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“EARL GREY” was a Delta Green game run by Adam Scott Glancy on AOL in early 1997. It involved PISCES and the Army of the Third Eye, which would feature prominently in 1999’s Delta Green: Countdown. They will be the subject of Delta Green: PISCES, a sourcebook coming in 2016 for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. 

“EARL GREY” was played in a single marathon session in an AOL chatroom. Strangers occasionally wander in and out. That’s how it went.

AUSA Lundquist’s player went to heroic lengths recently to retrieve these chat logs from an ancient hard drive and format them for readability. That kind of dedication is what keeps Delta Green going despite all terrors and setbacks.

Delta Green Mission Briefing

Handler (Game Moderator):
SGlancy12 (Adam Scott Glancy)

Agents and Friendlies:
Croaker Jr (Shane Ivey)
AUSA (Assistant U.S. Attorney) Lundquist (DOJ)
SA (Special Agent) Cox (FBI)
SA Chaplin (FBI)
SA Knight (FBI)
Pagan Pub (John Scott Tynes)


Good Evening Gentlemen,

Your mission briefing is as follows:

A DG friendly, Dr. Nadja Fulani, has been making a special study of “Millennial” cults. Cults that prophesize the end of the world, said apocalypse being scheduled by cult doctrine to take place near the turn of the Millennium. Her study began with the Order of the Solar Temple, a cult which staged two mass suicides in Canada and Switzerland on October 5, 1994. Since then Temple members have staged group suicides in France on December 23, 1995 and March 23, 1997 in Quebec. Today body count: 74 dead. Then came the Heaven’s Gate suicide on March 26, 1997. Body count: 39 dead. Cults of this variety are of special interest to our group.

Dr. Fulani made a trip to England last week to interview members of a millennial cult which had been arrested and prosecuted by British authorities in 1996. The group is called “The Army of the Third Eye.” Six members of the group, including the group’s founder Sandy Lee Coleman, an American expatriate, are in custody in British prisons and mental institutions. Between 1989 and 1996, members of the Army of the Third Eye kidnapped and trepanned victims. That is, they drilled holes in the foreheads of their victims. Each hole was roughly the size of a quarter. This procedure was not intended to kill the subject. As best can be determined, the trepanation was supposed to “cure” the victim of some kind of demonic possession. This is very similar to the use of trepanation in Medieval and primitive medicine.

Of the eleven people who underwent the trepanation, two died during the procedure, one from a post-operative brain infection, and two suffered permanent neurological damage. The five who survived “relatively” unscathed joined Coleman in his “self-styled” Army of the Third Eye. Coleman apparently even performed the procedure on himself in 1989. Together with his growing group of trepanned adherents, Coleman stayed out of police custody for seven years while kidnapping and trepanning more people.

Of particular note, no-one who underwent the procedure of trepanation left the Army, betrayed the Army or its secrets, or assisted the police in their inquiries. Even more unusual, except for two of the cases where the subject died during the procedure, no family member or friend of the people who were trepanned were willing to assist the police in their inquires. Even the victim who died from a cerebral infection would not give up a single detail as to how she was kidnapped or who did it. In fact, in the majority of the cases, the family and friends of the members of the Army were deliberately obstructive of Scotland Yard’s efforts. This resulted in the arrest and prosecution of several Army member’s friends and family in 1996.

The victims of the Army were a varied lot. But each and every one of them had suffered from unusual psychological symptoms prior to their “encounter” with the Army. They all suffered from what appeared to be somnambulism, sleep disorders, and extreme changes in their personalities which led some mental health care professionals to hypothesize that these people may have been suffering from some kind of multiple personality disorder. Their current mental condition is unknown.

The “Army’s” current activities are unknown, but it is believed to be defunct.

Almost all of this information on the Army and its activities has been taken from press clippings and the evidence presented during the trial of Coleman and his five cohorts. Official records of the investigation have been sealed by order of the trial court. No reason has been given.

Furthermore, during the Scotland Yard investigation, the FBI’s Investigative Support Unit (also known as the Behavioral Science Unit) offered its assistance in building a psychological profile on Coleman and his army. This offer of aid was politely but firmly rejected. No explanation was forthcoming.

When Dr. Fulani attempted to arrange for interviews with the members of the Army in custody she was told that such interviews were impossible without the permission of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch (the section that deals with organized crime, terrorism, and serial killers). Permission was not forthcoming. No officer involved with the investigation would speak to Dr. Fulani about the details. There appears to have been an veil of secrecy thrown over this case akin to what one would expect from a case involving matters protected under Britain’s Official Secrets Act. But there is nothing on the surface of this case to suggest that Britain’s Security Services are involved.

However, there is one tantalizing possibility here. During the Second World War, our group had a liaison with an English organization that was part of their Secret Intelligence Service, now known as MI-6. This organization was known as PISCES. Pronounced “Pie-seas,” like the astrological sign Pisces. PISCES stood for Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counter-intelligence, Espionage and Sabotage. This was England’s answer to the Nazi Karotechia, although rumors from the period suggested that PISCES had been around in one form or another since the turn of the century. After our group’s dissolution in 1945, contact was broken with PISCES. Upon our groups reconsecration in 1947, no contact with PISCES has ever been made.

Unlike the U.S. intelligence community, the U.K.’s security services are protected by the Official Secret’s Act. Official secrets cannot be reported on or spoken about under penalty of prosecution. There is no Parliamentarian oversight committees for MI-5 or MI-6 or GCHQ, Britain’s equivalents of the FBI, CIA and NSA. There is a distinct possibility that PISCES has survived intact to the present day as a part of the British Intelligence Community with an official budget, personnel, and unrestricted access to all the U.K.’s intelligence files, some dating back as far as Roman times.

This op is a long shot. The way Scotland Yard investigated the Army is reminiscent of the way our group operated during WWII. It has peaked the interest of some of our members that perhaps the Army was connected to some kind of paranormal phenomena and that some agency within the U.K. government became aware of this paranormal connection. If there still exists an official U.K. agency combating paranormal threats we must make contact with it and establish a permanent liaison. Cooperation between groups in-the-know is critical as this is a world-wide phenomena. Such contact could lead to contact with other agencies from England’s former commonwealth, such as Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

Making contact with PISCES or its progenitors could be the most important mission in our group’s history. Your mission is to use the investigation of the Army of the Third Eye as a starting point for making contact with PISCES. The trick here is to make contact with PISCES while maintaining our group’s secrecy at the same time. If it still exits, PISCES undoubtedly safeguards its anonymity as jealously as we do. It may use deadly force to protect its secrecy, shooting first and asking questions later. No one said this job was easy.

You are booked on the Concorde from New York to London. Diplomatic passports are available. Once in England, members of our group have made sure that the assets of the CIA Embassy Station and the FBI Embassy Liaison Office will be at your disposal. CIA station Chief is Stuart Tasker, the Embassy’s Attaché for Energy Affairs. The FBI Liaison Office Special Agent in Charge is Brian Farris.

Good Luck.

Good Hunting.

Continued in Part 2

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.
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