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Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is coming this winter from Arc Dream Publishing.

Its Kickstarter project launched the morning of September 29, 2015, and hit its funding goal in less than four hours. That means Arc Dream Publishing will start by publishing the Agent’s Handbook, a standalone core book with all the rules you need to create characters and play Delta Green. It’s already mostly finished and will be available by the end of the year.

That means another new book will be available in 2016: The Fall of Delta Green, a standalone RPG from Pelgrane Press. Written by Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game co-author Kenneth Hite, The Fall of Delta Green uses a variant of the Gumshoe rules that power Ken’s games Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents.

Stretch goals include new Delta Green scenarios as well as massive new sourcebooks. One of the early big goals is for the Case Officer’s Handbook. It will have everything from the Agent’s Handbook plus tons of material on running Delta Green campaigns, creating new threats, exploring the Delta Green setting as it’s evolved over the years, customizing the setting to make it your own, customizing the Cthulhu Mythos to make it new and terrifying, and above all surprising your players and keeping them in suspense.

Back Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game now and make these terrors happen.

Already Funded!

We have already funded a dizzying, perhaps SAN-blasting, array of books and downloads that you can get by pledging.

AGENT’S HANDBOOK:  Everything you need to play Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Will be available in full-color hardback and PDF.

CASE OFFICER’S HANDBOOK: This expanded book will have everything from the Agent’s Handbook plus a Game Moderator’s view of the setting and ton of new material for running Delta Green campaigns, customizing the setting and the threats, and keeping your players surprised and scared. Will be available in full-color hardback and PDF.

THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN: Kenneth Hite’s roleplaying game from Pelgrane Press about Delta Green in the 1960s. Powered by the Gumshoe system customized with elements of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Will be available in full-color hardback and PDF.

“VISCID”: A new Delta Green scenario by Dennis Detwiller, wherein the agents find that even magic has a half-life. Will be available in PDF.

“OBSERVER EFFECT”: A new Delta Green scenario by Shane Ivey. Most physicists think a new lab’s experiment to study the nature of reality won’t reveal a thing. Your Delta Green agents are about to learn otherwise. Will be available in PDF.

OPERATIONAL HISTORY: A new 128-page timeline of the world of Delta Green — much more than we can fit in the Case Officer’s Handbook — written by Gil Trevizo with Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and Shane Ivey. Will be available in PDF.

DOWN IN THE DELTA”: Adam Scott Glancy’s story of Delta Green confronting horrors in New Orleans, told as emails to A-Cell from an unhappy agent. Now available to all backers. PDF.

“ARCHINT”: A new collection of new artifacts and spells created using the guidelines in the Case Officer’s Handbook. Will be available in PDF.

“THE CHILDREN OF ATLACH-NACHA”: A horrifying new threat for Delta Green. Now available to all backers. PDF.

“PROTOCOLS: THE UNRIPENED FRUIT”: A report on ways Delta Green agents must deal with unwanted corpses. Now available to all backers. PDF.

HANDLER’S SCREEN WITH QUICKSTART RULES AND STARTER SCENARIO: A GM screen for your table, short “quickstart” rules to teach new players fast, sample characters, and a short starter scenario to begin play immediately.  Will be available in print and PDF.

“MAKING HORROR SCENARIOS”: Suggestions and examples for creating horror for your players in Delta Green. Now available to all backers. PDF.

“ICONOCLASTS”: A new scenario by Adam Scott Glancy, wherein Delta Green learns of the repercussions of ISIS zealots destroying artifacts that were better left alone. Will be available in PDF.

“THE STAR CHAMBER”: A new scenario by Greg Stolze, wherein Delta Green agents must untangle conflicting narratives from a mission that went very wrong. Greg calls it “Delta Green meets Rashomon.” Will be available in PDF.

With more to come….


Players come to Delta Green for all kinds of reasons. They’re eager to solve a mystery, kill a villain or destroy a monster. These outcomes are never simple. Sometimes even seeing the threat in a Delta Green operation is enough to annihilate a group of agents. 

So consider this overview a warning. 

Delta Green is about fear. 

It may seem to be about other things from time to time. About manipulation. About power. About control. It has all these things, but that’s not what it’s about. 

It lies.

Delta Green is about an agent, alone and off the record, breaking into an old woman’s house in Brooklyn because for a split-second she cast the shadow of a hunched, monstrous thing with jaws like a jackal.

Delta Green is about two women who pulled off the heist of the Mayan Codex from the American Museum of Natural History—an operation six months in the planning—only to burn it in a pyre of gasoline and wood in an abandoned field, mourning their lost teammates whom it drove to madness. 

Delta Green is about watching from the Blackhawk jumpseat as something bigger than the forest snatches your strike team’s helicopters from the air like flies. 

Delta Green is not about guns.

Delta Green is not about a bug hunt.

Delta Green is not about understanding.

Delta Green is about the end.

The end of everything. Your family, everyone you know, your country, all life on Earth. It’s about the end of everything and your place in it. Because you’ll end, too. That’s what the fear is about. That’s what the game is about.

Delta Green is about the end of everything—and how much of it you’ll live to see. 


Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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