‘The New Age’ Playtest Transcript 7

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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of seventh session — May 15th, 1993

Agent Starbird– Clarence Starbird, F.B.I. trainee
Don Rice– Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt. consultant
Mr Shiny– Agent Fenemore, F.B.I. agent

Opening “DG Game 7” for recording.

Pagan Pub: Okay, you were at a meeting with Gaston in the hospital after the Fenemore incident.

Pagan Pub: Let’s make a bold intuitive leap and figure that you guys are now in Fenemore’s room. He’s awake and feeling better (again), so you can yak.

Agent Fenemore: I had an incident?

Agent Starbird: What I want to know is, if Kyle and Gary are the sensitive psychic types, why did Kyle contact *me*?

Gary Nedler: “You must be a latent psychic man. Ever have your Kirlian aura checked?”

Pagan Pub: Who would you contact if there were a monster in your room? 😉

Agent Fenemore: A monster!

Agent Fenemore: Are any importanat body parts missing?

Agent Starbird: A couple of questions from last time: Do Eddie Valiant’s military records match up with the dead Major’s?

Agent Starbird: Were they ever in the same place at the same time?

Gary Nedler: I was speculating maybe he still worked for the CIA/contras.

Pagan Pub: At the moment, you don’t know. Gaston is going to kick some shins about getting Valiant’s records released. Should have some info in a few hours.

Gary Nedler: “Yeah, Gaston, cut through that red tape, man.”

Pagan Pub: Problem is the colonel did a lot of black stuff, so matching up with his files may be tricky. But you guys have an ‘in.’

Gary Nedler: That just means we’d better try really _hard_.

Agent Starbird: And are any toxicology reports back yet on Kyle? I think Rex (our bellhop/dog friend) drugged him.

Pagan Pub: Toxicology: Fenemore was sedated by the doctors, and was pretty heavily under. No other drugs.

Agent Starbird: “The amazing part, Kyle, was that I felt what you felt. I felt the bed sheets. I heard the monitors.

Agent Starbird: I heard Rex rustling around the room. I heard you calling me for help. Why me?”

Agent Fenemore: “I don’t know – perhaps I knew you could hear…”

Gary Nedler: “It was karma, man. Time for you to have an OBE.”

Agent Starbird: My only guess is that it’s because I’m carrying the crystal…

Pagan Pub: (Kyle: oh, you remember nothing from the time of the hotel room weirdness til now)

Pagan Pub: (which means, you don’t recall the dreams you had, etc.)

Pagan Pub: (or your initial period of wakefulness…that’s also why the transcripts were delayed so long)

Agent Fenemore: ah ha – clever ploy or good excuse – you decide!

Gary Nedler: (sure, sure, that’s what you say _now_ )

Agent Fenemore: “Odd” (check my hair in mirror – of course I don’t know it’s white)

Gary Nedler: “Kyle, man, I know a good line of henna-based hair dyes …”

Agent Starbird: “You told us about the dream before, Kyle… first you were in the Major’s body, getting “serviced” by one of the hookers … then you were flying above a red planet or something…

Agent Starbird: You said you heard the name “Valiant”, and that’s who gave the major the crystal.

Agent Starbird: Have we seen a mug shot of Valiant?

Agent Starbird: There’s a (slim) chance that Valiant and Moondog Rex are one and the same…

Pagan Pub: Not yet, but the cops’ files are being brought over.

Pagan Pub: In fact, here they are! (no point in making you wait)

Pagan Pub: “Here’s da files, fellas. Say, could I have one of those donuts?”

Agent Starbird: “Help yourself” :: grabbing files::

Pagan Pub: “Hey, thanks!” [SCARF]

Agent Starbird: Well? Do I recognize Valiant?

Pagan Pub: nope.

Agent Fenemore: “Odd – pass a donut and a cup a’ jo'”

Gary Nedler: Change subject: how soon is the Enolsis meeting?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: meeting is in the next week, about three days away.

Gary Nedler: (oops, thought it was tonight)

Pagan Pub: Cop leaves. You’ve got photocopies of what little they had, which I’ll summarize.

Pagan Pub: Says Valiant discharged in ’88. Affadavits state he was bringing drugs into St. Louis ’89-’91, probably through old military buddies.

Pagan Pub: On lots of “known associates” lists, never busted himself.

Pagan Pub: He’s in his late 20s.

Pagan Pub: Well-built, steroidial forehead, blond, about 5’10.

Pagan Pub: Apparently tried to set himself up as a big supplier to a number of good-sized dealers, had some success.

Pagan Pub: Has permits for owning and collecting every kind of weapon legal.

Agent Starbird: Great. He’ll be fun to run into…

Gary Nedler: Including full auto?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: has a collector’s permit for full auto.

Agent Fenemore: I don’t think weaponry should be our worst fear…

Agent Starbird: And wanted for murder … what do the cops have that make them believe that Valiant did the crime?

Pagan Pub: Victim was a dealer who (according to affadavits) had never bought from Valiant and tried to undercut his dealers. They’d been verbally sparring for some time. An ex-girlfriend of Valiant’s said he had a very violent temper and tended to act irrationally at times. Cocaine addict.

Pagan Pub: Again, never busted for anything.

Pagan Pub: And unseen in two years.

Agent Starbird: Is finding Valiant high on the cops’ priority list? Or is this case in the inactive file?

Pagan Pub: It’s inactive. If he turned up again, though, they’d want him pretty bad.

Pagan Pub: Files list the investigating officers, if you wish to contact them at some point you can do so.

Gary Nedler: Just to clarify: the dealers you mentioned worked for Valiant, or he for them?

Pagan Pub: He sold to them in “bulk,” offering it cheaper than the usual folks. Didn’t do major business, but no doubt made some $$$.

Gary Nedler: Okay, so he was a wholesaler, and this other dealer was from another network and undercutting his buyers’ street prices.

Pagan Pub: Affadavits also suggest (though not known for sure) that he was bringing weapons in for his clients as an inducement to buy from him.

Agent Starbird: Are any of Valiant’s known associates or ex-girlfriends currently in jail, where they can be easily interviewed? (hint, hint)

Pagan Pub: Starbird: give me a Luck roll.
OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 19

Pagan Pub: bingo.

Pagan Pub: Yeah, his ex-girlfriend is in for rolling a tourist.

Gary Nedler: Here in St. Louis?

Pagan Pub: Yep.

Agent Starbird: Great. She moves near the top of the list… I think we should also try to talk to DiTorrio again, as long as we’re in the hospital and all…

Agent Starbird: I’m out of questions… what should we do next, guys?

Pagan Pub: DiTorrio is indeed here at the hospital and is available for questioning.

Gary Nedler: DiTorrio, then girlfriend, then Tulsa, then back for Enolsis meeting?

Agent Starbird: Sounds good.

Agent Fenemore: ok

Agent Starbird: Kyle able to travel?

Pagan Pub: Sure, no problem. (he suddenly got better when Shiny appeared…) Want to book a flight now?

Agent Fenemore: of course

Gary Nedler: “Yeah, man, we can always rebook according to the winds of change.”

Agent Fenemore: I’ll call Denise

Agent Starbird: Just a hunch (a paranoid hunch…), maybe we shouldn’t give people who can bug our hotel room any idea of our travel plans

Pagan Pub: Okay, you can just head to the airport tomorrow and pick up a flight then.

Pagan Pub: County jail will expect you a couple hours.

Agent Fenemore: “Hello, Denise – I’ll have the pizza with four topping delivered tomorrow to Tulsa”

Agent Fenemore: oops – three

Pagan Pub: heh.

Gary Nedler: “Is that a tape recorder or a radio, man?”

Agent Starbird: They’ve got cellular technology — I wonder if our cellular is tapped too…

Pagan Pub: VERY easy to do.

Agent Starbird: I know… 🙁

Gary Nedler: “We should only speak mind-to-mind, then, man.”

Agent Fenemore: That on the bed is a tape recorder – this is a celluar leased line phone

Agent Starbird: LOL

Agent Starbird: “Whatever you say, Mr. Spock…”

Pagan Pub: Crystal is…with you guys now?

Agent Starbird: In my pocket, boss…

Pagan Pub: Okay, that’s what I thought.

Agent Starbird: Down the hall to visit DiTorrio?

Gary Nedler: Yep

Pagan Pub: Yup.

Agent Starbird: off we go…

Agent Fenemore: … putting on robe …

Pagan Pub: Kyle, you can get dressed, it’s okay.

Agent Fenemore: :: getting dressed :::

Agent Fenemore: combing hair:::

Agent Starbird: It’s a miracle recovery, Kyle!

Agent Starbird: … except for the hair…

Agent Fenemore: Zen healing mantras

Agent Starbird: Has Gaston improved the guard on DiTorrio’s room? I suggest it if he hasn’t already…

Pagan Pub: Yup. He was already well-guarded, moreso now.

Pagan Pub: Okay you guys get in to see DiTorrio.

Pagan Pub: His physician is there, bustling about.

Pagan Pub: “Do you need me to leave?”

Agent Starbird: [good question. What do I know about this guy… Chichester, isn’t it?]

Pagan Pub: Starbird: Um, you guys had him checked a little and he seemed fine. A little loose with the prescriptions, but then his clients are legislators and other bigwigs, so it’s okay.

Agent Fenemore: “If you don’t mind.”

Pagan Pub: “Certainly, certainly.” He goes outside.

Agent Fenemore: what kind of equipment, if any, is DiTorrio on?

Pagan Pub: Nothing at this point. He’s in much better shape.

Agent Starbird: Is the senator at all coherent?

Pagan Pub: yes, quite so. He has recovered from the shock/drugs or whatever was incapacitating him earlier

Agent Starbird: “Good afternoon, Senator. How are you feeling?”

Pagan Pub: “A bit better, thanks. What can I do for you gentlemen?”

Pagan Pub: Psychology rolls, please.

Agent Fenemore: “What do you remeber, Senator?”
OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 12
OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 21

Pagan Pub: He sighs. “I’ve made a statement already, but I’ll give it to you again. I think you understand the circumstances. I was at a party at Daniels’. My companion and I were alone in one of the guest rooms. There was some sort of boom and a searing light, then I woke up here.

Pagan Pub: (DiTorrio is obviously ill at ease and embarrassed.)

Agent Starbird: “You’ve talked to cops before, I know. But we know someting else was going on, something supernatural… “

Pagan Pub: “Supernatural? Hardly.”

Agent Fenemore: “What about Eddie?”

Pagan Pub: “Eddie?”

Agent Fenemore: “Yes – when did you last see him?”

Pagan Pub: “What’s his last name? I can’t think of an Eddie offhand.”

Agent Starbird: “I think Gary’s talking about Eddie Valiant.”

Pagan Pub: He shakes his head. “Doesn’t ring a bell.”

Agent Fenemore: “Oh Senator, how could you forget someone as close to your friends as Mr. Valiant?”

Pagan Pub: “I really don’t believe I know the man.”

Agent Fenemore: “Where did the Major get his ‘party favors’?”

Pagan Pub: “Party favors? You mean the girls?

Agent Fenemore: “No – the ‘refreshments'”

Pagan Pub: He smiles weakly. “I have no idea where the ‘refreshments’ came from.”

Agent Fenemore: “Where did he meet the girls?”

Pagan Pub: “The girls? Neal brought them.” (you know Neal was the pimp/drug contact for Daniels at the party)

Agent Starbird: “Maj. Daniels had some interest in crystals, New Age stuff, right?”

Pagan Pub: “Oh, yeah he did but he didn’t talk much about it.”

Agent Fenemore: “What about the crystal, did he ask you to try it?”

Agent Starbird: :: pull the crystal from my pocket :: “Ever seen this one before?

Gary Nedler: [sorry, we have thunder here and my line disconnected]

Pagan Pub: He looks at the crystal. “Daniels had something like that, maybe that one. I saw it, but didn’t know much about it.”

Pagan Pub: “Let me ask you, do you know yet who was responsible for the bombing? Were there any calls?”

Agent Fenemore: “It may have been a friend of the Majors paying a visit.”

Agent Starbird: “We don’t think it *was* a bombing, Senator. I really would like to know more about when you last saw Eddie Valiant.”

Pagan Pub: “I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

Agent Starbird: “C’mon Senator, maybe it’s the recent ordeal that’s got you off your usual form, but you’re a lousy liar right now.”

Agent Starbird: “We got a lot of dead people on our hands, and right now you’re in it right up to your high-and-mighty eyeballs.”

Pagan Pub: He glares at you. “I don’t know anyone named Valiant and I do NOT appreciate being called a liar.”

Agent Starbird: “Fine. Have it your way.”

Gary Nedler: (maybe we can ask questions about what happened BEFORE the bombing)

Agent Starbird: [*What* bombing? There was no bomb…]

Agent Fenemore: “I’m sorry to disturb you Senator – the committee must have been misinformed.”

Pagan Pub: “Committee?”

Agent Fenemore: “I’m sorry, I thought you were aware of the investigation – I’m sure you’ll be cleared.”

Agent Starbird: :: stepping back to let Kyle take a run at the Senator… ::

Agent Fenemore: “It’s highly unlikely there will be enough evidence to impeach you.”

Pagan Pub: He glowers. “Look, I’m no fool. We all know the situation at Daniels’ wasn’t a boy scout meeting.

Pagan Pub: I’m trying to answer your questions as best I can so we can get to the bottom of this mess as quickly and sanely as possible. You don’t need to threaten me, and furthermore I won’t stand for it.”

Agent Fenemore: “I’m sure that’s true – I guess the documents were forgeries after all.”

Pagan Pub: He sighs. “Sure. Whatever. Do you have any more questions or are you just going to keep shitting me?”

Agent Starbird: [Perhaps we can catch more flies with honey then vinegar… what can we offer him to make him *want to cooperate?”]

Gary Nedler: [Tell him the more we know, the more leaks we can stop.]

Gary Nedler: [i.e., if we know the truth, we can make a good cover story for the press.]

Agent Starbird: [Shit… I have no idea what to say to this guy. After all, he *is* a suspect… any ideas?]

Agent Fenemore: “Senator, I’m sure the link between you and the Major’s connection to a drug running gun hoarding murderer named Valiant is tenuous, but people are bound to ask questions when the press hears of it. Valiant gave the Major a crystal that may have been instrumental in the explosion. We are unsure of the technology involved, but foriegn elements may be at work. We just want to clear your good name before it all falls together.”

Gary Nedler: [hear, hear]

Pagan Pub: “Listen, whitey, I don’t know Valiant. I don’t know nothing about Daniels’ crystal. And I don’t know where the FUCK you assholes get off with this threat bullshit!”

Gary Nedler: “We’re not the ones going around tearing FBI agents to shreds, Senator… we’re not threatening you.”

Pagan Pub: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Agent Fenemore: “Elements of our government are poised to eliminate any threat to national security.”

Agent Fenemore: “Those elements, not knowing better, might assume your position implies guilt.”

Agent Fenemore: “Senator, if you don’t cooperate, I can’t be responsible for what might happen.”

Pagan Pub: “Oh, you’ll be plenty responsible. I’ll see to that.”

Gary Nedler: “We’ve got three agents with their insides splattered around a hotel room, man. It’s not pretty. Anything you can tell us may help, man.”

Agent Starbird: “And whoever — or whatever — did it has been in this hospital, too.”

Gary Nedler: “Yes, but that was over an hour ago, man.”

Agent Starbird: “True.”

Gary Nedler: “The senator’s guarded by FBI agents now, man.”

Pagan Pub: “I’ve got guards. I’ve got friends. And believe me, as soon as I can leave I’m getting the hell out of St. Louis. Someone blows up my best friend and you people throw me up against a wall!”

Agent Fenemore: Any whoever did it might be responsible for the happening at your house – people might not be satisfied with the explanation that you ‘just happened’ to escape alive.”

Pagan Pub: “That’s YOUR problem. YOUR’E the experts. YOU find out what’s going on.”

Agent Fenemore: “We can’t unless you help us!”

Gary Nedler: “Whoever’s doing this is tracking us all across St. Louis, Senator.”

Gary Nedler: “Leaving the city *might* keep you safe, for a while.”

Agent Fenemore: “I think you might not be safe anywhere Senator.”

Agent Starbird: “Look, maybe you *were* just in it for the coke and the broads. If that’s the case, I really don’t care. But Daniels and Valiant *were* up to something, and anything that can help us find Valiant will help us end it.”

Pagan Pub: “I hadn’t seen Daniels in months before the party. I don’t know Valiant from Valium. Is that all?”

Agent Fenemore: “When did you meet Danials before the party?”

Gary Nedler: “How did you hear about the party? Did Danials call you out of the blue?”

Pagan Pub: “I’ve known him for years. We get together a few times a year when our schedules let us.”

Agent Starbird: “If that’s the story you’re going to stick to, there’s nothing more I can do for you.” :turn and leave

Agent Starbird: [Where’s Gaston?]

Pagan Pub: [Gaston has left the hospital, he’s off doing official stuff]

Gary Nedler: [recap — have we asked DiTorrio if anyone else was at the party whose body we DON’T have?]

Pagan Pub: [no, his statement accounts for everyone found]

Agent Starbird: [I talk to the man in charge of guarding DiTorrio’s room, tell him I’ll clear it with Gaston shortly, but for now he’s not to let DiTorrio leave. Find any excuse he can to pull it off.]

Pagan Pub: [Starbird: no problem.]

Gary Nedler: “Senator, one question: was this party typical of Daniels’ get-togethers? Or was this new?”

Pagan Pub: He frowns. “Yeah, it was the usual.”

Gary Nedler: “Any different elements, man? You always have crystals?”

Pagan Pub: “I don’t know how long he’s had this crystal stuff, maybe a couple years.”

Agent Fenemore: “Why weren’t you in the main room with Daniels?”

Pagan Pub: “We wanted some privacy.”

Agent Fenemore: “Had you been in that room previously that night?”

Pagan Pub: “Sure, yeah, we were all there for most of the night.”

Agent Fenemore: “Was it your idea or Doreen’s to go to the guest room?”

Gary Nedler: “When you got there, was the party ready to start, or did you see Daniels doing any prepartions?”

Pagan Pub: “I dunno, we just went. I’d been there all afternoon, we had lunch and watched the game.”

Gary Nedler: “Have crystals figured in your other get-togethers?”

Pagan Pub: “I don’t know what you mean…he just had one, I don’t know what he did with it.”

Gary Nedler: “Was it in the center of the orgy, uh, I mean party, on purpose or was it just there?”

Pagan Pub: “I have no idea. He didn’t talk about it.”

Agent Fenemore: “What exactly was Daniels doing the last time you saw him?”

Pagan Pub: “He was with some chick on the floor snorting coke off his dick.”

Agent Fenemore: “They both were? I would have thought him so flexible.”

Pagan Pub: “No, you idiot, she was.”

Agent Fenemore: “Ohh”

Agent Starbird: [calling Gaston]

Pagan Pub: [you reach him]

Agent Starbird: [“Gaston, DiTorrio’s feeling better, very feisty. And he’s stonewalling us. Says he doesn’t know Valiant, and he’s *definitely* lying about that. The rest, I’m not so sure.”]

Pagan Pub: [“Hmm, well I’ve pried Valiant’s military records loose. You’ll have them in an hour or so.”]

Agent Starbird: [“Is there some way the doctors can find a reason or two that he can’t leave for a while?”]

Pagan Pub: [“Hell, we can hold him for questioning til his hair turns white. I mean, well you know.”]

Pagan Pub: [“We’ve got the bastard against a wall. If we leak the details of the party, his career is over.”]

Agent Starbird: [“Great. He tried to pull rank on us — typical reflex for a Senator, I suppose…”]

Agent Starbird: [“Thanks, boss. We’re about done here.”]

Pagan Pub: [“Okay, good. I’ve made reservations for Tulsa under some other names, and we’ll cancel them just before the flight so we can be sure you’ll pick up seats.”]

Agent Starbird: [“Thanks. I hope the trip is worthwhile, but we’re running out of leads here. DiTorrio doesn’t threaten easily. Do we have anything else on him?”]

Pagan Pub: [“Besides a decade of vice? No, not really. He basically honest, just a slime on his own time.”]

Agent Starbird: [“Thanks again. I’ll check in with you later to get those military records.”]

Gary Nedler: Have we shown DiTorrio the picture of Valiant?

Pagan Pub: nope.

Gary Nedler: “Senator, man, have you ever seen this man before?” [Psych roll.]
OnlineHost: Mr. Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 90

Pagan Pub: “I don’t know anyone who looks like this.”

Agent Fenemore: “Senator, one last time, what do you know about Valiant?”

Gary Nedler: [Kyle, how about your Psych roll — I blew mine.]
OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 14

Pagan Pub: He’s lying.

Pagan Pub: He seemed to think the picture was kind of humorous for some reason as well.

Agent Fenemore: ::picking up cellular phone:: “Hello, Washington post? Give me Johnson ..”

Pagan Pub: “Who the hell are you calling?”

Agent Fenemore: “Hi Fred – yes, Kyle from the bureau. Thanks again for your help in the investigation last year. Now, I’d like to return the favor.”

Pagan Pub: “Wait one god damn second! What the fuck are you doing!”

Gary Nedler: “Senator, have you seen your horoscope for today? Might be important.”

Agent Fenemore: “I’ve got a scoop on the DiTorrio case. Yes, I’m with the Senator right now.”


Agent Fenemore: “It seems there was a lot more going on then in the initial reports -“

Agent Fenemore: “DiTorrio seems to been having a little get together…”

Agent Starbird: :: Heading back to the room ::


Agent Fenemore: “Well, it seems there were some interesting activities taking place…”


Agent Fenemore: “Oh Fred, I think the Senator wants to make a statement, can I call you back? Bye.”

Agent Starbird: :: walking in ::

Agent Fenemore: “Ok, talk.”


Agent Starbird: [Music swells dramatically…]

Pagan Pub: [Needless to say, the senator is florid at this point.]

Agent Starbird: “Hang up the phone, Kyle… let’s get the Senator some water.”

Agent Fenemore: :: hanging up phone:::

Pagan Pub: He’s breathing heavily. “He’s not mixed up in this, alright? Let’s leave him out of this, alright?”

Pagan Pub: [He’s visibly shaken. You’ve got him over a barrel.]

Gary Nedler: “He’s a love child from your young and wild days?”

Pagan Pub: “Yeah, whatever you want to call it. He’s the only family I got, I just wanted to take care of him.”

Agent Starbird: [Nice game of good cop – bad cop, guys. Time for the good cop?]

Agent Fenemore: sure

Gary Nedler: “Maybe if you tell us some background, we’ll be able to keep him AND you out of the press.”

Pagan Pub: He sighs.

Pagan Pub: “Look, I don’t know how much you know about Eddie. But he’s a good kid. He’s been screwed over a lot, but he’s got his act together. I’ve helped him whenever I could.”

Gary Nedler: “Look, the police are looking for Eddie. Why don’t you tell us the truth about his part, so we can write him off in the investigation? Take the heat off him.”

Agent Starbird: “You’re a good dad, looking out for your boy. That’s cool. How long has your son known Daniels?”

Pagan Pub: “A few years. Daniels helped him when that contra crap hit, as a favor to me. He’s kept an eye on Eddie here since I’m in DC most of the time.”

Gary Nedler: “You can talk about Daniels all you want. He’s dead; you can’t hurt him.”

Pagan Pub: “Thanks for the reminder, asshole.”

Agent Starbird: :: shooting Gary killing glare ::

Agent Starbird: “So Eddie introduced Daniels to all that crystal stuff?”

Pagan Pub: “Yeah, it was just another drug to them. I don’t know much about it. Eddie’s really into that stuff.”

Gary Nedler: “How were they using the crystal stuff as a drug, man?” :: doesn’t notice ::

Pagan Pub: “I dunno, I really don’t. It was some kind of meditation bullshit. Daniels said it gave you a rush every so often if you meditated regularly.”

Agent Starbird: “Hey, Gary, give it a rest for the second, OK? The senator’s been through a lot.” (using my best Psych abilities.)

Gary Nedler: [okay, okay]
OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 59

Pagan Pub: [you feel he’s telling the truth. He obviously wants to protect Eddie, though.]

Agent Starbird: “What we’re worried about, Senator, is that either deliberately or accidentally, they tapped into some very strange forces that were responsible for the explosion at the house, as well as the deaths of three agents the next day.”

Pagan Pub: “What? I thought it was a bomb? And I haven’t heard anything about your guys getting killed.”

Agent Fenemore: [well, I gotta go folks – see you next session!]

Agent Starbird: “Are you familiar with Delta Green, Senator?”

Pagan Pub: “Delta Green? No, afraid not.”

Gary Nedler: [dumb question, Gamer, but … psych roll?]
OnlineHost: Mr. Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 50

Agent Starbird: [my Psych roll was for DiTorrio, to give him the impression that I was on his side…]

Pagan Pub: [gotcha. he’s definitely responding to you better than the others.]

Gary Nedler: [mine was to see if the Senator was lying re: Delta Green]

Pagan Pub: [he doesn’t seem to be lying about DG]

Agent Starbird: [When you play good cop – bad cop, the bad cops scare the guy, then shut the hell up so the good cop can get the information]

Gary Nedler: [so, I’ve shut up]

Agent Starbird: “We don’t know what we’re dealing with here, but we know it *wasn’t* a traditional bomb. No chemical residue, nothing. Something paranormal may be responsible.”

Gary Nedler: “Or it could be a new Military weapon of some kind. Stealth bomb, man.”

Pagan Pub: “Paranormal? What, a ghost blew up?”

Agent Starbird: “I don’t think so. But *something* happened. For a moment at least, our traditional concepts of reality just didn’t apply. Objects flying through walls, that sort of thing.”

Pagan Pub: He looks at you like you’re crazy.

Gary Nedler: [Has he seen pictures of scene?]

Pagan Pub: [nope]

Agent Starbird: “I know it sounds nuts, but the forensics are indisputable.”

Gary Nedler: [Shock him by showing him just one, Gamer?]

Agent Starbird: [Why not? Do we have one handy?]

Pagan Pub: [sure]

Gary Nedler: “Senator, look at how this body was thrown through this wall no bomb did this, man.”

Pagan Pub: He shakes his head. “Yeah, okay, it’s weird. I don’t know weird. That’s your department.”

Pagan Pub: “I haven’t got a clue what could have caused the blast.”

Gary Nedler: “Senator, the only other thing that’s weird in this is the crystals could we talk to Eddie some how?”

Agent Starbird: “That’s why we need to find Eddie. Maybe he started this crystal stuff as a lark, and it’s gotten out of hand. We could help him if we can find him. There are some violent people on the other side of this case. Eddie could be in danger.”

Pagan Pub: He thinks for a minute.

Gary Nedler: “Three agents torn to shreds, man.”

Pagan Pub: “I’ll talk to him. I’ll see what he can say. Maybe he’ll want to talk to you guys. But I tell you, this crystal crap is nothing. They were just fucking around with it.”

Gary Nedler: “Maybe they met some bad types who were using it as a cover, man. That happens.”

Gary Nedler: “Sometimes truly dangerous types use this mystic stuff as a cover so people think they’re harmless kooks.” [winks]

Agent Starbird: “I hope you’re right. I definitely prefer rational explanations to things, myself. I just don’t have one for this, yet.”

Pagan Pub: “Look, I don’t know crystals from cocaine, alright? I can’t imagine any of that stuff means squat. But I’ll talk to Eddie as soon as I get out of here and we’ll see, alright?”

Agent Starbird: “I respect your desire to protect your son. Do you need some privacy so you can contact him?”

Gary Nedler: “Couldn’t you call him now, man? Next best thing to being there, man.”

Agent Starbird: “I’m not sure the Senator trusts us entirely, Gary. I’m willing to trade him some security in exchange for his cooperation.”

Gary Nedler: “If you want to do it that way, man.”

Pagan Pub: “Fine, okay, we got a deal.”

Pagan Pub: And we’ve got a stopping point. Any quick questions?

Agent Starbird: I don’t want to doublecross the Senator (not if I don’t have to…), but we’ve got to set up a safety net. What if he tells Eddie to cut and run? What if Eddie doesn’t want to come in? I gotta work on some contingency plans…

Gary Nedler: Is his phone line bugged?

Gary Nedler: Can we order it bugged?

Pagan Pub: The one here is. Presumably he wants to get out and then go to a pay phone or something.

Agent Starbird: We can tail him and use proximity mikes to get his end of the conversation…

Gary Nedler: Did we get a listing of his telephone calls from DC?

Pagan Pub: I don’t think so, but that’s no problem. For the last month? or…?

Gary Nedler: If we’ve got the agents to sort through it, do the last year.

Gary Nedler: Maybe he doesn’t call his son that often.

Agent Starbird: Good idea, Gary. Since he figured nobody knew Valiant was his son, he might have placed traceable calls to him.

Gary Nedler: Also, what about incoming calls? Any traces or records on them?

Gary Nedler: If necessary, can a hacker get into his secretary’s computer?

Gary Nedler: Read his phone messages, etc.

Pagan Pub: Someone can do that, yeah.

Agent Starbird: Let’s start next week by finalizing our plans, and we can get Kyle involved, too.

Pagan Pub: Alright, you guys can plan strategy then.


Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.