The Last Equation

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A Delta Green investigation by Dennis Detwiller, © 2010

Brussels-born mathematician, sage and astronomer Fascius Claudan (1535-1561) was responsible for many minor breakthroughs in science and technology during his short but broadly travelled life. Between journeys to Egypt, Persia, central Asia and more extreme locales, Claudan published six books on astronomy and mathematics and one last book on cosmology, a book which is considered dangerous by some who know of such things: the Libri Plures Admiratio (“Book of Many Wonders”).

For the most part he is remembered as a minor inventor or various knots, pulley systems, cog-works and early machines for pumping water, but despite his vanishing almost entirely from known science one legacy of Claudan remains: the Laqueus. This short code, believed to be an equation, was rendered just days before his death. It is regarded in the small circles that know of it as either an epiphany or complete gibberish. To date, no one has publicly claimed to understand it, much less to have solved it.

Mathematicians and cryptographers throughout the ages have spent spare hours plugging away to solve the glyphs, with little or no success. It holds a place in the annals of cryptography as one of the few cryptograms to resist modern attempts at cracking. It is used as an example in many cryptography tomes as a “clean” cypher — one that remains untranslatable.

Until now.


Operation IAPETUS

You are to investigate the murders of MALCOLM RIDGEWAY (44), DINAH RIDGEWAY (43), MICHAEL RIDGEWAY (18), CLARK RIDGEWAY (16), DEAN RIDGEWAY (14), MARY RIDGEWAY (13), ALICE RIDGEWAY (12), CLAIRE RIDGEWAY (10) in Alliance, New Jersey on 12OCT10.

Murderer is MICHAEL WEI (26) (DECEASED). Wei was a mathematical student at Columbia University New York. Wei inscribed a series of numbers at the scene which are known to possess dangerous, paranormal properties.

Mission Instructions:
— Determine if WEI distributed the number in any manner besides the crime scene (phone, fax, email).
— Locate WEI’s notes and work on the number and destroy it.
— If possible, destroy the number inscription at the scene and all photographic evidence of it in the hands of the authorities.
— Locate any exposed to the number with mathematical experience and report them to A-Cell.
— Link WEI romantically to DINAH RIDGEWAY. Fake whatever documents necessary to make an affair between the two seem likely.
— Once protocols are complete, contact A-Cell for further instructions

Possible Friendly Contacts :
— Trooper Thomas Blanet, New Jersey State Patrol

“The Last Equation” is available as a free download.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.
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