Time Wolf – Document #8321

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By Jacob Busby, ©1999

Description: Hairless quadruped with ability to “appear out of nowhere”, physical descriptions place it between the size of a leopard and a fully grown lion. Footprints would suggest Time Wolves to be a member of the Canis (dog) family. Blood seems to be bluish pus. It is believed to be highly radioactive and extremely dangerous.

Notes: Speculation about these creatures remains but reference to them has been made in documents owned by DELTA GREEN. A first-hand account of R- Cell’s encounter with a Time Wolf follows:

“David Hughes drew power from a black stone, roughly the size of a human fist. A thin green line appeared from the right hand corner of the crypt, stretching from the floor to the ceiling. The wall seemed to bend and a shining sickly fluorescent green “hole” appeared. Reality buckled in the corner of the room, as if one where looking at it through a convex lens. Then, with a shrill whistle amplified with a Doppler effect, the hole spewed forth a green dog-like creature about the size of a lion, but with the grace and speed of a greyhound. Agent Robert reported a large burst in background radiation at this point in time. Unfortunately no visual footage was able to be collected as the crypt was too dark for friendly {CENSORED}’s cameras.

“The creature, which was later found to be referred to as a ‘Time Wolf’ in the cult’s documents, demonstrated rudimentary intelligence and used our surprise to its advantage to seek cover behind the pillars that held up the crypt. Agent Ricardo got off two shots at it and succeeded in partially wounded it, but not before the Wolf had snatched it’s master and ran towards the corner of the room.

“Once more the strange “green hole” phenomenon occurred and although friendly {CENSORED} let rip with the machine gun his aim was panicked and the Time Wolf (and David) disappeared back from wherever it came.”

Analysis of the pus that formed the creatures blood suggests shows a high level of calcium, several alien antibodies and odd behaviour under ultra-violet light. The pus itself is not radioactive, although the high burst of radiation when the creature appeared may act as a tell-tale sign of its impending arrival or recent departure. Agents are advised to stress caution when facing this new alien species.


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