Investigation Needed: ‘Unspeakable Oath’ Subscription Drive

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ATTENTION: All Agents and Friendlies

The magazine The Unspeakable Oath is a well-known repository of esoteric and often dangerous lore and art. Its publishers and contributors have been on Delta Green’s watch list for many years. They recently launched a subscription drive seeking to, as their website puts it, “expand the cult.” They threaten to reveal additional manuscripts and works of occult significance as they recruit new subscribers. We are even now pursuing a tip that two of these planned revelations, “Down In the Delta” and “Jack Frost,” are in fact leaked Delta Green case files.

Needlesss to say, all agents and friendlies should keep a close eye on this project. In fact, we strongly recommend subscribing to the publication to facilitate  the investigation. A four-issue subscription is available in PDF for only $20, and in print with a free PDF download for $30 plus shipping and handling. Past issues are available at the group’s website, theunspeakableoath.com.

Be seeing you.

The Unspeakable Oath 22 cover by Matt Hansen

The Unspeakable Oath 22 cover by Matt Hansen

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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