Debriefing Transcripts

Operation Eyes Down Audio Actual Play

When an informant tips off Delta Green about a company up to no good in Picher, Oklahoma, they send a team of friendlies to investigate. However, little do they realize that they will stumble upon an ancient war between two mythos factions and that not everyone is entirely honest… Lis
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The Milltrap Stone

Introduction The Milltrap Stone is a minor tourist attraction near the village of Black Brook, New York.  Discovered in 1821 by Taylor Milltrap, this monumental Stone bears the faded inscriptions celebrating the victories of Serpent Men empires long dead and forgotten.  His descendant
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The following is part of the current list of anomalies that have occured in Loissianna or more specifically New Orleans. They have been Recorded and still under investigation, anyone investigating in the New Orleans are should report any anomoly ASAP. Call me Hardshell. . . I’m
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Find Arc Dream Publishing, Pagan Publishing, and Dagon Industries at GenCon 2012, booth 715

Find Delta Green at GenCon 2012

GenCon has released their tentative booth layouts for GenCon Indy, August 16-19, 2012. Delta Green publishers Arc Dream Publishing and Pagan Publishing will be side by side along with their friends at Dagon Industries. We’ll be across the aisle from the mammoth spreads of Privateer Pr
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Click to download the Delta Green character sheet

Delta Green Character Sheet for Call of Cthulhu

Here’s the PDF of the one-page Call of Cthulhu character sheet from the original Delta Green sourcebook, ready to download and print.
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So as a writer of short stories I can imagine a hole in another writers schemes or an RPG players games (although to the latter I wouldn’t know) that result from “Writers Block.” so if it could be referenced in the future please write your methods (not ideas or story
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Angel, a Delta Green Novel by David Farnell

Table of Contents Prologue Chapter 1: Psychotic Opera Chapter 2: Lyca Lost Chapter 3: The Song of the Jubjub Chapter 4: The Child Chapter 5: Reptiles of the Mind Chapter 6: The Most Merciful Thing In the World Chapter 7: Sanction and Sterilization Chapter 8: Songs of Innocence and Exp
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Science and Intel

By Dennis Detwiller, © 2012 Delta Green is an odd organization. It employs a sort of Orwellian double-think when it comes to science, intel on Mythos creatures and “hyper-geometry” — the science of “magic”. When something anomalous is recovered, there is a limited inquiry by the group
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Controlling the Game, Scenario Creation and Seat-of-the-Pants RPGing

By Dennis Detwiller, © 2012 I receive a lot of email about my gaming methods in Call of Cthulhu. It’s nice to be known as a heartless killing machine when it comes to Keeperdom; I take it as a compliment. Many people have praised/complained about my style of scenario creation as well.
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The Dreamlands

By Dennis Detwiller, © 2012 Is there another realm beyond that of earth, but counterminious with it? A realm of thought, formed by the dreams of humans and other creatures? If there is, in Delta Green, you can be certain it is composed primarily of nightmares. If we say that, yes, bey
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