Delta Green Now Available in PDF and POD

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It has finally happened. Delta Green, the award-winning modern setting for Call of Cthulhu, long out of print and always in demand, is now available from Pagan Publishing in PDF for instant download and in print-on-demand paperback and hardback.

Delta Green
Delta Green got its start in the pages of The Unspeakable Oath in 1993. Published as a mammothCall of Cthulhu sourcebook, it won the Origins Award Best Supplement of 1997.

Delta Green: Countdown
The even more mammoth sequel to Delta Green won the Origins Award for Best Supplement of 1999.

Delta Green: Alien Intelligence
The first collection of Delta Green fiction featured stories by Bruce Baugh, Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Bob Kruger, Blair Reynolds, Greg Stolze, John Tynes, and Ray Winninger.

Delta Green: Dark Theatres
Eight more searing stories of horror and conspiracy.

According to Pagan Publishing’s Adam Scott Glancy, Delta Green: Eyes Only and Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity will be available in PDF and POD soon.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.
  1. brasso
    Thank goodness! Already had a copy of DG but have ordered Countdown. When will Eyes Only and Targets of Opportunity be available as well? Is this a rights issue?
  2. tdsharkey
    I emailed Dennis Detwiller asking the same a few days ago, after hearing some rumors coming out of GenCon, and he was kind enough to reply. He said that it will likely happen sometime in September, but Glancy would have more information.
  3. brasso
    I'll look forward to this. Lack of availability of the books is one of the factors that has held back folks I know from running the game. This should open things up to a new audience. :)

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