Angel, a Delta Green Novel by David Farnell

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  1. man of war
    Just screwing around on the site again... Uh, Dave, or Shane whoever posted this. . . have you tried getting this published? Of course you couldn't Be able to use the DG copyright so I guess that blows that out of the water. Doesn't matter I guess. This is as close to being a flesh and blood Book as we're gonna have... It's just to bad future generations with their Ebooks, their kindles and Nooks are never gonna know the feeling of holding a real book, visiting a library, fixing a wobbly table, Losing one (1) Item and not losing YOUR ENTIRE FRICKING LIBRARY!!, No more paper cuts (I mean that'll make a man out of you, dammit!) No more money to be made as a writer=no more writers=no more books (I won't go back to those terrible Dollar General books, I won't!)No more naughty librarians (I wanted to meet one of those too...) No more helping some cute femme whose dropped all her books ): No more art, because it's already dying, no more music (I play music, so I know. Music is made with an instrument, not autotunes) No more talents to be developed by the future artists or heroes cause it'll all be handed to them. We southerners are often accused of being anti-intellectualist, But we have our own Intellectuals (Edgar Rice Buroughs and Mark Twain etc.) we just look at the future of progress and don't want to know where it goes. *Sigh* Will anyone else miss these things? Now that I'm depressed I can get back to writing about the impending destruction of man and his worthlesness in the universe...|:
  2. man of war
    WOW! I made a big comment! (: but seriously Dave good story!...probably so old you won't notice my "Big Ass Comment"
  3. azzageddi
    Thanks for the comments, MoW! Yeah, not sure why it still says Shane is the author in that About the Author box--he's a great writer, of course, better than I am, but I think that was just a mixup. I haven't tried to get it published...I may do so one day after I have what passes for tenure here in Japan--for now, must write academic stuff. In a couple years I'll have time enough for fiction again. But I don't know--other writers, better than I, have covered ground too similar to my thoughts for this story in the years since I wrote it. I think I'll be best off just starting anew. But if I do, I would be revising pretty thoroughly, to the point where the DG copyright would not be impinged upon. As for the world of publishing, it's going through some big changes, but I'm not worried that books will disappear. I think we'll come out the other side with better incomes and rights for writers, as a matter of fact.
    • man of war
      Sorry I never replied... I like the story and had no idea it was you but yeah I understand the feeling there... DG is a nice concept but a very confining one... I'm currently trying to write a story about a prisoner who tries to survive the strange events that are killing everyone in the prison... I was inspired by the Tom Hardy movie BRONSON... basically all the prisoners get loose and get fed to demons while he tries to find a way to escape the prison... Be careful in japan.... that reactor might mutate a giant cockroach that they'll need to call in Godzilla to kill...
      • azzageddi
        Hey MoW, good to hear from you again. Your story concept sounds great. I'm fortunate to be living in the south of Japan, so we're pretty safe down here.
  4. admin
    Dave, now that you have an account I have made it the author of this post and the others in the series.
  5. azzageddi
    Thanks, Shane!

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