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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of second session — March 27th, 1993


Mr Shiny — Agent Kyle Fenemore, F.B.I.
Xel — George Marshall, astronomer for NASA (not present this session)
The Gamer — Clarence Starbird, F.B.I. trainee
Don Rice — Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt. consultant (joins this session)


12:02:02 PM
Opening “DG Game 2” for recording.

Agent Fenemore: Any word on that crystal yet?
Pagan Pub: Lab boys are 90% certain it’s ordinary quartz.
Agent Fenemore: Well the crystal could be quartz – but part of a ceremony or invocation
Agent Starbird: It seems to me we’ve got two leads — the crystal, and DiTorrio.
Agent Starbird: Obviously, the house needs to be covered with a fine-tooth comb — but the other feds are already doing that.
Agent Fenemore: Let’s visit the senator
Agent Starbird: OK, Kyle, but first I want to leave some instructions for the on-site investigators.
Agent Starbird: Things we want them to look out for: Hidden Rooms, Libraries, Strange Art…chip in any time, Kyle.
Agent Fenemore: New recruits! I’m sure they’ll cover the bases
Agent Starbird: My point, Kyle, is that there may be some things *we* have the experience to look for, but *they* might gloss over…
Agent Starbird: Just being thorough.
Pagan Pub: (libraries: there is one, what about it?)
Agent Fenemore: What were the main reading interests?
Agent Fenemore: Books grouped by subject?
Agent Starbird: Good idea, Kyle — let’s check out this library…
Pagan Pub: Okay, it’s a large office/study
Agent Fenemore: Desk?
Pagan Pub: With substantial bookshelves. Yes, large desk, filing cabinet, all that fun stuff.
Pagan Pub: When you come in there’s guys going through the drawers, desk, and computer.
Agent Starbird: “What have you guys got so far?”
Pagan Pub: They look at you, then at each other.
Agent Starbird: :: goes and gets Gaston ::
Pagan Pub: “Just making sure there’s nothing here that shouldn’t be turned over to the family.”
Agent Fenemore: Kyle Fenemore, with the Bureau <>
Pagan Pub: One stands up. “Agent Freeman, NSA.”
Agent Fenemore: shake hand – quite a collection!
Agent Fenemore: casually glance at titles in bookcases
Pagan Pub: Lots of military history. Classics. Military/historical fiction. [Agent Starbird goes to confer with Gaston, who tells him the NSA agents are checking the MajorÕs private records for any sensitive info that canÕt be released. He then tells him that another Delta Green operative is arriving outside, and sends Agent Starbird out to greet him. Meanwhile, Agent Fenemore continues poking about the library]
Agent Fenemore: Any philosophical or poetic wprks?
Pagan Pub: Shiny: you find a shelf with self-improvement, new age kinda stuff. Looks pretty trashy.
Agent Fenemore: look closer in that area
Pagan Pub: Books about finding your inner self, interpreting your dreams, realizing the universal spirit, etc.
Agent Fenemore: Anything about crystals?
Pagan Pub: Uh, hard to tell right off.
Agent Fenemore: Flip through a couple [in private, Fenemore learned that heÕd found a color pamphlet entitled “Your Realizer And You” that depicted cupped hands holding a crystal on the cover. He pocketed it.]
Agent Fenemore: Agent Freeman, anything unsual in the desk or computer?
Pagan Pub: He doesn’t look at you. “If there is, I’m sure you’ll be informed.”
Agent Fenemore: Any donuts around?
Pagan Pub: No sign of any, no. Maybe the cops outside have some.
Agent Fenemore: Step outside.
Pagan Pub: Agent Starbird is out here, walking to greet a guy getting out of a car.
Gary Nedler: Hi. Gary Nedler. I run New Age Books & Crystals in Encino.
Gary Nedler: (I don’t shake hands — I don’t like to touch people’s auras.)
Agent Starbird: :: walk over to car:: “Glad you’re here. I’m Clarence Starbird.”
Gary Nedler: Oooh, good name. Mystic.
Agent Starbird: Yeah, well … over there’s Kyle Fenemore. He’s with our team.
Gary Nedler: Hello. I hear there’s some odd crystals here.
Agent Starbird: Just one. But we haven’t had a chance to see it yet.
Agent Fenemore: Where did you hear that?
Gary Nedler: “I did a Tarot reading last night. Also Gaston told me.”
Agent Fenemore: Delta Green?
Gary Nedler: “Yes, it’s in my stars.”
Agent Starbird: Kyle, this is Gary Nedler. He’s been called in like us.
Gary Nedler: “Please don’t shake hands. Auras, you know.”
Agent Starbird: Kyle’s FBI. But I guess you knew that.
Gary Nedler: “I heard it in a dream, man. When the straights get stuck, they call me.”
Agent Starbird: I should warn you, Gary. There’s a lot more to this case than crystals and auras. You know 9 people are dead.
Gary Nedler: “Oh, bad scene.”
Agent Starbird: And it’s not particularly pretty. If you’re up to it, you should probably see for yourself.
Gary Nedler: “Good, man.”
Agent Starbird: “Shall we?” :: heads back inside::
Gary Nedler: (walk towards house) [Agent Starbird, still an F.B.I. trainee, is rather skeptical about NedlerÕs qualifications & new-age slang]
Agent Starbird: :: up the stairs, down the hall toward the explosion site:: If we see Gaston, I’ll do the introduction
Pagan Pub: You spot Gaston in one room.
Pagan Pub: He’s poking with the toe of his shoe at a hand sticking out of a wall.
Gary Nedler: “Bad scene. Major negative vibes.”
Agent Starbird: “Agent Gaston?” Have you met Gary Nedler?”
Pagan Pub: “Oh, Mr. Nedler. It’s been a while.”
Agent Starbird: “Gary, uh, Agent Gaston is in charge here. We report to him.”
Pagan Pub: [you notice he doesn’t offer to shake hands with Nedler]
Agent Fenemore: Gary, could I show you something? (look for someplace safe)
Gary Nedler: :: goes with Shiny ::
Agent Fenemore: :: go someplace with good cover ::: [as Fenemore and Nedler stepped away, Gaston stopped Agent Starbird for a brief chat. He noticed StarbirdÕs skeptical opinion of Nedler, and advised him that Nedler had his full confidence.]
Agent Fenemore: This mean anything to you? :: carefully show pamphlet & re-pocket it:::
Gary Nedler: “Hmmm. The publisher is Enolsis.”
Agent Starbird: :: follows :: (When we get away from Gaston, I’ll ask Gary where he knows Gaston from.)
Gary Nedler: (aside to Starbird) “I worked with Gaston once before. He’s uptight but has a good heart.”
Agent Starbird: “You find that in the library, Kyle?”
Agent Fenemore: That would be a good place to find reading material.
Agent Fenemore: Are they local?
Gary Nedler: “They’re all over. Almost like Amway. The address is probably in the pamphlet. Southwest I think.”
Agent Fenemore: Well, let’s make that a course of investigation. Now let’s get back before anyone gets nervous.
Gary Nedler: :: goes back to Gaston ::
Gary Nedler: “So, has anyone done a Kirlian reading yet?”
Agent Fenemore: “No I’m not familiar with that. Do you practice I Ching?”
Agent Fenemore: “I find a scientific exploration of randomness can often provide great insights.”
Gary Nedler: “Oh, the I Ching is good. You can do it with three coins, you know.”
Agent Fenemore: “Really? Have you ever tried random projectile-target interaction?”
Gary Nedler: “Oh, bad karma. Thinking is the same as doing.” :: 😉
Pagan Pub: [where to now? elsewhere in the house? move on?]
Agent Fenemore: ::: let’s get back to our base – where are we set up?:::
Pagan Pub: Fenemore, there is a suite waiting at the Hilton.
Gary Nedler: [Have we seen the body and the crystal?]
Pagan Pub: [nope]
Agent Starbird: We were taking Gary to see the body, when we got sidetracked. Let’s do that now.
Agent Fenemore: crystal is in a lab – where is the Major?
Agent Starbird: You mean the Senator? In the hospital.
Agent Fenemore: no the MajorÕs remains
Pagan Pub: Major Daniels’ body is at a nearby hospital, same as DiTorrio (living).
Agent Fenemore: To the hospital then?
Pagan Pub: Check in with Gaston, he’ll get you a ride to hospital.
Agent Starbird: I still want Gary to see the funhouse at the end of the hall before we leave, give him some perspective on the case.
Pagan Pub: ok, to the “funhouse” as Starbird aptly named it.
Agent Starbird: ::aside to Fenemore:: “Can you believe this guy?”
Agent Fenemore: Actually, he seems to have some good ideas on the true nature of reality.
Pagan Pub: You enter a large room, like a den or something.
Pagan Pub: The walls are blackened from smoke. shards of metal and plastic everywhere.
Pagan Pub: To your right, the lower half of a woman’s body protrudes from the wall.
Gary Nedler: “Bad scene, man. Uncool vibes.”
Pagan Pub: Directly ahead of you is the center of the blast.
Gary Nedler: “It was here, I can feel it.”
Agent Starbird: “What was here?”
Pagan Pub: The blast’s center is a spherical depression in the floor and wall immediate adjacent to it…
Pagan Pub: it occurred on the floor, against that wall.
Pagan Pub: The walls are not punched through, they are buckled SMOOTHLY,
Pagan Pub: as if they were re-shaped to fit around a spherical object or force.
Pagan Pub: Daniels’ body was found in the blast area.
Pagan Pub: Didn’t suffer damage from explosion or debris. At least, not normal damage.
Agent Starbird: “So what do you think, Gary?”
Gary Nedler: “This was no ordinary blast, man. Look at the walls.”
Agent Starbird: “I was thinking on more of a metaphysical level. What are you picking up?”
Agent Fenemore: Ever seen anything like this?
Gary Nedler: “This aura is totally different from the normal explosion aura.”
Gary Nedler: “Normally explosion sites give real black after vibes.”
Agent Starbird: “Really?”
Gary Nedler: “Major power went through here. Red, maybe violet auras. Feel the walls.”
Agent Starbird: :: extends a tentative finger to the wall ::
Gary Nedler: “No, with your mind. There’s still power there.”
Gary Nedler: “The energy seems trapped here, not scattered like in a normal explosion.”
Agent Fenemore: clear my mind and feel
Gary Nedler: “This could be a heavy place of power. “
Agent Starbird: willing to try, gives it my best shot [during this period, first Nedler and then Fenemore (just above, when he said ‘clear my mind and feel’) had a phrase pop into their head as they surveyed the room with a clear mind. Fenemore immediately blurted it out…]
Agent Fenemore: “Blow job?”
Agent Starbird: “Ex-squeeze me?”
Gary Nedler: :: looks suprised :: “You felt that too?”
Agent Fenemore: “That phrase – ‘blow job’ it means something.”
Agent Starbird: “As it does to most red-blooded American men, I’m sure … what’s your point?”
Gary Nedler: “No, he’s right man. It popped into my head too. Something’s trying to reach us.”
Agent Starbird: “Well if that’s what they’re offering…”
Agent Fenemore: “Starbird – clear your mind – feel it”
Agent Starbird: :: trying to clear mind ::
Pagan Pub: [nothing]
Agent Starbird: :: experiencing sudden urge to vote Republican ::
Gary Nedler: :: Republican, no, man ::
Agent Starbird: “Sorry, gents, it’s not that I doubt you, but I have very little sensitivity in this area, it seems.”
Gary Nedler: “It’s cool. You’ll get in touch with your past lives eventually.”
Agent Fenemore: “Gary, what can it mean?”
Gary Nedler: “We need more information.”
Agent Fenemore: I take out a pad of paper and again clear my mind – I’m going to attempt automatic writing, letting the spirits guide my hand.
Gary Nedler: :: look through rooms on perimiter of blast sight ::
Pagan Pub: Nedler, there’s guys in lab coats and suit everywhere. In nearby rooms, furniture is undisturbed but scattered with debris.
Gary Nedler: “If they just hadn’t killed everyone man, it could have been live and let live.”
Agent Starbird: And who is “they”, Gary?
Pagan Pub: shiny: After a few minutes of clearing your mind, you write “never felt this before”
Agent Fenemore: “Gentlemen, I think we might have a case of sex magick.”
Agent Starbird: What do you mean, sex magick?
Agent Fenemore: “Perhaps this was some attempt, intentional or not at a ritual innvoscation involving sex that got out of hand.”
Gary Nedler: “Look around you, man. Feel the vibes. Whoever did this.”
Agent Fenemore: “Or whatever.”
Agent Fenemore: “To the hospital.”
Agent Starbird: We can continue this discussion along the way.
Agent Fenemore: :::walk out:::
Pagan Pub: Right, Gaston gets you a car.
Agent Starbird: :: follows Kyle::
Agent Starbird: “What kind of ‘whoever’? Can you tell from the vibes? Human? Inhuman? What?”
Gary Nedler: “It’s unclear at this point. But there was no intrusion aura. “
Gary Nedler: “This is internal energy, man.”
Agent Fenemore: :::in car::: “Perhaps because whatever did this was invited in.”
Gary Nedler: :: Rolls down window to feel fresh air ::
Pagan Pub: Air whips in with Saturday St. Louis Freeway Fumes
Agent Fenemore: “Or out – out of the body of the Major.”
Gary Nedler: “That’s possible, but it’s hard to tell at this point.”
Agent Fenemore: ::: read pamphlet – check address :::
Pagan Pub: pamphlet is sort of a manual. apparently members of this group each have/get a crystal they use as a
Pagan Pub: focus for meditation.
Gary Nedler: “That’s a good way to get started, with a meditation crystal.”
Pagan Pub: has phrases to chant…”I am getting better every day in every way” and the like.
Gary Nedler: “Good Mantra. Like Hare Krishna, but you know, different.”
Agent Fenemore: “I prefer the intonations of the Tibetan monks – each singer sings an entire chord at once”
Gary Nedler: “Yes, righteous tunes, but hard for personal meditation.”
Agent Fenemore: Any sexual inferences?
Pagan Pub: no sex, except in terms of improving your sex life, overcoming impotency, blah blah.
Pagan Pub: it’s rather regimented. you set a time each week when you spend some time with your crystal.
Gary Nedler: “Ooh, I prefer a much more open schedule. “
Pagan Pub: You’re arriving at the hospital now.
Gary Nedler: “Feel the healing vibes.”
Agent Fenemore: “A strict schedule can do wonders to clear the mind.”
Agent Fenemore: the morge or DiTorrio?
Gary Nedler: The morgue (maybe it’s quicker).
Agent Starbird: Let’s see if DiTorrio can talk to us — the body will always be there, and the Senator may not.
Pagan Pub: [heh]
Gary Nedler: :: shrugs, goes with the flow ::
Agent Fenemore: DiTorrio it is.
Pagan Pub: Okay.
Pagan Pub: DiTorrio is in observation at present.
Pagan Pub: You flash credentials. They’re expecting you.
Pagan Pub: You are led into a room with various instruments. Large window on one wall–probably two-way mirror.
Pagan Pub: Beyond is a hospital room. (you’re in the psych ward, incidentally).
Pagan Pub: Senator DiTorrio is lying in bed, hooked up to numerous machines…monitoring pulse, etc.
Gary Nedler: “Ooh, disturbed auras everywhere.”
Agent Fenemore: is he conscious?
Pagan Pub: Doctor says he is, but rather out of it. combination of drugs and shock.
Gary Nedler: “Man, they’ve got him heavily sedated.”
Agent Starbird: (I’m assuming Kyle is going to take the lead on the interview, since he has the field experience.)
Agent Fenemore: “Hello Senator.”
Pagan Pub: you can go in and speak to him if you wish. They also have transcripts of his words so far.
Agent Starbird: Hospital medications? Or recreational drugs from the party?
Pagan Pub: The former, with some aftereffects of the latter.
Gary Nedler: :: reads transcripts, listens to Kyle’s interrogation ::
Agent Fenemore: ::turn on recorder:::
Agent Fenemore: “Senator?”
Pagan Pub: The Senator is a slim, wiry man in his 50s. Dyed brown hair. Rather like Morton Downey Jr.
Agent Fenemore: ::dentures too?:::
Pagan Pub: no dentures, sorry.
Pagan Pub: He looks about, but not at anyone in particular.
Agent Fenemore: “Senator? I’m here to help you.”
Pagan Pub: He doesn’t respond.
Agent Fenemore: “I’m Agent Kyle Fenemore – we know about the thing.”
Gary Nedler: “Can you tell us anything about what happened.”
Agent Fenemore: “And the crystal.”
Pagan Pub: “my boy…”
Gary Nedler: “Senator, we’re from Delta Green.”
Agent Starbird: :: taps Gary on shoulder:: “Let Kyle handle it. We don’t want to confuse the Senator.”
Gary Nedler: (to Starbird): “It’s cool, I’ll be quiet, man.”
Agent Fenemore: “Now if you could help us, we could make sure you are safe.”
Agent Fenemore: “What was the Major doing?”
Pagan Pub: “my boy…”
Agent Fenemore: “Who is your boy? Is that who did this thing?”
Pagan Pub: looks right at you. “NO!”
Pagan Pub: then kind of fades again.
Agent Starbird: :: checking the transcript for anything weird to bring to Kyle’s attention::
Agent Fenemore: “ok ok, then who was it? Did they hurt your boy?”
Agent Starbird: ::thinking back to DiTorrio’s file:: DiTorrio doesn’t have any kids, right?
Pagan Pub: Starbird: correct, no kids.
Agent Fenemore: “Senator, we want to help your boy – where is he?”
Agent Fenemore: ::: leaning close to the Senator:::
Pagan Pub: “he’s mine…”
Pagan Pub: “all I got…”
Agent Fenemore: whispering in ear: “Homonculus?”
Pagan Pub: no reaction.
Agent Fenemore: “Where is he?” (no longer whispering)
Pagan Pub: from transcript: “Where’s Deneen?”
Agent Starbird: :: Circles the word “Deneen” on transcript, shows it to Kyle.
Agent Fenemore: ::: looks at transcript – “Deneen”
Pagan Pub: “where?’
Gary Nedler: “Sounds like a woman’s name, man.”
Agent Fenemore: “We don’t know – what does he look like?”
Pagan Pub: DiTorrio closes his eyes.
Agent Starbird: [When DiTorrio responded “Where?” to “Deneen”, was it anticipation, or fear?]
Pagan Pub: [anticipation, curiosity]
Agent Fenemore: “Deneen – who is your boy?”
Pagan Pub: barely a whisper: “safe”
Pagan Pub: seems to be falling asleep.
Agent Fenemore: “We need the combination.”
Agent Fenemore: “Deneen is in danger”
Pagan Pub: “my boy…”
Pagan Pub: drifting off
Agent Fenemore: “That’s about all.” On radio “Gaston, read me? over.”
Pagan Pub: [not radio…need to phone.]
Agent Fenemore: sorry – cellular handy? if not, pay phone?
Gary Nedler: “Man, airwaves are not secure”
Pagan Pub: Cellular. “Yeah, what’s up?”
Agent Fenemore: “Did your boys locate a safe on the compound?”
Agent Fenemore: (hoping safe was a noun not an adjective)
Pagan Pub: “no sign of one, but we haven’t gotten that thorough if it’s a hidden one.”
Agent Fenemore: “Look but don’t attempt to open one if found. Alright?”
Pagan Pub: “I’ll let them know. We’ll do a spot check now, but more will have to wait til later tonight.”
Agent Starbird: ::talks to doctor:: “When will you be letting up on the sedatives? He’s not much help in this state.”
Pagan Pub: Doc: “his personal physician is flying out from D.C. he asked us to keep him sedated and under observation until he arrives.
Agent Starbird: (to doc) “What’s this physician’s name?”
Pagan Pub: Doc: “uh, Dr. Chichester.”
Agent Starbird: :: makes note to request standard background check on Dr. Chichester::
Gary Nedler: :: read chart — any psychological abnormalities? ::
Pagan Pub: Nedley: nope to abonormalities. [At this point the session ended. However, Agent Starbird asked for more info about the pamphlet Fenemore found…]
Agent Starbird: John, you never gave me the lowdown on that pamphlet…
Pagan Pub: right, pamphlet. quickly: “Your Realizer And You,” picture of hands holding crystal on cover.
Pagan Pub: Published by ENOLSIS of TULSA, OK.
Pagan Pub: Slim pamphlet, but slick and colorful. Contents as described in car trip to hospital.
Pagan Pub: Fenemore found in library with some new age-style books, when he was looking for crystal info.
Agent Starbird: Does picture of crystal on pamphlet match description of crystal found at explosion?
Pagan Pub: uh, could be, but they aren’t carved distinctively. haven’t seen Daniels’ crystal yet, so not sure.


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