Open Sources and Cover-Ups: 21NOV2013

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There’s Something In This Peaceful Picture That You Don’t Realize
On the plus side, these Atlach-Nacha temples are easy to find.

The kraken rises! New fossil evidence revives sea monster debate
… and then arranged their bones into strange patterns? Goddammit! How do these stories keep getting out? Isn’t there a Kardashian or something we can distract the media with?

British Spy Likely Died Naked In Gym Bag By Accident
When your Agents ask what a scrupulously clean assassination looks like, show them this.

Pentagon guilty of billion-dollar accounting fraud, reveals Reuters investigation
Delta Green has no trouble getting money.

Scientists discover the remnants of a 3.5 billion-year-old ecosystem
There are some discoveries about the distant past that we’d rather not make.

Dozens of orcas surround ferry carrying tribal artifacts from Seattle to Suquamish museum
Black Cod Island haunts us still.

Forever young: Google’s quest for the Fountain of Youth
What could go wrong?

Ancient Kingdom Discovered Beneath Mound in Iraq
We spent ten years rampaging through Iraq and still things like this turn up.

Meet the machines that steal your phone’s data
Your team isn’t even using burners, right?

Scientists reveal ancient texts in medieval manuscripts
Things will get interesting for Delta Green when an “erased” copy of the Necronomicon turns up on the pages of one of these old books.


The Colonel and His Labyrinth
The need to avoid stories like this is why many old-line conspirators prefer to avoid the gushing pipeline of black-project cash.

Super-Bugs Inadvertently Created by Spacecraft Sterilization Protocols
Thanks a lot, NASA.

This is the box. The Box of Crazy.
Sometimes the player handouts just write themselves.

Confessions of a Drone Warrior
Violence always shakes your sanity. Even if you’re not the one being attacked.

Massive Unidentified Sea Monster caught on Oil-Rig Cam
Clearly it’s just a big jellyfish. Clearly.

I’ll see your horrifying crab barnacle and raise you a heart eel
Nature abhors a vacuum. And also humanity.

$2 Billion NSA Spy Center is Going Up in Flames
GRU SV-8? PISCES? Or was a DG cell protecting us–and the NSA–from Things We Were Not Meant To Know?

Big Pic: 820-Foot-High Tunnels Discovered Under Antarctic Ice
Luckily there’s nothing dangerous to find that deep under Antarctica.

Alien Spores Falling from the Sky in Blood-Red Rainstorms
Without more investigation, we are rejecting K-Cell’s suggestion that we “fix” this problem by provoking a full scale nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan.

7.7 magnitude quake in Pakistan just created a new island
Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Is this the most extraordinary human brain ever seen?
A-Cell would like to congratulate whichever Agents “lost” the medical records. They can speculate all they want. Without documentation it’s just another bit of weirdness in the digital wunderkammer.

UCI-led Study Creates New Memories by Directly Changing the Brain
Nice to see that Majestic-12 was fifteen years ahead of the tech curve. And at least they had the good sense to keep this sort of thing to themselves. We may have to go with Plan F if this shit becomes commercially available.

The bizarre life forms that cannot be categorized
With a little work, we might be able to use this “Problematica” thing to sweep any number of problems under a peer-reviewed rug.

‘Brain-eating’ parasites are winners in the warming world
Okay… so… this could be a problem. This could be a big freakin’ problem.

Complete list of Leipzig University magical manuscripts
We have agents on one of the US bases in Germany, right?

Mysterious Pentagram on Google Maps Explained
GRU SV-8 is just phoning it in these days. This is what happens when you don’t have a free press: Your cover ups and disinformation get downright lazy.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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