ Playtest Transcript 11

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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of eleventh session — July 11th, 1993

Don Rice– Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt.
Mr Shiny– Agent Fenemore, F.B.I. agent
Shaft10449– Agent Newcastle, F.B.I. agent

Opening “DG Game 11” for recording.

Agent Fenemore: Is Fenemore ‘dead?’

Pagan Pub: No, he isn’t part of the cover story.

Agent Fenemore: Enolsis headquarters next?

Gary Nedler: My guess is the member crystals are feeding energy to the Tulsa headquarters unless someone like Valiant steps in to siphon it off. We’ve gotten tentative approval to confiscate all the crystals in the country.

Gary Nedler: If we want to act on it.

Agent Newcastle: Yes, definitely!

Gary Nedler: The question is do we want to infiltrate first; confiscation would be a major tipoff.

Gary Nedler: It might still be worth it.

Gary Nedler: What Valiant was able to do is nasty! The Living Power may be even worse.

Gary Nedler: If my theory is right, that is.

Agent Newcastle: We should investigate but I don’t think we’ll find much.

Agent Newcastle: I believe Valiant was one rotten apple out of the bunch.

Agent Fenemore: Well I think we have to inflitrate so we find the ultimate route of the power – otherwise we may just slightly delay their plans

Agent Newcastle: No harm in poking around.

Gary Nedler: Valiant may have been a rotten apple, but if this crystal technology can yield this type of power it ought to be researched and made available to everybody. “Everybody, man.” 😉

Pagan Pub: [“It belongs in a museum!” – Indiana Jones]

Agent Fenemore: There is some power not meant for mortals…

Agent Newcastle: Right Shiny.

Gary Nedler: “No, man, in every home.”

Gary Nedler: “If it’s safe.”

Agent Newcastle: I think it is obviously not safe!

Pagan Pub: [“Is it safe? Is it safe?” – Marathon Man]

Gary Nedler: “Maybe, man. It could be like saying drugs aren’t safe, though.”

Gary Nedler: “We need to know more, and it should be up to society as a whole.”

Agent Newcastle: There are some things society should not know!

Agent Fenemore: Like … line dancing!

Gary Nedler: “Society’s all throughout history have tried to regulate drugs, man. Can’t be done.”

Agent Newcastle: “But we must try!”

Agent Fenemore: “They just need more efficient education and enorcement.”

Gary Nedler: :: Shakes head to Newcastle :: “I don’t know, man.”

Agent Newcastle: They are just sheep and we are the shepards

Gary Nedler: “It’s really an education issue, like Fenemore says.”

Gary Nedler: “All they do is end up funding more fascist law enforcement agencies that the Bureau has to regulate, so it gets larger … it never ends.”

Pagan Pub: So what next?

Agent Fenemore: Tulsa

Gary Nedler: Fenemore’s right, I think.

Agent Newcastle: Yes.

Agent Newcastle: Has word of the disaster at the local chapter spread yet?

Agent Newcastle: Does headquarters in Tulsa know?

Pagan Pub: Well, it’s a big story in the local papers & tv stations, AND on the national press. You’ve probably seen an Enolsis spokesperson’s sound bite a dozen times by now on CNN.

Pagan Pub: “We deeply regret the tragedy in St. Louis, but in the post-Waco era it also frightens us…once again, our government has acted with overwhelming force against a religious organization and once again, a horrible tragedy has resulted.”

Pagan Pub: This is being played up VERY much as “Waco 2.”

Agent Newcastle: If there are more rotten apples in Tulsa, we need to be VERY careful.

Agent Fenemore: I can see the graphic now on screen …TRAGEDY IN ST. LOUIS – THE AFTERMATH

Gary Nedler: Any change in activity at Tulsa HQ or anywhere else?

Agent Newcastle: I’m sure they are very watchful of any new “members.”

Pagan Pub: Atty. General Janet Reno has stood solidly behind the Secret Service and the FBI, and announces clear connections between the St. Louis Enolsis group and the assassination of Major Daniels.

Gary Nedler: What kind of details on the “assassination” do they give?

Pagan Pub: The assassination (it is clearly called such) is described much as it appeared: a bomb, set to kill a retired officer who found about about the terrorists.

Pagan Pub: That’s the cover story, at least.

Pagan Pub: “The leadership of the St. Louis Enolsis branch was clearly involved in terrorist acts. We do believe this to be an isolated occurrance, however, and have no suspicions that Enolsis members at large are at all connected to this unfortunate tragedy.”

Agent Fenemore: What’s the Senator been up to lately?

Pagan Pub: Senator DiTorrio has returned to Washington, where he has issued a strong statement condemning the St. Louis leadership of Enolsis for the death of his good friend.

Gary Nedler: Hmmm. Do they mention his companions who were also killed?

Pagan Pub: “..and friends.” That’s all.

Agent Newcastle: Do we want to investigate Tulsa ourselves?

Agent Fenemore: I think we should do it – others might miss something crucial…

Gary Nedler: I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect NPCs to do it, if that’s what you mean.

Gary Nedler: By the way, we shouldn’t drop the werewolf angle.

Gary Nedler: We’re also still in the dark about where Rex fits into this…

Agent Newcastle: Yes, but what kind of cover story could we have? Nobody will believe any story we come up with. Any new people will be shunned.

Gary Nedler: It might not be that hard; these cults do recruit all the time.

Agent Newcastle: The only story I can think of is that we are members of St. Louis group and left to avoid the harassment.

Agent Newcastle: They are still going to be very suspicious if they are doing anything wrong.

Gary Nedler: “Yeah, man, I don’t know if changing the subject to TM would work now.” :: winks ::

Agent Newcastle: Count on our rooms being bugged, being followed etc.

Gary Nedler: Have to always work in pairs, if we can. Very dangerous.

Agent Newcastle: So no chatter. Be in character all the time. Pairs? There’s three of us?

Agent Newcastle: Besides three is safer.

Gary Nedler: Probably not practical anyway; cults like to separate new members out to indoctrinate them.

Gary Nedler: Although maybe Enolsis isn’t one of those brainwash-type cults.

Agent Newcastle: Hopefully we can take care of ourselves if need be.

Pagan Pub: So?

Agent Newcastle: Pagan, have the names of the people killed in St. Louis been released?

Pagan Pub: Not released, no. Still sorting things out.

Gary Nedler: What about some doctored media? Interviews of harassed Enolsis members?

Gary Nedler: Us, I mean. Could help our cover a lot.

Agent Newcastle: Good Idea Don!

Agent Newcastle: Let’s go as the people killed if they match general description, sex at least.

Agent Fenemore: Well, lets get three names of the dead and have them changed to ‘missing’

Pagan Pub: You mean have you guys go on tv as survivors and be interviewed?

Gary Nedler: Yeah, is that feasible?

Pagan Pub: Unfortunately for the press, yes, it is. The tricky part is that you’ll be posing as real (dead) people and some may see the broadcast and go “hey that isn’t Jerry.” Families can be briefed, but beyond that…it may be risky. They’ll have to do some background checks and see which people may work.

Agent Newcastle: A clip of us saying “we’re out of this town. It’s not safe for Peace-loving Crystal carrying hippies!”

Pagan Pub: [LOL!]

Gary Nedler: Pagan, a possibility might be to change the first names to nicknames for the interview.

Gary Nedler: If someone who knew the dead person asks, we can just say, same surname, but not related. But it’ll match Enolsis records because it’s a nickname.

Agent Newcastle: They might not have to use names, just our faces would work.

Pagan Pub: All of you give me a d100 roll.

Gary Nedler: They won’t be broadcasting addresses, etc., in the TV interviews.

Gary Nedler: Against what?

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 22

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 36

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 90

Pagan Pub: Okay. Within 24 hours you have three sets of fake IDs and are briefed. Two of them are also low-profile or loners enough that only their families will know you aren’t them on TV.

Pagan Pub: Which means Nedler and Newcastle can safely go on and be interviewed, but Fenemore better not.

Agent Fenemore: ok

Agent Newcastle: Too bad Shiny! No TV stardom for you.

Gary Nedler: “More time to practice meditation, Kyle.”

Pagan Pub: And your white hair would have been such a fashion statement!

Agent Fenemore: damn right

Agent Newcastle: I need loads of beads, and a vest. And maybe a headband.

Pagan Pub: In short order, Newcastle & Nedler (sounds like a cop show) are prettied up and in fact disguised a bit.

Gary Nedler: Gary already has the wardrobe, I think.

Pagan Pub: An FBI “source” arranges the meeting with a reporter and camera crew from CNN. Very hush-hush.

Agent Fenemore: I’ll try to do more research on my guy so I can pull him off when we get to Tulsa

Pagan Pub: Okay. What’s the gist of what you want to get across?

Agent Newcastle: We want to look shocked that our gov’t harrasses us. It’s not safe here, must move.

Pagan Pub: [most of the questions are about that night and what happened, much like Waco, but they also want to know what you think of the whole mess]

Gary Nedler: We were just minding our own business, being card-carrying hippies, when these mad FBI agents ran in and shot up our leaders. Oh, you don’t like that?

Agent Newcastle: Don’t make it sound too bad. Standard Gov’t raid. Gov’t oppressing the people.

Agent Newcastle: Vegtable rights and peace.

Gary Nedler: They’re going to ask us about Valiant, so we need a story for Enolsis.

Gary Nedler: Might as well publicize it now.

Agent Newcastle: Publicize what?

Pagan Pub: Compare him to Lennon & Jim Morrison. Can’t hurt.

Gary Nedler: How Valiant died, etc. Lennon / Morrison is good.

Gary Nedler: What’s the publicity angle on the bad agents? Enolsis will ask us about the investigation; we should have answers.

Pagan Pub: They overstepped their bounds, over-zealous. Reno is calling for an investigation into their actions.

Agent Newcastle: We are just Enolisis members. We were brought in for questioning but we don’t know much.

Gary Nedler: And we don’t know anything about anything.

Gary Nedler: The other thing we need to be prepared for questions on is if Enolsis gets word Valiant was doing hanky panky; we’ll get third degreed if that happens.

Agent Newcastle: Like the other members, we don’t know.

Agent Newcastle: They don’t know anything, why should we?

Gary Nedler: They might ask about small crystals, Valiant’s big one, etc.

Gary Nedler: We would have seen them, so we need to at least say so.

Agent Newcastle: Did the people weÕre going as have half or whole crystals?

Agent Newcastle: When did they sign up, before or after Valiant?

Gary Nedler: (smart, Newcastle!)

Gary Nedler: Oh, yeah, Pagan, were our cover IDs reported to Enolsis?

Pagan Pub: Fenemore’s wasn’t.

Agent Newcastle: O.K. we will have to vouch for him when we get there.

Agent Newcastle: Fenemore would have a half crystal and Nedler and I would have whole ones.

Gary Nedler: Okay, so what will Enolsis say? Can he have just joined up? Can we submit Fenemore by computer now?

Pagan Pub: The local records *do* exist and Enolsis wants them, but they may not get them right away.

Gary Nedler: Has anything about Valiant’s shenanigans with the records been made public?

Pagan Pub: Yes, Valiant’s meddling has been discussed but not in great detail. The assumption is that he was embezzling cash from Enolsis. He wasn’t really getting very much, but that’s the cover story.

Gary Nedler: Okay, so that’ll probably explain the missing member record and half crystal to Tulsa.

Gary Nedler: Wanted to be sure.

Agent Newcastle: O.K. I think we have our over straight.

Gary Nedler: One more thing before Tulsa. What about the lab results on Rex?

Agent Newcastle: He’s goo isn’t he?

Pagan Pub: Yes, he’s goo.

Gary Nedler: We wanted them to test his goo for possible reactions to things, like wolfsbane, silver, dynamite, poison, etc.

Pagan Pub: Right, the goo isn’t particularly reactive to any of those things.

Pagan Pub: The goo is organic, and oddly enough a component of it has been identified.

Agent Fenemore: and the componant is…

Pagan Pub: Parts of it are identifiable as containing a genetically engineered enzyme.

Gary Nedler: No way!

Agent Newcastle: Oww. That blows my theory away.

Pagan Pub: Recognizable by the company’s marker, encoded in the DNA.

Agent Newcastle: Higher powers are at work here than Valiant!

Gary Nedler: [Whoa, serious 1990s touch here. Cool.]

Agent Fenemore: AND THE COMPANY IS>>>>

Pagan Pub: Dawn Biozyme.

Agent Newcastle: This apple is rotten to the core!

Gary Nedler: Where are they based? Tulsa?

Pagan Pub: Samson, California.

Agent Newcastle: That’s bad.

Agent Newcastle: Obviously we need to investigate both Enolsis and Dawn Biozyme.

Gary Nedler: Samson? Has there been an earthquake there? [Have you run At Your Door, yet?]

Agent Newcastle: Don’t give away too much.

Pagan Pub: Nope, no earthquake.

Pagan Pub: [Won’t happen in this game, either…]

Gary Nedler: [Then we don’t know anything about them. Hmmm. Plot thread or window dressing?]

Agent Newcastle: Maybe we could get jobs as janitors or something.

Gary Nedler: Sweeping up the biowaste.

Agent Newcastle: For now run a background check on them and infiltrate Enolsis first.

Gary Nedler: Okay, then Tulsa it is.

Pagan Pub: Note that this was only a minor component, a simple enzyme that is well-documented. Anyone could have used it who paid DB for it.

Agent Newcastle: Right, so we need records of all who have traded with DB.

Gary Nedler: “Oh, Gaston, my taser wasn’t much use against Valiant.

Gary Nedler: I’d like to requisition a firearm, man.”

Gary Nedler: “And a new taser, come to think of it.”

Pagan Pub: He raises his eyebrows a bit. “You want a gun? It really IS a new age.”

Agent Newcastle: Also check for parent companies. Maybe Enolsis and DB are both owned by say GE maybe

Pagan Pub: [David Letterman was right all along!]

Agent Fenemore: “We bring good things to life”

Gary Nedler: “Valiant’s bad karma, man. The Living Power could be worse.”

Agent Newcastle: To Tulsa then?

Pagan Pub: Okay. You guys have your IDs. Your faces appear every 30 minutes on Headline News.

Agent Newcastle: We can only communicate with Gaston by secure communication. No hotel phones.

Pagan Pub: Sounds decent. Do you want to communicate with Enolsis in Tulsa before leaving?

Agent Newcastle: Yes, just to ask if they have room for transplant members.

Gary Nedler: Also, can a comm surveillance team check our hotel phones?

Gary Nedler: We don’t want a repeat of the Rex incident (cellular tapping) if we can help it.

Pagan Pub: Okay, no problem.

Pagan Pub: In fact, when you call Enolsis you’re transferred to someone who recognizes you from CNN.

Agent Fenemore: tell them we’re worried about the police

Gary Nedler: We can’t stand the media staked out at our doors.

Gary Nedler: Can’t meditate properly. Depressed all the time.

Pagan Pub: They’re very excited and offer to cover your plane fare.

Agent Newcastle: Sure, if we decline it will look fishy.

Gary Nedler: Great, we have to leave most of our possessions behind and are quitting our jobs due to harassment.

Pagan Pub: “Come find sanctum with us, friends. We’ll help you work through this insanity.”

Agent Fenemore: Do cult members dress in any special way?

Pagan Pub: No, not at all.

Agent Newcastle: With lots of beads.

Agent Newcastle: And a vest.

Pagan Pub: Well, new agey or at least casual/laid back attire is appropriate.

Pagan Pub: But as Valiant proves, they attract all kinds.

Gary Nedler: Hmmm, good point. Gary tones down his garb a little bit. Not too new agey.

Gary Nedler: If the weather’s cold, he doesn’t wear sandals, and no beads or headbands.

Agent Newcastle: Harold tones up his dress, not too stuffy.

Agent Fenemore: I’ll wear a jacket – small caliber weapon in holster in small of back, knife strapped to calf

Pagan Pub: Woof. Okay.

Gary Nedler: Actually, what with a red pepper mace aerosal, a taser, a BF gun, and a firearm,

Gary Nedler: Gary’s carrying a bag _and_ a jacket. 😉

Pagan Pub: Any other special arrangements regarding standard personal effects/weapons, etc.?

Gary Nedler: Oh, and the nunchucks that used to belong to Bruce Lee.

Agent Fenemore: Can we arrange to be let through airport security without any hassles?

Agent Fenemore: (And without looking like we’re being let through?)

Agent Newcastle: Just a 9 mm for me. and my fists!

Agent Newcastle: and head.

Pagan Pub: Yeah, that can be arranged.

Pagan Pub: So — do you want backup in Tulsa?

Gary Nedler: You got it. Helicopters, cars, serveillance, a full team. Everything we can get.

Agent Fenemore: Possibly a surveilance van outside the HQ – I’ll carry a body mike

Gary Nedler: But they have to be discrete.

Agent Fenemore: no tanks then?

Pagan Pub: Okay. They’ll give you full support. Gaston has to remain in St. Louis, but you’ll have help.

Agent Fenemore: darn

Agent Newcastle: Are you sure we need that much. A large migration of suits is bad news.

Gary Nedler: No, we just need a SWAT team on call, and a helicopter. The van ought to be enough.

Pagan Pub: Okay, we’ll assume you guys will have reasonable support.

Gary Nedler: We don’t need a driver, though.

Agent Newcastle: Right!

Agent Newcastle: Unless something untoward should happen to me.

Gary Nedler: Then we’ll transfer you out of Delta Green posthumously; don’t worry about it.

Agent Fenemore: Is Enolsis meeting us at the airport?

Gary Nedler: I imagine they’re meeting us at the airport gate.

Pagan Pub: Yeah, they’ll meet you in Tulsa.

Pagan Pub: Okay, let’s wrap it up here, because the next step will be rather involved.

Agent Newcastle: Alrighty, then until next wek.

Pagan Pub: You guys will get into Enolsis, be debriefed, etc.

Pagan Pub: And we’ll find out how the world is going to end.


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