‘The New Age’ Playtest Transcript 3

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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of third session — April 3rd, 1993

Mr Shiny — Agent Kyle Fenemore, F.B.I.
The Gamer — Clarence Starbird, F.B.I. trainee
Don Rice — Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt. consultant

4/3/93 11:56:43 AM
Opening “DG Game 3” for recording.

Pagan Pub: Okay.

Pagan Pub: You’re in the hospital. Senator DiTorrio is once more asleep/unconscious.

Pagan Pub: The body of Major Daniels, ret., is in the morgue. An autopsy–of sorts–is underway.

Agent Fenemore: To the morgue.

Agent Starbird: We find out where the morgue is, and head that way

Pagan Pub: Arriving, you flash your IDs to several agents in suits with earpieces.

Agent Fenemore: >>> putting on latex gloves and menthol under my nose <<<

Pagan Pub: You are directed into a sterile chamber.

Pagan Pub: There are four people gathered around a table, and several more watching through windows.

Pagan Pub: You see more agents standing guard as well.

Pagan Pub: On the table is the brittle grey husk of a human body.

Agent Fenemore: Have I seen anything similar?

Pagan Pub: It does remind you a bit of some burn victims you’ve seen. But the flesh isn’t charred.

Pagan Pub: The corpse is shrunken, probably weighs half as much as it once did.

Agent Starbird: Would “dessicated” be a better word?

Pagan Pub: Quite accurate.

Pagan Pub: Dehydrated maybe.

Pagan Pub: No eyes.

Gary Nedler: Eyes: removed, retracted, how?

Pagan Pub: At first glance, eyes arenÕt there…probably retracted or destroyed as part of what happened to him.

Agent Fenemore: “Special Agent Kyle Fenemore, FBI.”

Pagan Pub: The doctor gives you a nod.

Pagan Pub: “You boys caught a real live one this time.”

Pagan Pub: They’re cutting into his chest.

Pagan Pub: The saw slips right through the skin, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Pagan Pub: The doctor pulls back and waves his hand to clear the air.

Pagan Pub: Then they continue the incision.

Agent Starbird: I’m interested in the state of the internal organs, and the brain as well.

Gary Nedler: Dust?

Pagan Pub: Dust: powder/flake of skin.

Pagan Pub: You can see a ring of grey dust all around the body.

Gary Nedler: Not from internal organs being dried to dust?

Gary Nedler: Only external?

Pagan Pub: They hadn’t cut that far yet. The doctor says they’re fairly certain he’s like this through and

Pagan Pub: through.

Agent Fenemore: Looking for physical trauma like that associated with a blast – also interested in the solar

Agent Fenemore: plexus

Pagan Pub: No signs of physical trauma. No visible scratches or shrapnel wounds.

Pagan Pub: The body is stiff, and looks as if he were sitting and leaning back against something..which means

Pagan Pub: the corpse is now on his back, legs in the air, almost like giving birth.

Pagan Pub: You notice the legs are held up by stirrups, in fact, probably since they would snap under their own

Pagan Pub: weight.

Gary Nedler: :: to doctor :: “Can heat do this, man?”

Pagan Pub: The doctor pauses. “I haven’t seen it happen before. The skin isn’t burnt or cooked, just

Pagan Pub: dehydrated…dessicated…not sure what could have done this.”

Gary Nedler: “Too much sun worship, man.”

Agent Starbird: “I don’t think it was the sun he was worshipping.”

Agent Starbird: Where was this body found in the house?

Pagan Pub: It was found in the depression at the epicenter of the blast.

Gary Nedler: Any signs of stuff under the fingernails, …

Gary Nedler: bruises, any other signs of a struggle?

Pagan Pub: Under fingernails? Flaky skin, his own. No signs of bruises yet, but it’s hard to tell…blood is all

Pagan Pub: dried up.

Gary Nedler: Ahhh, but that means no bruising before he was killed.

Pagan Pub: They have the chest open. The sternum and ribs are visible. They actually cut the skin off in two

Pagan Pub: large squares, since it won’t peel back.

Pagan Pub: Inside the chest cavity, it’s all dry. You see the heart, somewhat shrunken.

Pagan Pub: Everything inside is kind of a dingy brown.

Gary Nedler: Any organs missing?

Pagan Pub: Doesn’t seem so, from the outside. From what can be seen inside (not much yet), still no.

Agent Fenemore: stomach contents?

Pagan Pub: Don’t know contents yet. Autopsy just began in earnest.

Pagan Pub: Doc, thinking out loud: “Cause of death…where do we start?”

Gary Nedler: “Heavy karmic burden, man.”

Gary Nedler: While the autopsy’s going on …

Gary Nedler: Have we examined Daniel’s stuff yet? Pockets, etc.?

Pagan Pub: He was naked when found.

Agent Starbird: Have they taken a look at the brain yet? And what are the condition of the bones?

Pagan Pub: Bones are brittle. Marrow dessicated.

Pagan Pub: Nothing about brain yet.

Pagan Pub: They’re poking at the heart and lungs.

Gary Nedler: “Heavy fluid retention problem.”

Agent Starbird: I say let the doc work. I continue to watch intently. [somewhere in here, Agent Starbird observed that DanielÕs penis was erect at the time of death.]

Agent Starbird: :: speaking softly:: “Kyle, there seems to be more evidence here for your “sex magick” theory.”

Pagan Pub: Doctor making notes to video camera: “uh, the corpse seems to have had nearly 100% of body’s

Pagan Pub: moisture removed…”

Pagan Pub: “organs shrunk, bones brittle…”

Pagan Pub: “…lungs are collapsed…”

Gary Nedler: “Man, you just can’t lose that much fluid that way.”

Pagan Pub: “…no sign of physical trauma as of yet…external trauma already determined negative. No wounds.”

Pagan Pub: “Cause of death…cause of death…uh…”

Pagan Pub: “unknown.”

Gary Nedler: “Just put down, ‘predestined’.”

Pagan Pub: The lights pick up swirling motes of dust from the corpse.

Pagan Pub: “Can we get some air circulation going in here?”

Agent Starbird: Any patterns in the swirls?

Gary Nedler: Self propelled or just floating?

Pagan Pub: no, just dust in the air.

Pagan Pub: nothing special.

Gary Nedler: Are we in the same room with the dust?

Pagan Pub: Yes. You’re in the room with the surgeons. You’re wearing little masks and stuff.

Agent Starbird: I figured when you described it as a “sterile room” we weren’t getting in without masks and gowns…

Pagan Pub: They’re putting bits of flesh and bone into specimen jars for testing.

Gary Nedler: :: stand back anyway :: “Bad for the lungs, man.”

Pagan Pub: “You gentlemen have any suggestions? I’m at a loss here.”

Agent Starbird: “What’s the brain look like?”

Pagan Pub: “Assuming it suffered he same effects, it’s probably much smaller & dessicated.”

Pagan Pub: He moves to the head with the saw.

Gary Nedler: :: Stand way back ::

Gary Nedler: “How were the eyes removed, or are they just dried up, man?”

Pagan Pub: “Oh they’re there. Just look closer and you can see them, they’re shrunken and recessed into sockets.

Agent Fenemore: “Doctor – be very careful of the pineal gland.”

Pagan Pub: He begins to cut into skull.

Pagan Pub: Dust flies up.

Pagan Pub: He cuts around several points and eventually removes the top of the skull and scalp.

Pagan Pub: Shakes his head.

Agent Fenemore: The doctors or the majors?

Pagan Pub: (doctor shakes HIS head! not major)

Pagan Pub: “As I thought. Bring that camera over here, would you? … The brain is in a similar condition as

Pagan Pub: the internal organs. Appears to be perhaps a quarter of normal size, shrunken to the base of

Pagan Pub: the brain pan.”

Pagan Pub: “No sign of physical trauma here either.”

Gary Nedler: Were any of the bodies back at the house dessicated at all?

Pagan Pub: No. Just this one.

Gary Nedler: Was the plaster on the walls around the blast area dried and flaky?

Pagan Pub: Uh, flaky in some spots but only because it had been crushed/impacted.

Pagan Pub: If the moisture had been removed from the plaster it would have looked much different.

Gary Nedler: Okay, so no other signs of heat or dessication have been observed.

Pagan Pub: Only from secondary fires in the house.

Agent Fenemore: what about his organs of reproduction?

Pagan Pub: Doc looks at Kyle for a moment, then moves down the table to the groin.

Pagan Pub: “Penis is erect.”

Pagan Pub: “No sign of external trauma.”

Agent Fenemore: “Blood still in penis or did it dry that way?”

Agent Starbird: “Like I said before, Kyle — this goes back to your first theory.”

Pagan Pub: He scrapes at it a bit, along one vein. “Blood was in penis at the time this occurred, so I would

Pagan Pub: say it was probably erect before death.”

Pagan Pub: (not that blood isn’t usually in the penis anyway, but you know what I mean)

Gary Nedler: “Heavy punishment for a life of the flesh.”

Pagan Pub: “Anything special I should look for?”

Gary Nedler: “Man, Kyle wants to know how much testosterone is left.” :: grins ::

Agent Starbird: No other markings of any kind — rings, earrings, tattoos, anything?

Pagan Pub: Air Force Academy ring. Nothing else.

Agent Starbird: Is the ring here?

Pagan Pub: Yes.

Agent Starbird: I want to check ring for any alterations, additional designs, maybe an inscription.

Pagan Pub: “Class of xx” that’s all (xx is year, whatever is appropriate, can’t think of it offhand)

Agent Starbird: Probably early ’60s

Pagan Pub: yah.

Agent Fenemore: “Doctor – any signs of orgasm? Does the vas show any residue?”

Gary Nedler: “What about saliva residue?”

Pagan Pub: “I’ll have to send the organ to the lab to be checked…I can’t tell as it is.”

Gary Nedler: “Blow job of his life, man.”

Pagan Pub: They will check stomach contents & condition of genitals, but that will take some hours.

Gary Nedler: “Be sure to check if dessication is constant throughout the body.”

Pagan Pub: Doc nods.

Gary Nedler: “And get a sperm count for Kyle.”

Pagan Pub: “Sperm count unlikely, agent. [he assumes you are one Gary] But I can check presence and state of

Pagan Pub: erection/ejaculation.”

Pagan Pub: Anything else of immediate interest?

Gary Nedler: “That’s good man. Try to determine if he was performing sexual …

Gary Nedler: acts with someone else, and what the acts were…

Gary Nedler: “Don’t laugh, man. If you can figure it out we’d like to know.”

Pagan Pub: “We can see if he had recently ejaculated, and how recently. We can check mouth, throat and stomach

Pagan Pub: for some signs. Not much else, though.”

Gary Nedler: “Whatever you can. They may be sending you other bodies to correlate with.”

Gary Nedler: “After they extract them.”

Pagan Pub: He raises his eyebrows and then returns to his work.

Agent Starbird: Are we done here, gentlemen?

Agent Fenemore: do I remeber any bodies in the house with noticably open mouths?

Pagan Pub: they wouldn’t have stayed that way, since they weren’t dessicated like this one.

Pagan Pub: rigor mortis, sure, but by then the muscles would have relaxed.

Agent Starbird: Now, now… Whatever Daniels was doing, it probably wasn’t with the other victims

Gary Nedler: “You need stomach contents to determine things like that, man.”

Gary Nedler: “Or maybe his partner exploded. We’d like to know if his partner’s body is there.”

Agent Fenemore: Possibly – but all sould be checked for sperm which should be DNA tested against Daniels (a

Agent Fenemore: nail or two probably will have enough dna)

Pagan Pub: Certainly. There are many autopsies to come.

Agent Fenemore: Only if they swallow, Gary.

Gary Nedler: “True, man. Better do mouth and trachea too. Oh, I get it man.” :: realizes he’s being kidded ::

Agent Fenemore: Given the major’s tendencies, doctor, start with the women.

Pagan Pub: (he won’t be doing autopsies for others, still work here. other victims are being farmed out.)

Pagan Pub: (when all reports are in, cross-checking will begin and then possible more autopsies.)

Gary Nedler: Who’s correlating data? Gaston?

Pagan Pub: indirectly, yes.

Pagan Pub: he’s in charge of the procedure.

Agent Fenemore: notify him to check carefully for Daniels’ sperm

Agent Fenemore: in all autopsies

Gary Nedler: “Just don’t lose the investigation in the paperwork, man.”

Pagan Pub: So next?

Gary Nedler: What’s our next clue? Just the pamphlet?

Agent Starbird: I think we should go find the crystal and let our expert get some vibes off of it.

Agent Starbird: Where’s this crystal?

Pagan Pub: Crystal is at Washington University. They’ve borrowed a lab there and flown in some expert guys.

Agent Fenemore: I don’yt think we actually saw the crystal.

Agent Starbird: No, we haven’t seen the crystal! So let’s go!

Gary Nedler: “Probably suits. You’re right, WE should check it out, man.”

Agent Fenemore: The university next (I feel library use coming up!)

Pagan Pub: *vroom*

Pagan Pub: You are en route to Washington University, where the crystal discovered at the epicenter of

Pagan Pub: the blast is being examined.

Agent Starbird: Washington U. is in St. Louis, BTW, not Washington…

Pagan Pub: Gaston informed you earlier that they are already almost certain it’s nothing but quartz.

Pagan Pub: Cellular phone in the car, if you want to contact Gaston or anyone else about stuff.

Pagan Pub: any calls to make?

Gary Nedler: “Kyle, man, tell Gaston to look for sperm samples.”

Agent Fenemore: tell gaston to look for sperm

Agent Starbird: Yeah, I want to call Gaston and keep him informed. I also want info

Agent Starbird: on DiTorrio’s doctor (the one that’s flying in)…

Pagan Pub: right. Chichester.

Gary Nedler: “Oh, good thought, man.”

Agent Starbird: If he’s ordered that DiTorrio be kept under sedation until he gets there, he might be

Agent Starbird: hiding something.

Pagan Pub: No prob. You pass him the word about DiTorrio, and he makes a note of that for the victim autopsies.

Pagan Pub: He says he’ll check on Chichester as well.

Agent Fenemore: tell him everything DiTorrio said

Agent Fenemore: especially Deneen

Pagan Pub: “Hmm. DiTorrio has no kids anyone knows of. Deneen? Oh, that’s the prostitute that was with him when the blast occurred.”

Agent Fenemore: AAH

Gary Nedler: “Is her body there?”

Pagan Pub: It’s at another hospital, yes.

Agent Starbird: She seemed awfully important to him to be a random hooker…

Pagan Pub: [well, people with concusssions or in shock do tend to talk about/think of things happening just befor

Pagan Pub: before their accident or whatever]

Gary Nedler: [hmm, clue or red herring? ;-)]

Agent Starbird: That’s true, too — just exploring the possibilities. Many men of power don’t bother to learn their

Agent Starbird: “friend’s” name….

Gary Nedler: “How do they know she was with him?” [was she in a wall?]

Pagan Pub: She was in the room with him, killed by a piece of debris, probably from VCR or TV.

Gary Nedler: “Oh, man, death by cathode ray tube.”

Agent Starbird: “I always knew television was bad for you…”

Pagan Pub: other questions before we reach the university?

Gary Nedler: How did they decide she was _his_ particular partner?

Agent Fenemore: Was she pregnant?

Gary Nedler: Had she been with him before? Was she a regular?

Pagan Pub: DiTorrio and the woman were in a bedroom by themselves. don’t know about pregnancy, will check.

Pagan Pub: one of Daniels’ regulars, so probably DiTorrio’s as well when he was in town.

Gary Nedler: This is the same as before. The crystal might move around, …

Gary Nedler: the body won’t, we should go for the crystal next.

Pagan Pub: the sedan arrives at the campus.

Gary Nedler: “They used to have good protests here, man. In the old days.”

Pagan Pub: you are met by several other agents who check your ID.

Gary Nedler: “Suits, man.”

Pagan Pub: they wave you through.

Pagan Pub: inside the Geology building, one agent directs you through a couple more checkpoints and into a lab.

Pagan Pub: there you find several guys in lab coats examining readouts, computer images, graphs, etc.

Pagan Pub: on a table in the center of the room is a scanning electron microscope.

Pagan Pub: there’s a guy looking at the image on the screen, apparently the crystal.

Gary Nedler: “Heavy machinery. Has anyone felt this crystal with their mind, yet?”

Pagan Pub: One of the guys looks at you like you’re nuts.

Gary Nedler: :: don’t notice ::

Pagan Pub: Another walks over. “Travis Archer. Gaston said someone would be coming by.”

Agent Fenemore: “Fenemore, FBI.”

Agent Fenemore: I stare at the patterns of the electon microscope screen.

Gary Nedler: “Gary Nedler. New Age Books and Crystals. Heard you were stumped.”

Pagan Pub: “We aren’t stumped at all, actually. It’s just quartz. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

Pagan Pub: [he doesn’t know about the events at the house, it seems]

Gary Nedler: “Yes, but some quartz is better for meditating than other quartz. “

Agent Fenemore: Where does this quartz probably come from, Travis?

Pagan Pub: “No place special. Probably southwestern U.S., I’d guess, but quartz can be found in lots of places.”

Gary Nedler: “Some places are places of power, some aren’t.”

Gary Nedler: “Where are your psychic researchers?”

Pagan Pub: “Huh?’

Agent Fenemore: Any traces of other minerals?

Pagan Pub: “Nope.”

Agent Fenemore: I share at the lattice work of the screen image – blank my mind

Gary Nedler: “Typical close-minded scientist negative vibes, man. Open your minds to the real answers.”

Pagan Pub: He snorts. “It’s quartz. There’s your answer. Anything else I can help you with?”

Gary Nedler: “Can we handle the crystal, man, or will that mess up your scanners?”

Pagan Pub: “No prob.” He walks over to machine. “Fenemore, you mind if I take the crystal out? We’ve got a bunch of screens saved already if you want to look at them.”

Agent Fenemore: “Sure. I’d like to see them, displayed at random at .5 second intervals.”

Pagan Pub: He gives you a funny look. “Well, just keep hitting this key and you can flip through them.”

Agent Fenemore: “Thank you.” I flip faster and faster

Gary Nedler: Description of crystal? On chain or mounting or anything?

Pagan Pub: It’s a rougly spherical piece of quartz, about the diamater of a quarter. Rough-hewn except for one side where it appears to have been chiseled or cut straight through.

Gary Nedler: Hmm. Recently, or can we tell?

Pagan Pub: “Uh, the cut there on the side is fairly recent. There isn’t much wear on that edge.”

Gary Nedler: Really recent or geologically recent?

Pagan Pub: Recent enough for there to be little wear on that surface.

Agent Starbird: ::making small talk with the techs:: Any thing weird happen? Out of the ordinary? Anything at all?

Agent Starbird: Or was this a by-the-book dull-and-boring invsetigation?

Pagan Pub: Starbird: “Yeah, it’s weird alright: why make such a big deal out of a piece of quartz? jeez!”

Pagan Pub: Starbird: “But no, nothing weird. Just a rock.”

Agent Starbird: ::They obviously don’t know the details, so I’m not going to fill them in.:: Fine. We’re just being thorough.

Pagan Pub: Starbird: “I understand, mister.”

Gary Nedler: Is it on a mount, or anything?

Pagan Pub: Obviously was cut with tools, probably just hammer and chisel or equivalent. No mount, no nothing.

Gary Nedler: Does it remind me of any crystals I’ve seen before? Or standard stuff?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: the cut is kind of odd. usually they’re left in their natural state *or* carefully carved for a pleasant appearance. this one *was* in natural state, but then part was hacked off.

Gary Nedler: Could the cut have been to remove it from a mounting, possibly?

Agent Fenemore: To get at something inside?

Pagan Pub: Possibly to remove from a mounting. Something inside? If so, it was inside the piece that was cut of, since there’s no sign of anything here, and no carving or scraping like they removed something after cutting it apart.

Gary Nedler: Is it likely we could match it to the other piece if we find it?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: probably so.

Agent Fenemore: Unless it was energy [that was removed]…

Agent Starbird: “What are you picking up, Gary?”

Gary Nedler: “Bad vibes in here, man. I need an incense burner and a room with a window facing west.”

Agent Starbird: :: rolls eyes ::

Gary Nedler: “You have to avoid the minds of the Atlantean kings. That’s the best way to do it.”

Agent Starbird: We can probably get you a west-facing room, but I hope you brought your own incense.

Gary Nedler: [probably]

Pagan Pub: Uh, you have incense in your luggage, but that’s back at the hotel suite. (taken there by agents)

Gary Nedler: “I can use a plate or an ashtray if I have to man. The burner’s not important.”

Agent Starbird: “Of course.” [Agent Fenemore, allowing his mind to drift as he stared at the flickering images of the crystal created by the electron microscope, witnesses a brief image of the night sky form before his eyes. He is unable to recognize the constellations visible, due either to the short period of time for which he observed the phenomenon or something else.]

Agent Fenemore: “Night sky”

Pagan Pub: You can probably get the crystal for a while if you wish.

Gary Nedler: “Can we borrow this for a while? I need to settle it’s aura before I try it out.”

Agent Starbird: Heck, let’s take it with us! Nothing like painting a psychic bullseye on our backs.”

Gary Nedler: [Starbird: we can leave it behind us later.]

Pagan Pub: “Uh, I’ll have to call Gaston.” (he does)

Gary Nedler: “Tell him Gary wants it.”

Pagan Pub: “Gaston says it’s okay if you want to take it. We’ve got some more tests to run on the data we’ve collected, but it’s all over here, really.”

Gary Nedler: “Man, we can send a driver for my incense if it’s a problem.”

Pagan Pub: Up to you guys.

Agent Starbird: No, no, let’s head back to the hotel — it’s been a long day, anyway…

Pagan Pub: True.

Gary Nedler: “I don’t want to buy any on campus, you never know where it’s from.”

Pagan Pub: Okay, I guess you stick the crystal in your pocket or nose or whatever. Techs busy themselves again.

Agent Fenemore: Perhaps the library?

Gary Nedler: “Oh, yes, they have a good occult collection in the special archives here.”

Agent Starbird: They do?

Agent Fenemore: OF COURSE THEY DO!!!

Gary Nedler: [just a stab, but all universities have SOMETHING]

Agent Starbird: As good as Miskatonic’s?

Gary Nedler: “No, man, Miskatonic is the best anywhere.”

Pagan Pub: [probably not much here actually. Wash. U. isn’t exactly known as an occult study center]

Agent Starbird: “I’ll tell you an assignment *I* want — I want to be there when they open those special research libraries in the Kremlin.”

Gary Nedler: “Oh, man, wait, I’m thinking of U of Washington, DC.”

Gary Nedler: “Or was that U of Seattle, Washington? I get them all mixed up. They’re syntactically similar.”

Pagan Pub: Where to?

Agent Starbird: Back to the hotel?

Gary Nedler: Hotel room for meditation, I guess.

Pagan Pub: Okay, Gaston has gotten you guys a suite at the Hilton in St. Louis.

Gary Nedler: [Okay, zoom to hotel, set up, meditate, etc. Take any precautions I can think of, which isn’t many because because]

Pagan Pub: All your baggage has been taken there already.

Agent Fenemore: Ok – I check a few astronomy atlases out of library – looking for the sky

Pagan Pub: Fenemore: okay, but you’ll have a hard time recalling the image.

Agent Fenemore: Can’t hurt

Pagan Pub: At the hotel, you guys stumble in, call up room service. Fenemore pages through astronomy books.

Agent Starbird: ::Do some quick unpacking, splash water on my face::

Pagan Pub: Starbird: feel a bit better.

Pagan Pub: Nedler unpacks burner, maybe a little mat. Gets comfy in front of window.

Pagan Pub: St. Louis stretches before you, buildings like rushes in a brook. You clear your mind.

Gary Nedler: [too late now, but forgot to ask] Will break in crystal affect meditation?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: dunno…it would if you were used to it before break, but in this case.?

Pagan Pub: You’re all pretty tired now. Getting to this room reminds you you’ve been up for ages.

Gary Nedler: Hmmm. Should I sleep and try this tomorrow?

Agent Starbird: ::in room with Gary, watching and waiting::

Pagan Pub: Fenemore is snoring somewhere behind you.

Gary Nedler: “Hope I don’t reach *his* dreams, man. Bad vibes.”

Agent Starbird: ::brought gun with me::

Pagan Pub: Incense fills the room with a musky, pleasant smell.

Pagan Pub: Fenemore’s snoring grows softer.

Pagan Pub: Fenemore’s snoring stops.

Agent Fenemore: ZZZZ….*

Pagan Pub: Nedler, you feel yourself floating within yourself.

Gary Nedler: :: mmmm, groovy ::

Pagan Pub: Nedler drifts off.

Pagan Pub: Sitting cross-legged, then slumps over to the floor.

Gary Nedler: :: mantra :: mmmmmm, :: thunk ::

Agent Starbird: ::go over softly, make sure he’s still breathing::

Pagan Pub: Nedler? Yep. Breathing deeply.

Agent Starbird: :: Fine. Go back and continue vigil. ::

Pagan Pub: Nedler lies there on the floor with eyes closed and breathes regularly.

Pagan Pub: He looks a little pale.

Agent Starbird: Are Nedler’s eyes open? Does he appear to be dreaming? Can I tell?

Pagan Pub: His eyes are closed. No indication of REM eye movements. His breathing is softer.

Agent Starbird: OK. Continue to watch carefully.

Pagan Pub: He looks rather pale now.

Agent Starbird: I’m going to shake him awake, if I can…

Pagan Pub: He lies there, breathing shallowly.

Agent Starbird: I check his pulse.

Pagan Pub: Slow.

Agent Starbird: Regular?

Pagan Pub: yes. You feel a bit drowsy yourself.

Agent Starbird: Go and get a glass of cold water from bathroom, return and check condition.

Pagan Pub: You walk out into the living room to go to the bathroom. Fenemore slumped in chair.

Agent Starbird: And how’s Fenemore?

Pagan Pub: His hair has gone completely white. He doesn’t appear to be breathing.

Agent Starbird: Oh, poop.

Agent Fenemore: <<< POOP – ALL I GET IS POOP? >>>>

Gary Nedler: [ROFL, Brilliant misdirection, Pagan]

Pagan Pub: There’s no color in his flesh.

Agent Starbird: Grab phone, ask front desk to call ambulance and send up medical help right away.

Pagan Pub: “Do you still want room service sir?”

Agent Starbird: “An ambulance, you dolt! Now! This is an emergency!”

Pagan Pub: ” cancel the order for room 313! oh and get an ambulance!”

Agent Starbird: Lay Fenemore out on floor, begin CPR.

Pagan Pub: His body is somewhat cool to the touch, but he *is* breathing *very* shallowly

Agent Starbird: How’s Fenemore’s pulse?

Pagan Pub: very slow, somewhat irregular.

Agent Starbird: Great. Pour a little cold water on his face, go into other room and check on Gary.

Pagan Pub: Gary is also breathing very shallowly. Very pale.

Agent Starbird: Use remaining water to extinguish incense, drag Gary into front room.

Pagan Pub: Okay.

Gary Nedler: [Now you’re thinking. Where were our heads before? 😉 ]

Pagan Pub: [;-)]

Pagan Pub: You feel better yourself now, needless to say. Adrenalin and all that.

Agent Starbird: Panic is more like it. Trying to think back to my training — this isn’t very good, medically, is it?

Pagan Pub: You should try to revive them somehow.

Pagan Pub: There’s a bit of pink to Gary’s cheeks.

Agent Starbird: This isn’t like, normal deep sleep, or intense meditation … in other words, I’m not making a fool of myself over nothing.

Agent Fenemore: [Oh no, shallow breathing and a weak pulse are signs of good health…]

Pagan Pub: oh I think it’s something alright. Usually meditation doesn’t turn your hair white either.

Agent Starbird: Open several windows.

Pagan Pub: Okay, you get some air going.

Agent Starbird: Get some more cold water, splash on faces, try to shake people awake.

Pagan Pub: [SPLASH]

Agent Starbird: Call Gaston on the cellular, explain situation, say I need help STAT.

Agent Starbird: [Figure Gaston can get an ambulance here faster than those clowns at the front desk.]

Pagan Pub: Nedler sputters.

Pagan Pub: Fenemore takes a deep breath, then resumes shallow breathing, better than before.

Gary Nedler: “spp, spp, what happened. “

Pagan Pub: Nedler: you’re very woozy.

Gary Nedler: “whoa, man, where am I? Good thing I’m lying down, man.”

Agent Starbird: “Stay calm, Gary. You were fading away or something. Do you remember anything?”

Gary Nedler: “Past lives man. Swimming for incense.”

Gary Nedler: “Nothing works. System’s screwed up.”

Agent Starbird: How’s Fenemore doing?

Pagan Pub: Fenemore is breathing regularly, a bit of color in his cheeks. He’s still unconscious, however.

Gary Nedler: “Only good cover is a flakey cover.”

Gary Nedler: “Never let them know when you’re serious.”

Gary Nedler: “Keep that Kyle guy away from my daughter.”

Agent Starbird: [well, *THAT* certainly explains some things…]

Pagan Pub: LONG minutes go by.

Pagan Pub: Not LOTS of minutes,just LONG ones!

Gary Nedler: “mumble”

Agent Starbird: As long as nobody’s condition is deteriorating, I keep them covered and immobile and all that other good first aid stuff

Pagan Pub: okay.

Agent Starbird: Oh, I grab the crystal before the ambulance guys take Gary and Kyle away. Hate for it to get misplaced.


Pagan Pub: (rattle rattle of knob)

Agent Starbird: “Yes?”

Pagan Pub: “Hello? You need an ambulance?”

Agent Starbird: :: put away gun, open door ::

Pagan Pub: You open the door.

Pagan Pub: We’ll end it here.


Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.
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