Walter Brenneman

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By Shane Ivey, (c) 1999

REAL NAME: Walter Brenneman

OCCUPATION: Deputy United States Marshal

EDUCATIONB.S., Criminal Justice, Stonybrook University

SPECIALTIES: Criminal Law, Law Enforcement

BACKGROUND: A native of Long Island, Walter Brenneman joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school and served as an enlisted man in the Military Police. With his mother ailing and his younger sister unable to care for her, he returned home after two terms of service and joined the local police force. Attending night school, he earned a degree in criminal justice in four years on the GI Bill. His mother died during his period, and Brenneman joined the US Marshals after graduating from college at age 30. After an initial term in a field office in North Dakota, Brenneman jumped at a chance to serve in the Special Operations Group from 1990-1993, capping his term with minor participation in the infamous Waco disaster. That proved to be his first exposure to Delta Green; like a handful of other officers, Brenneman saw evidence of genuine occult activity within the Davidian compound, and, like most members of the SOG and the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, he advocated aggressive resolution of the stand-off. And like most of them, he was shocked by the horrifying end of the affair.

He has worked in the New York office (Manhattan) since 1993. He has maintained contact with a handful of Delta Green agents that he first met at Waco; though he was at first suspicious of them, he came to trust their mission after a pair of deadly supernatural encounters involving the mythical “Network” of New York City.

A dedicated bachelor, Brenneman loves fast cars and sparse apartments; some friends say he has been in a midlife crisis for the past 13 years. A quick learner who asks plenty of questions when he feels the need, he is stubborn and headstrong when his mind is set on something.


Walter Brenneman, age 43
Race: Caucasian
EducationB.S., Criminal Justice, Stonybrook University
Occupation: Deputy United States Marshal

STR 14    CON 13    SIZ 10    DEX 14
APP 11    INT 15    POW 16    EDU 19
HP  12    MP  16    SAN 80
Idea 85%  Luck 80%  Know 80%

Skills: Climb 48%, Dodge 41%, Drive Auto 50%, Fast Talk 51%, First Aid 40%, Law 40%, Listen 52%, Martial Arts 50%, Navigation (Land) 35%, Psychology 51%, Sneak 30%, Spot Hidden 52%, Tradecraft 24%.

Languages: English (own) 95%

Attacks: Handgun 55%, M16A2 Assault Rifle 45%, Shotgun 40%, Nightstick 40%, Fist/Punch 61%, Kick 42%, Grapple 51%.

Armor: Light Kevlar Vest (5 AP)

Appearance: Brenneman is a short, solidly-built man, kept fit by daily jogging and kung fu training. He is slightly balding and has had to wear glasses for nearsightedness in the past three years.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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