‘The New Age’ Playtest Transcript 8

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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of eighth session — June 6th, 1993

Don Rice– Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt. consultant
Mr Shiny– Agent Fenemore, F.B.I. agent

Opening “DG Game 8” for recording.

Pagan Pub: Anyway, as I was saying a phone tap is problematic because the senator could use any phone, anywhere — which is presumably why he wants out of the hospital before he’ll call Valiant.

Gary Nedler: Right. I was asking about high-tech surveillance possibilities.

Agent Fenemore: We could shadow him with a shotgun mic/parabolic mic

Pagan Pub: Gotcha. You guys can get a tail/surveilance team put on him that will *probably* do the trick.

Agent Fenemore: Make it so.

Pagan Pub: No prob.

Gary Nedler: Other thoughts: can a cellular station right *in* his car make bugging easier?

Gary Nedler: For tapping cellular phone, I mean.

Pagan Pub: DiTorrio will be released later this afternoon. Um, not if he’s using a pay phone or something. If he uses car phone, no problem. Child’s play.

Agent Fenemore: Where was Valiant’s girl?

Pagan Pub: County lock-up.

Agent Fenemore: In MO?

Pagan Pub: Yep, St. Louis County.

Pagan Pub: What next?

Agent Fenemore: Well, off to there?

Gary Nedler: Well, we can interview her. Also check her visitor records.

Agent Fenemore: Ok – to jail

Gary Nedler: “House of incarceration — bad vibes, man.”

Agent Fenemore: (after arranging all of the above security thingies

Pagan Pub: Taken care of. Teams are fanning out to bug his office, vehicles, etc.

Gary Nedler: Would it be possible to get call records of any phones he uses, BTW?

Pagan Pub: Um, should be as long as they witness him calling and can identify the phone.

Gary Nedler: That’s what we pay them for. 😉

Pagan Pub: heh!

Agent Fenemore: To jail!

Pagan Pub: Okay, you guys cruise to the county lock-up.

Pagan Pub: Ex-girlfriendÕs name is Angel O’Rourke.

Pagan Pub: She’s got a record of petty theft, etc.

Agent Fenemore: Flash creditentials “Special Agent Fenemore, FBI”

Pagan Pub: They’re expecting you. “Good to meet you, Agent Fenemore. Come this way.”

Gary Nedler: :: follow ::

Pagan Pub: Guards lead you into the visitor’s room.

Pagan Pub: Take a seat in front of a glass-fronted cubicle. Scrawny bleached blonde with a rose tattoo on her shoulder sitting on the other side. Scars on the crook of her arm.

Gary Nedler: “Angel, we have some questions for you about your friend Eddie Valiant. When was the last time you saw him?”

Pagan Pub: “Eddie? Heh. Haven’t seen him since he toasted that pusher ‘cross the river.”

Gary Nedler: “You saw him do that? Bad vibes.”

Pagan Pub: “Naw I didn’t see him do it but he told me all about it.”

Gary Nedler: “Was it fun?”

Pagan Pub: “He thought it was fun.”

Pagan Pub: “Whattaya want Eddie for?”

Gary Nedler: “Oh, let’s say some close family are looking for him.”

Pagan Pub: “Yeah, close as the fuzz.”

Agent Fenemore: “Angel, what do you know about the crystals?”

Pagan Pub: “Crystals? You mean rocks?”

Agent Fenemore: “Yes, the ones Eddie would use.”

Pagan Pub: “Eddie didn’t do crack. He liked the kind you could blow up your nose.”

Gary Nedler: “No, the kind you meditate on. Like Enolsis sells.”

Agent Fenemore: “I mean real rocks – shiny gems “

Pagan Pub: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, man. He didn’t deal in jewels n’shit.”

Agent Fenemore: “The fever come yet? I bet you could use a fix, Angel.”

Pagan Pub: She snorts. “Hey, I’m clean mister badge. Ask the warden. Ask the nurse. I’m off that shit.”

Agent Fenemore: “How long has it been? Your arm aching yet?”

Pagan Pub: “I’m tellin’ ya man, I’m clean. See?” She holds her hand out, palm down. “Steady as a rock.”

Agent Fenemore: “It’s hard to go cold turkey in the joint, isn’t it.”

Agent Fenemore: “The sweats, the night terrors – how long has it been?”

Pagan Pub: “I been here three months, man, I been through that already. And I wasn’t bad to begin with. You’re wasting your time, asshole.”

Agent Fenemore: “Too bad Angel, we could set you up if you’d play ball.”

Pagan Pub: “Hey, I’ll play ball. Get me the hell outta this shithole and save me three months of puttin’ up with crap.”

Agent Fenemore: “Tell us about Eddie.”

Pagan Pub: “Whattaya wanna know? I don’t owe that guy nothing.”

Agent Fenemore: “Everything – especially any weird stuff – magic and voo doo stuff…”

Agent Fenemore: “you know what I mean…”

Gary Nedler: “You can call it New Age if you like.”

Pagan Pub: “He wasn’t into none of that kinda stuff. He was an ex-marine, man. He was military front, back, and sideways. A tough bastard. Pumped weights, took coke, and beat people up. That was his thing.”

Pagan Pub: “I asked him once, didn’t he believe in God? And you know what he said? He pointed to his head and said ‘this is the only God I worship.’ Can you believe that shit? He lived for himself.”

Gary Nedler: “Heavy karmic burden, man.”

Agent Fenemore: “Ever go down on him?”

Pagan Pub: “Go down on — hey, fuck you asshole!”

Agent Fenemore: “Now Angel, this is important – did he have you do that often?”

Agent Fenemore: “Now co-operate and you’ll get out.”

Agent Fenemore: “If not – there’s a murder that is just aching for someone to be connected to it.”

Pagan Pub: “Yeah, he liked it. No shit. So do you, I bet, if you ever get it.”

Pagan Pub: “White-haired motherfucker.”

Pagan Pub: “Colonel Sanders n’shit…”

Gary Nedler: [LoL]

Agent Fenemore: “Now Angel, did he ever do anything odd when you two did that – like meditating? Or chanting?”

Pagan Pub: “He had a dumb look on his face but that ain’t nothin’ new.”

Agent Fenemore: “Anything else – asnything that struck you as odd?”

Pagan Pub: “He was hardcore marine, man. That’s weird enough.”

Gary Nedler: “He have any weird friends?”

Pagan Pub: “Lotta marines, duh. His buddies that got him the drugs out of south america. Contra folks.”

Agent Fenemore: “Well, she doesn’t want to tell us anything we don’t know. Let her rot in here.” :::turns:::

Agent Fenemore: “Let her rot in here!”

Pagan Pub: “Hey screw you buddy! I told you what I know! He killed that dude and dropped outta sight!”

Gary Nedler: “Well, if that’s what you think, man. Incarceration is good for meditation.”

Agent Fenemore: “Ok Angel, you had your chance. Have a nice 10-20.”

Pagan Pub: She glares at you.

Pagan Pub: You guys split?

Pagan Pub: (give me Psych rolls)

Gary Nedler: “Here’s a number. If you think of anything else, tell the warden to call us, man.”

Pagan Pub: She looks at it. “1-900-Dick-Head, got it.”

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 50

Gary Nedler: (got the Psych roll exactly)

Agent Fenemore: “And don’t expect parole. The Bureau has friends on the board – too bad you wouldn’t tell us the truth.”

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 52

Pagan Pub: You think she’s telling the truth. She doesn’t know anything about new age stuff.

Pagan Pub: It was two years ago. It doesn’t sound like he was into it then, perhaps.

Gary Nedler: “Must be a new hobby, man. Lot of people take up a quest for spiritual transcendence late in life.”

Agent Fenemore: we leave – make arrangments for her release – get her set up in rehab – charges dropped – and surveilance (should Eddie show up)

Pagan Pub: Warden kicks a little but it’s not a problem.

Gary Nedler: ah, have her followed

Pagan Pub: It’ll be a couple weeks before she’s out.

Agent Fenemore: ok – Enolsis hack?

Pagan Pub: Enolsis hack. Was this to get into the local computer?

Gary Nedler: Yes, and possibly to back trace to an external one based on phone bills.

Gary Nedler: Probably most addresses in the local computer, though.

Gary Nedler: Certainly shipping info, warehouses, etc.

Pagan Pub: Okay, that was asked for yesterday, it’ll be a couple days before you get results. Computer screen is visible from the window, so they’ll have someone watch outside with binocs and catch the passwords.

Pagan Pub: Simplest and surest way to do it.

Agent Fenemore: (just like sneakers!)

Gary Nedler: Okay, whatever works.

Pagan Pub: Meanwhile. DiTorrio will be out in a couple hours. Everyone will be ready by then. What do you guys want to do? Accompany the surveilance team? Other plans?

Agent Fenemore: Well, any other leads right now, Nedler?

Gary Nedler: Didn’t we run an interrogation of local hookers, pimps, etc., for leads on Valiant?

Pagan Pub: St. Louis fuzz have worked the streets. No Valiant.

Gary Nedler: We were thinking of flying to, where was it, Tulsa?

Gary Nedler: Enolsis is based there, we think.

Agent Fenemore: Why not – the teams can work here

Agent Fenemore: Arrange flight to Tulsa

Pagan Pub: Right, actually you’d set up a flight of sorts already for tomorrow I think.

Gary Nedler: Um question: crystal is in Starbird’s pocket. Make sure he’s guarded.

Pagan Pub: You can take crystal with you if you wish. Starbird is working with the surveilance teams on DiTorrio.

Gary Nedler: Probably easier for you if we take crystal (heh).

Pagan Pub: Crystal is up to you, take it or leave it, so to speak!

Agent Fenemore: take it

Gary Nedler: Might be good to set up a blind: apparently vulnerable agent with it, but actually guarded.

Pagan Pub: Oh that’ll be a highly-sought duty! 😉

Gary Nedler: Also, we need to check to see if that’s what summoned Rex before.

Gary Nedler: If not, we’ve got a mole in the department.

Gary Nedler: How else did they know to hit us of all the agents in town.

Agent Fenemore: Perhaps they’re psychic?

Pagan Pub:

Gary Nedler: So book flights to, oh, Washington DC for us, with two ringer agents taking the flights. If they get hit we’ve got a mole.

Pagan Pub: Gaston can make some kind of fake courier, talk it up, etc.

Pagan Pub: Okay, no problem.

Gary Nedler: “Good to find out, man. Some people only pretend to be psychic.”

Gary Nedler: :: winks ::

Pagan Pub: Hmm.

Pagan Pub: When do you want this other flight to occur? Before you go to Tulsa? After? Same time?

Gary Nedler: Same time. Switch the agents driving us around so news gets out we *have* actually left town. Mole agents are going to be hard to fool.

Agent Fenemore: ok

Pagan Pub: Alright. Gaston gets it set up very carefully. Keeps track of who knows what.

Gary Nedler: That’s best. I give him a quick lesson on keeping track but pretending he isn’t. 😉

Pagan Pub: Heh!

Pagan Pub: Alright. That afternoon, DiTorrio is released. Starbird is on his tail.

Gary Nedler: Go Clarence!

Gary Nedler: What do we know about Enolsis, Tulsa, etc.?

Pagan Pub: Um, Tulsa is the headquarters of Enolsis and home of the Living Power, who is the spiritual leader and founder of Enolsis.

Pagan Pub: They have a big compound there for retreats, seminars, meetings, etc. Very open and friendly.

Pagan Pub: No one suspects them of having big arms caches like Waco or anything. Very above-board.

Gary Nedler: Any seminars or retreats we can join at the last minute?

Gary Nedler: :: Gary uses his contacts. ::

Pagan Pub: Someone calls. There is a weekend-long “self-encounter” session beginning day after tomorrow. Attendence expected is 80-100.

Gary Nedler: “Perfect. Kyle, this would be good for you. The white hair is good cover, and so’s the stiff manner. You want to learn to relax, got it?”

Pagan Pub: (LOL)

Gary Nedler: “Don’t expect the stuff people tell you to make sense, man. Just smile and act warm and keep your eyes open. All kinds of stuff can go on behind the scenes at these things, man.”

Gary Nedler: “If you need someone to open up, give them a story about your traumatic childhood, or how nothing in your life makes sense any more, then let them talk.”

Gary Nedler: “Always remember, if they ask too many questions about your cover, change the subject as if you don’t understand what they’re asking. Crystals, TM, and Tarot are all good for that.”

Gary Nedler: “They’ll think you’re dumb and give up, usually.”

Pagan Pub: Good advice.

Agent Fenemore: “Sounds good – you look too loose as it is.”

Pagan Pub: So. Anything you want to do before you leave tomorrow morning?

Gary Nedler: Change hotel rooms, again.

Pagan Pub: No problem.

Gary Nedler: Oh, did we get the odd armaments Starbird and I were asking about?

Gary Nedler: Silver bullets, wolfsbane aerosal, I forget what else.

Pagan Pub: In the morning.

Agent Fenemore: I next day air my current tape to Denise.

Pagan Pub: Got it.

Gary Nedler: Hmm. Is that safe? Commercial next day air?

Agent Fenemore: Scrambled tape mailed to a drop

Pagan Pub: Hey, even cultists use FedEx!

Gary Nedler: (paranoia’s showing)

Pagan Pub: That night, Starbird calls to say DiTorrio hasn’t contacted Valiant yet. Just been calling his office in D.C., colleagues, the press, etc. Nothing special.

Gary Nedler: Oh, I got one. Ask police if any new drug dealer groups are into voodoo, New Age, etc.

Pagan Pub: Um, they know of a small group of second-generation Jamaican kids in a posse that toke up and talk about Jah. That’s about the extent of it.

Gary Nedler: Worth a try, though. 🙂

Pagan Pub: Okay..

Pagan Pub: Next morning you get up, which is always a good start.

Pagan Pub: You go through a series of switches, doublebacks, swapping cars, etc.

Pagan Pub: Finally you’re on your way to Lambert International Airport, west of St. Louis.

Pagan Pub: No reports of anyone being followed, etc.

Pagan Pub: Decoy couriers are taking another route. No problems.

Pagan Pub: Starbird calls.

Pagan Pub: “DiTorrio had his driver pull over to a diner. He’s going to a pay-phone in the parking lot.”

Pagan Pub: “Crew 2 is in position.”

Pagan Pub: “I’ll patch it through to you.”

Pagan Pub: [click]

Pagan Pub: [street noise]

Pagan Pub: [wind blowing]

Pagan Pub: [clink of a coin on metal]

Pagan Pub: “Fucking jerks. Bug my fucking phone. Bug my fucking car.”

Pagan Pub: [Touch-tone phone dialing. Seven digits. Local call.]

Pagan Pub: “Enolsis.”

Pagan Pub: “Doug Waters, please.”

Pagan Pub: [muzak]

Pagan Pub: “Hello?”

Pagan Pub: “What the FUCK happened, boy!”

Pagan Pub: “Shit, dad, where the hell ya been?”

Pagan Pub: “Up to my ass in fuckwads with badges, that’s where. What the hell happened!”

Pagan Pub: “I don’t know! I don’t! I wasn’t even there! You know I cut out early!”

Pagan Pub: “So help me if I find out you had ANYTHING to do with what happened, if you had ANYTHING to do with the death of my friend, I’ll kick your ass six ways from Sunday.”

Pagan Pub: “Calm down! Christ, dad! I don’t know!”

Pagan Pub: [sighs] “Look, kid, the feds want to talk to you. They’re asking about crystals. About Enolsis.”

Pagan Pub: “Shit!”

Pagan Pub: “Yeah, no kidding bright boy. I got you a new life and a new face, now I’m telling you get the hell outta town. I can’t cover for you this time.”

Pagan Pub: “Dad! I can’t give this up!”

Pagan Pub: “You don’t have a CHOICE, mister. Ditch that new age crap and blow. Now.”

Pagan Pub: “Fuck you! I built this! I’m not gonna let some two-bit tin badge take it away!”

Pagan Pub: “God DAMN you make me mad. I’ve done all I can. Blow.”

Pagan Pub: [click]

Gary Nedler: Oooo-kay!

Pagan Pub: Starbird says “I think it’s warrant time.”

Agent Fenemore: is there one outstanding yet? Maybe armed response time?

Agent Fenemore: We’ve got to get ‘Doug Waters’ before he blows town.

Pagan Pub: Ahead of you on the highway, a tractor-rig full of new cars swerves in front of you.

Pagan Pub: Someone is on the top level, doing something.

Gary Nedler: [uh oh, are we in a bulletproof car?]

Agent Fenemore: I’m trying to shoot him.

Agent Fenemore: (roll down windows of course)

Gary Nedler: Pull taser out, get down, warn driver.

Gary Nedler: If there’s time, I radio situation to Gaston.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 26

Pagan Pub: Fenemore’s gun goes off. The first car tumbles off the back of the trailer and smashes nose down into the road.

Pagan Pub: Luck rolls, gentlemen. Fast.

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 35

Gary Nedler: [made it!] :: braces for crash ::

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 51

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 59

Pagan Pub: [for driver]

Pagan Pub: Fenemore, you’re not sure where your shot went. The driver of the car swerves hard to the left and slams into the crash barrier. Sparks fly along the driver’s side as you scrape along the cement.

Pagan Pub: In a moment you slip between the spinning vehicle and the wall. Behind you, a truck and another car are not so lucky and plow into the discarded auto.

Pagan Pub: Ahead of you, the trailer drifts right as another sedan rolls off the top.

Pagan Pub: You bypass that one safely. Behind you, you hear screeching tires, crunching metal, horns, and screams.

Agent Fenemore: Trty to make license.

Pagan Pub: Two more sedans plunge off the top level as the trailer moves back left towards you.

Agent Fenemore: radio for ambulances and a roadblock ahead

Gary Nedler: roadblock behind too, he’ll be expecting that.

Pagan Pub: The first one hits the pavement and crunches. The second one dives onto the first, then falls to one side, ahead of you. Luck rolls again, please.

Agent Fenemore: shooting for driver

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 59

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 23

Gary Nedler: [yes!]

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 89

Agent Fenemore: oops

Pagan Pub: Fenemore, again please.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 9

Pagan Pub: Whoo!

Pagan Pub: The second vehicle falls over upside down and slides into the passenger side of your car, crushing it against the crash barrier. Fenemore, you pulled your arm inside just in time!

Pagan Pub: The driver yells. Construction ahead, your car and the wrecked one are locked together in the wheel wells. You plow through orange barrels into soft asphalt.

Agent Fenemore: Do we have a sunroof?

Pagan Pub: Ahead and to the right, a steamroller. Yes, sunroof.

Pagan Pub: The trailer is on the other side of the line of safety barrels.

Gary Nedler: Still moving? How fast? Can we grab the wheel and avoid steam roller?

Pagan Pub: Behind you, you can hear more wrecks. The interstate is turning into a disaster area back there.

Gary Nedler: ¡No bueno!

Pagan Pub: The two cars are rolling along at about 40 miles an hour. The second car is slowing you down.

Pagan Pub: One more round of rolls, please.

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 62

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 9

Gary Nedler: [yes, yes, yes!]

Agent Fenemore: I pop up through the sunroof to unload the rest of my clip into the trailer

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 6

Gary Nedler: [wow, can you impale on a Luck roll?]

Pagan Pub: The other car hits the steam roller head on. Your car tears free and keeps rolling on the far side.

Gary Nedler: How’s our driver?

Pagan Pub: The driver is yelling something incoherent. Sounds like the lord’s prayer.

Pagan Pub: Fenemore stands up through the sunroof. The wind whips your face. It’s hot and vaporous from the wet asphalt below you.

Agent Fenemore: Can I start shooting?

Pagan Pub: fire.

Pagan Pub: Wait.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 1

Agent Fenemore: WHAT DO YOU MEAN WAIT!!!

Pagan Pub: [the roll is good]

Gary Nedler: Can the car still move? Are we catching fire like in the movies?

Pagan Pub: The trailer is pulling off onto an exit.

Pagan Pub: But there’s something in the road.

Pagan Pub: Bounding towards you across the highway is a large bear. Except it’s a dog.

Pagan Pub: It’s running faster than you are, gaining.

Gary Nedler: Rex, the hellhop from bell, I mean … 😉

Agent Fenemore: (shoot at the dog?)

Pagan Pub: You empty your clip into it. It’s about twenty feet away.

Gary Nedler: Shoot with taser.

Pagan Pub: No way, Nedler. Shiny is between you and the window.

Gary Nedler: Okay, red pepper spray in other hand, waiting.

Agent Fenemore: Reload!

Agent Fenemore: Any effect?

Pagan Pub: It spins and rolls on the road, roaring. You race on. After a moment you see it get up again and come after you, less steady.

Agent Fenemore: Let me know when I’m ready again

Pagan Pub: As you reload, you see it stretch. Its mass is shifting to change the center of gravity, its legs growing longer and stronger to run faster.

Pagan Pub: Fenemore, you can see a massive pile-up a couple miles back. Flames, horns, cars, it’s like something from a nightmare.

Gary Nedler: Can Kyle duck?

Pagan Pub: He can duck anytime he wants to.

Pagan Pub: The creature gains. Kyle, you’re good to go.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 50

Gary Nedler: “Kyle, next time you reload give me a clear shot, man”

Pagan Pub: You spray. A few bullets strike. It twitches but keeps coming. Twenty feet away once more.

Agent Fenemore: Duck, reload

Agent Fenemore: “Okay, go!”

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 20

Gary Nedler: That was taser.

Pagan Pub: Bzzt. The creature rolls again then keeps coming. It looks decidedly haggard.

Agent Fenemore: Gary switch I’ve reloaded

Gary Nedler: “Go, man.”

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 56

Pagan Pub: It bellows at you. The car is slowing, you can hear a tire flapping. The driver is shouting.

Agent Fenemore: reload

Agent Fenemore: (very cool battle – I love the car trailer!!!!)

Gary Nedler: (trailer is definitely a great trick!!!)

Pagan Pub: You spray again as it approaches the rear bumper. You track a line of hits down its back, welts of blood and flesh burst down the length. It roars again, gains on the bumper.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 41

Pagan Pub: Two shots strike it in the head, others along its bulk. Thing must weigh several hundred pounds.

Agent Fenemore: reload

Pagan Pub: It leaps onto the back of the car, punching through the metal of the trunk. Scrabbling furiously to get its rear legs onto the car.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 76

Agent Fenemore: oops

Agent Fenemore: point blank?

Pagan Pub: Yes.

Pagan Pub: Good?

Agent Fenemore: probably

Agent Fenemore: (kyle should be at least 45%-50%)

Pagan Pub: You fire through the rear windshield, shattering the glass, directly into the creature’s maw. Its head erupts in blood and tissue, spraying across the hood and onto you. The raw meat of the jaws roar and it starts to rear back.

Agent Fenemore: reload

Gary Nedler: Can I stand up through sunroof or does Kyle need to duck?

Gary Nedler: “Kyle, duck.” Red pepper mace its eyes (just in case) as soon as he’s clear.

Pagan Pub: Roll.

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 19

Pagan Pub: Gary sprays the red pepper mace directly onto the bloody mass at the end of its neck. The thing screams and scrabbles for a grip, then tumbles over the side and beyond the crash barrier. Gary, you estimate it’s about forty feet down (you’re on an overpass).

Gary Nedler: [to driver] “Don’t stop.”

Agent Fenemore: firing

Pagan Pub: Fenemore, you come up with your gun leveled and the thing is gone.

Gary Nedler: “Man, it fell off the overpass, I guess you can slow down.”

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 58

Pagan Pub: You spray the back of the car anyway.

Agent Fenemore: why not?

Pagan Pub: The driver yells “it ain’t runnin’ so good!” You have two flats on the passenger side, mondo body damage. He guns it some more and you head down the road. Behind you, you dimly hear sirens.

Pagan Pub: Your cellular antenna is hosed, so you’re unable to call anyone from here.

Agent Fenemore: Any appropriate stopping point?

Pagan Pub: We’ll stop here.

Pagan Pub: Good rolling, guys!

Gary Nedler: There IS a god, and His name is Online Host. 😉

Pagan Pub: Heh!!

Agent Fenemore: see you in seven

Pagan Pub: Whew.

Gary Nedler: Yeah, that was pretty charged. You were just *waiting* for us to leave for the airport, weren’t you?

Pagan Pub: heh heh…

Pagan Pub: That’s the second time I’ve used the new car trailer trick. It’s beautiful.

Gary Nedler: I’ll say; I’m going to hit my players with that.

Gary Nedler: Did you ever see it in a movie, or did you just think of it?

Pagan Pub: Just thought of it one day on the highway when one was in front of me. Made ME nervous.

Pagan Pub: Gotta run, guy. Thanks for playing!


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