Christopher Young

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Name: Christopher Young (Born Christopher Jung)

Occupation: Unemployed

Sex: Male Age: Nationality: Dual US and German Citizenship

Affiliation: Delta Green, Kim Jun-Song, Aryan Brotherhood,
The Carpenters, USMC (Dishonarable discharge)

Educated: Privately tutored by his Grandfather until 8 years of age following the tragedy at Briar Lake

BRIEF: “I remember my father’s death. He died at the hands of that pig. Along with my Grandfather, my dog, my life, my home, my childhood . . . my mother’s sanity . . . Everything.”

Wolfgang Jung, Chris’s paternal father was killed along with his father in 1959 by the African-American cop Darrel Wes who it is believed acted out of his own prejudice as Wolfgang was a former SS Officer in WWII and his own Father a WWI Veteran who was as stated above killed in the same instance. Wolfgang was responsible in Germany for the Deaths of 60,000 Jews, Blacks, Americans, And Rebels an estimated 1,300 Allied Forces by his very own hand.
Wolfgang Jung was by no means a good man at the time. But after escaping to Argentina with the Ratline Nazi Escapees he took up residence in a catholic church where he confessed, gave penance of fasting, prayer and silence until he felt forgiven. He attended Mass
And even took a new name: Timothy.
He travelled to columbia by plane and walked across the country into mexico making his way to the states and a new life.
He married, had his father come to America, and had a son.
In late August his Identity was discovered, though he tried to come peacefully those handling his capture were told he was holding his family at gunpoint and of his skill in killing and that they should shoot on sight.
The family dog Schmidt was killed as he tried to return home.
Officer Darrel Wes a victim in his own right moving north to escape the Klan, took a personal dislike to Wolfgang and upon entering the building Shot without provocation an unarmed Jung.
When his father ran to pull young chris’s head away so that he wouldn’t see, he to was shot and killed.
The mother wen’t into shock, from which she never recovered.
Chris was sent to live with his mother’s brother, but because of his Military background Chris was sent to live at a Military boarding school.
He joined the Marines after graduating from Anapolis whitch he attended through an ROTC scholarship.
Despite this show of skill he was broken inside. He displayed Sociopathic tendencies, and never once
had a friend. He fought in Vietnam where multiple incidents beggining with “Death” as he called her.
As he and his fellow soldiers were drinking beside a well, they were approached by a pale vietnamese woman who morphed before the her mouth widening to the size of an apple and her eyes turning the color of a blind man’s.
The second instance was Sgt. Logan. Logan was an abusive soldier who tortured Chris for his Aryan heritage even considering him being the son of a murder, the most likely to be a traitor.
Logan died in their search for a Sniper who, According to Chris died of an exit wound from out of the skull.
The same wound was found on the body of Logan.
Chris was accused of murder, but for lack of evidence, no charges were ever pressed.
Not until he lost his mind while patrolling the local village. For no reason he opened fire on the people and ordered his men to do the same. They restrained him and he was sentenced to life in Prison.
While in Prison he became affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.
He also earned the respect of the warden who being as crooked as they come, asked him the favor of killing the man who ran over his best friend’s son.
In exchange, Chris was transfered to a Higher Security prison.
Why he would have wanted this became apparent later.
With the help of the Aryan Brotherhood providing him with privacy.
The body of the now prisoner Darrel Wes.
His body had been slashed with a Kitchen Knife a total of twenty-seven times, and stabbed another thirteen, the knife lodged in his shoulder, and Chris began attacking him with a sharpened phillips screwdriver. He was then finished off with a steel pipe.
This doesn’t even acount for the trauma he sustained from Chris’s bare hands.
Chris was released in exchange for his help in shutting down PROJECT ENOCH.

STR 10 DEX 12 INT 14
CON 14 APP 10 POW 13
SIZ 8 SAN 36 EDU 14
Idea 30% Luck 30% Know 45%

HIT: 13

Anthropology 23% Boating 30% Climb 30% Conceal 20% Sneak 40%
Cthulhu Mythos 36% Demolitions 12% Drive Auto 20% Swim 19%
Forensics 26% Forgerey 29% Geology 30% Hide 23% Jump 30%
Listen 20% Martial Arts 40% Mechanical Repair 13% Sailing 30%

Weapon: Assault Rifle 40% Pistol 34% Cave Diving Knife 60%
Shotgun 30%
Unarmed: Silent kill 20% Punch 40% Kick 20% Headbutt 20% Grapple 50%
Biting 19% Eye poke 30%

man of war is sixteen years old lives with his parents, little brother, grandmother and a chihuahua named Chico. Enjoys the mythos works of Robert E. Howard H.P. Lovecraft, Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Bloch and Ramsey Cambell.

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