The New Reich – Document #8301

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By Dave Kish, ©1999

This scenario is intended to demonstrate just what can be done with the Karotechia, and to show that A-bombs and bio-warfare are not the only big bangs out there. Aside from the obvious CoC/DG connections, most of this is drawn from real government and private-sector security studies and threat scenarios.

It will be preceded by several scenarios to lay the groundwork and begin leading in to the larger campaign. Events will be fine tuned based on investigator performance and dramatic needs. There will also be scenarios spread throughout the campaign as smaller diversions; hoaxes, mundane threats and mythos investigations that don’t directly relate to the big picture. There will also be an interlaced CoC/early DG flashback campaign to provide a diversion and to add to the story. Investigator participation in these will provide prequels to the later scenarios and possibly either heighten or diminish threats (such as DAY OF THE BEAST will foreshadow later NWI involvements; if the investigators perform well, NWI will be weakened, but perform poorly and it will be strengthened).

The Covert War

The leaders of the Karotechia had planned and plotted for years to bring about their 4th Reich. Now the time for action has begun…

From across America and around the globe arises an army of fanatics, bent on a vision of a risen Fuhrer and a new order. They are scattered and disunified, but that works to their favor. Each receives orders to strike a blow that will change the world forever.

The first blow comes when a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker enters into Boston harbor. Several local white supremacists emerge from unguarded waterfront cover and fire a volley of anti-tank rockets towards the ship. One of them strikes home, hitting the main thermos tank. The LNG is super-cooled to -260 degrees F, compressing it to 1/600th its vapor volume. With the explosion, the LNG immediately expands, causing an explosion equal to an entire WW II bombing mission. The entire harbor area is set ablaze and destroyed. Escaping LNG vapors seep into the sewer systems, causing secondary explosions that tear up roads and ignite natural gas pipelines under the city. In the end, over 30,000 people have been killed and over 100,000 injured.

Just over a week later, with the nation still reeling from the scope of the tragedy, other strikes begin. Bombings occur in shopping centers, banks, and government offices. Many of these are targeted at areas in minority sections of the country. People begin fearing to go out, and the economy starts to slump as work call-offs and a tendency to avoid shopping areas mount. Dozens die in these incidents. Panic buying of supplies (to avoid travel and to stockpile, “just in case”) causes further problems. Many draw their money out of banks. Law enforcement goes all-out to stop these groups, pulling resources away from many other services. Crime soars once this lack of police presence is noted. Organized crime syndicates begin making vast sums of money in this vacuum, supplying materials through the black market and providing its time-honored “services.” The Fate begins to stir up some of its own problems on the streets, starting turf wars between gangs, causing supply problems for legitimate outlets to fuel the black market, ensuring a supply of guns and drugs to the streets, and so on. Several people who begin to piece together the events and/or come up with workable solutions to the crisis “disappear,” to be replaced by organized crime/Fate puppets. Alzis offers his services to all the factions at one point or another, gaining more and more resources and favors. Corruption and graft runs rampant. Organized crime is given carte blanche in the face of the confrontations occurring.

The Federal government begins a massive crackdown on right-wing organizations. Hundreds die in police raids across the country. Thousands are arrested, many with only thin pretexts or flimsy evidence in a knee-jerk reaction to the growing crisis.
Across the country and abroad, attacks continue:

  • One group manages to sabotage the water supply to Miami, using only sledgehammers to smash equipment.
  • Another group shuts down electricity to parts of LA by bombing several transformer stations.
  • Computer hackers begin attacking various computers in the business sector, rerouting supplies, erasing files, and so on. What would have been a nuisance in better times only fuels the crisis. Law enforcement is too taxed to provide more than a token effort to track and stop them. Many new computer viruses and attacks begin happening around the world.
  • Sewage is diverted into NYC’s drinking reservoir, creating a health nightmare.
  • Church fires and similar destruction add to the fear and despair.
  • Minority extremist groups, secretly being controlled as agent provocateurs, launch reprisal attacks.
  • KKK and other groups begin staging various marches and rallies that end with violence.
  • Snipers begin attacking rescue workers
  • Bombings and assassinations continue, both in this country and now spreading abroad.

MJ-12 implements various plans to contain the threat. The military is ordered to assist in the effort. Using FEMA as a front, MJ-12 suspends the Constitution, putting into place projects that begin to make America look like the 4th Reich – internment camps, massive powers given to military/government/ law enforcement, and so on. This also allows MJ-12 to further its own agenda, giving it both more secrecy and more freedom to move. Resources that had to be gotten from other sources are now free for the taking – human test subjects from the camps, corporate secrets, skilled personnel and so on. Gestapo-like tactics become the rule of the day.

The Mi-Go finds the entire spectacle both fascinating and horrifying. To see their human project in motion such as this is a great opportunity for study, but the behavior seems to be a sign of the impending EndTimes. They accelerate their efforts at study and harvesting, while speeding up mining operations. Increased human contact is the by-product.

American society is becoming increasingly insulated due to a growing fear of travel and outsiders. Many communities regress inside themselves, shutting off the outside world for protection. Even within the great cities this happens, with Block Protection Groups formed (sometimes formed by/around local organized crime or street gangs who extort for this new protection service). Some of these enclaves fall prey to Mythos forces or are corrupted by those same forces. With so much going on across the nation, few notice these events, allowing the decay to grow.

Other groups, ranging from hard-core Islamic Fundamental terrorist cadres to “angry lone nuts” get in on the act. These groups further tax the Federal effort and add to the chaos.

Randall Flagg [the Walking Man, Nyarlathotep] walks the country, his psychic corruption adding many weak-willed to his list of servants. These pawns begin fulfilling his agenda for the chaos, mostly in the shadows. They spread rumors, subvert relief efforts, spread the word of the OGs, and so on. They set up safe havens for further mythos involvement.

The “new” Cthulhu cultists begin answering their master’s call, organizing and spreading their influence throughout the government/economic sectors.

As Law Enforcement/Military intervention becomes increasingly ineffective, vigilante justice starts cropping up. Lynching start in many places in the country, fueled by so-called “Citizens’ Courts.”
Another by-product of the chaos is an increase in religious attendance. Many turn to God for salvation. Unfortunately, many new cults move into the open, drawing the unsuspecting into the waiting maws of the Great Old Ones. Several members of the larger religions are already subverted to the mythos cause and begin steering their flocks towards the same mythos.

New World International and various other Mythos corporations utilize their resources towards continuing the chaos and benefiting from it. Like MJ-12 above, they can suddenly grab up “resources” and operate more openly in pursuit of their goals. They also begin funneling resources both to mundane groups (street gangs, extremist groups, etc.) and to their network (see At Your Door for an idea of what this is). A highly publicized “Peace Initiative” and relief effort elevates NWI to many. NWI relief workers are seen by many as “angels” in this time of need, hiding their real agenda further.

Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 members begin operating undercover in many cities with a “license to kill.” Based upon the SAS “Keeni-Meeni” teams from Yemen and similar experiences in Northern Ireland, they carry on a covert war in the shadows. They also end up being used as strike teams/assassination squad by MJ-12 to eliminate rivals and leaks. Other SpecOps teams are operating through out the country, seeking out terrorist groups in their hideouts. The conventional military openly patrols the streets of many of America’s cities. Incidents increase of scared and ill-prepared National Guardsmen firing on crowds. Inspite of this, attacks continue and rioting and looting have begun in many places. Attacks directed at the military increase. Mutinies erupt throughout military units forced to fight other Americans. Raids on militia groups end in sieges with heavy losses or expand the guerrilla war already being fought.

Overseas, in addition to attacks carried out, many groups come out in support of the crisis in America. Neo-nazi organizations begin staging “sympathy marches” to support their brothers fighting in America. These marches often end in riots and bloodshed. Organizations, both Mythos and mundane, carry out their own attacks. As many nations realize that America is too tied down being its own policeman to be the global one, ethnic violence and regional wars begin breaking out.

In England, the Shan-dominated government covertly dispatches agents and SAS/SBS members to America. Their stated goal is to observe and protect British interests. Their actual orders will be to carry out selective assassinations and attacks. The teams believe that these are to end the chaos, but they are another fuel for it. PISCES also sends agents in to investigate the situation.

Sections of America’s transportation net now come under attack, including the Strategic Rail Corridor Network, the locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Intracoastal Waterway. Vital supplies have problems being shifted to regions that need them and troop movements are slowed. This further adds to the insulation of American communities.

Several aircraft come under attack from shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles. Civilian flights are curtailed.

Fuel prices rise and many areas have only sporadic electrical power and communications. The stock market is at an all-time low and many companies are forced to close. NWI and others begin buying up these companies, furthering their economic base.

The ghouls begin a war between the factions, as the old guard begins stressing even more caution in these times while the new guard wants to rise up and begin feeding off the death above.
Mythos manifestations become more common, fueled by their secret masters. Cthonian earthquakes devastate several regions. Deep One attacks on shipping hamper efforts. Several SpecOps teams come into contact with Mythos forces, including a firefight between a SEAL platoon and the remnants of the Louisiana bayou Cthulhu cult.

Iraq sends its army south due to the subtle manipulations of the Mi-Go. (Note: In my campaign, the reason the Mi-Go wouldn’t target Hussein was because he was a pawn of theirs. Desert Storm was a manipulation of both sides. The Mi-Go had several close advisors to Hussein under either direct or indirect control. The war caused Hussein to become desperate due to losses and sanctions, thus more open to “advice” from his “advisors.” The Mi-Go have provided Iraq with new weapons through human agents and limited intelligence. Hussein doesn’t realize the manipulations, and will be eventually removed after his usefulness is done. Also, the war allowed the Mi-Go to see in action where the Americans were technologically, as they wheeled out their big guns and secret projects for a real world test.). The Iraqi forces sweep through Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, unknowingly securing various Mythos sites that can be studied and exploited by the Mi-Go.

Civil war begins in Russia.

Famine and disease cross the world. Food riots erupt everywhere and some police lines are overrun. In LA, water becomes scarce. In NYC, the rats begin emerging from the sewers, outnumbering the people. Trains and subways stop running and brown/black-outs happen regularly. Refugees and nomads fill the countryside, fighting with local communities. Drug and alcohol abuse skyrockets. Rape, sexual abuse/crimes and incest cases climb. Murder and robbery are commonplace.

What’s going on with Delta Green?

In the beginning Delta Green is caught unaware, swept up in the crisis as much as anyone. Valuable resources and agents are directed away from the organization to aid other efforts. The group struggles to provide its “service” while dealing with everything else. Eventually, they can trace the connection back to the Karotechia (several incidents, such as an attempted theft at Miskatonic’s Rare Book Collection will start showing the deeper mythos involvement). By the time they have uncovered the Karotechia’s involvement, things will have moved beyond their control. They will (probably) find their way down to La Estancia and put an end to the Karotechia’s leadership, but events are already outrunning the Karotechia’s involvement and their demise won’t put an end to things.

A bombing at a supposedly secure federal building (a la Oklahoma City) initially is blamed on the extremist groups. Several DG agents from two cells and a number of friendlies are killed. Several more incidents over the next few weeks that result in additional DG deaths finally point to the real culprit: MJ-12. After the events in “Convergence,” “The New Age,” and possibly Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement, MJ-12 begins moving towards a confrontation with DG. The crisis provides a perfect cover for this Covert War. Blow and counter-blow are traded in the shadows but an internal power struggle within MJ-12 provides DG with some unexpected aid, albeit questionable. On the other hand, the confusion and strengthened law enforcement measures give DG new weapons in their fight, and military/law enforcement resources may be utilized a little more “creatively.”

Conclusion and Implications

Even after things settle down, the landscape of the world will have been changed and the beginning stages of the EndTimes rooted. Humanity is more suspicious and insular, allowing the mythos to spread. Mythos organizations have stepped up activities. Wars and barbarism have spread. DG and/or MJ-12 may be shattered or strengthened. Groups such as SaucerWatch won’t survive, their survivors either underground or “appropriated” by DG or MJ-12. DG, in whatever manifestation that it comes out of this in, will have an even more desperate battle, as humanity’s slide down the hill to the end has become an avalanche. They may have some new (and unexpected) allies and resources but it will never be enough. They may have a better picture of the big picture but that is just another road to madness. Things will never be the same.

The Karotechia will almost certainly be destroyed by the end, shattered at the very least. The Karotechia leadership will through all of its resources into this fight, sacrificing its pawns for its new Fuhrer. The leadership will eventually find itself deserted by its master. Like the Viet Cong in the Tet Offensive, their destruction will only signify a military loss but a greater victory in the end. Nyarlathotep cares not for the Karotechia; they are another tool to achieve the fall of man. Don’t underestimate their cunning and intelligence, though. While many of the rank and file may be undereducated buffoons, not all are. Their ideas may be fanatical and ludicrous, but don’t underestimate their means. The leadership of the Karotechia is from the same bunch, dregs and rogues they may have been, that went from a small group leading an abortive coup to a decade later completely controlling a country and just a few years later waging the most destructive war known to man yet. This group has the potential for serious destruction without ever resorting to A-bombs and bio-weapons.

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